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Written By: Richard Fuller

I make myself feel guilty for you
So we can be guilty together
And any punishment that's due, I'll take it for you whenever
And should your lies get you stuck, I'll say I was your witness
But you'll cry out, oh I'm the victimised one, must be thinking of someone else

So now you take your prayers away
Take pleasure to annul them
And I'll confess unto my death through my laying breath
T'was me who had the lover
And I let her get away

Oh you must be mistaken
I never led a soul to ruin
And I will swear to those who feel that I must swear to those
I didnt know what I was doing
So spare me those tales
You only fooled yourself of the love that you were in
What the fuck is love anyway
Don't blame me if you turn lust to love in the bat of an eye


Another drink and you'll see its all wrong
Another love and your fear is all gone


Plain and Simple

Written By: Richard Fuller

I was lost, firelight and melodies and wine
But this boy cowers forlorn
Every breath, of smoke embracing lungs and song makes for heavy eyelids
Mind shuts down now, and I'm home

Sweet smile so plain and simple
My lover's eyes come call me home
Sweet smile so plain and simple
My lover's eyes come call me home

There's every kind of feast for fascination
I sway from side to side
But not one smile seems whole
In this crowd a little sense to break down walls
I'm drifting, drifting, coming home
Beaty like heroine chique
Fat kids and alcohol

Sweet smile so plain and simple
My lover's eyes come call me home
Coming home, coming home

Colour in Shade

Written By: Richard Fuller

On this leash for so long
I htink there's something you should know
This heart will turn on itself
Think, isn't it time you gave up like everyone else

Speak how you speak
Grow how you grow
If it will stop you belieing that you don't know what they know
The fire is lit, touch if you want
It'll burn for a moment, but it will teach you to long

Can you seel the colours
Tehy burn a hole in you if you let it but let you regret it
Persuasion, it rattles around your home
Don't let them see you're on your knees

See the colours in shade
Light that burns it away
Asunder moment of bliss
Think, is it the yearning for here and now that makes you reminisce


When I was young always wanted to be alone
I'd play for hours, never knowing it was wrong
Should've ignored the child and learnt the secrets of the adult world
Just like th eother, alone like the others
Now I work until I bleed, I'll ache until I'm old
And blunder where I'm sent and cry to pay the rent
And weep unto my spawn, to fit in and go along
Desensitised and callous and wicked to the bone
When I was young I faltered
Shouldn't have made my own decisions
Indited to the group and savour the incision


Where You Are

Written By: Richard Fuller

Wait, don't talk so fast
Just look in those eyes
True confidence doesn't ask
Deep breaths, don't look at her breast
And don't try to make her laugh

Well she might kick and scream
Like she's caught in a trap
Or she'll open up her eyes and realise where she's at
Or she'll blame her disaffection on your waning charm
I'd give my very being to have you walk on my arm
Just for tonight, if I could be less careless
Just for tonight, if I could just keep calm
I could see you enveloped in a kiss
If I held you just like this for a while
Just for tonight, please

Don't be so proud
And don't talk so loud
'Cos everybody wants to be where you are, right now
Everybody wants to be where you are, in this moment