Richard Marshall

Richard Marshall


A wondrous wave of melodiac soldiers marching in rhythm. With arms like metal wires and beating wooden hearts they fight in your dreams and never leave.


I've been around for many a year I tell thee. It all began in a small town in rural England called Leek, yes like the vegetable. Perect Citizen was the name, a four piece prog rock group that was soon turning a few heads in the industry. Dave Massey, a Publisher who amongst other accolades had a lot to do with Kula Shaker's signing soon had his grubby claws into us and we signed a contract for 2 years. Not a good idea signing a publishing deal without a record deal we later found. The 2 years passed with plenty of gigs and recordings and some great reviews from our In the City performance in Manchester, but no deal.

Band reforms as Skin Tight Toy in 2002 and signed a management deal With Tremolo who now manage Agent Blue signed to Fierce Panda. The Sugar Mill a great venue in Stoke became the home for our industry showcase's over the next two years. An Idlewild support gig at Keele uni was memorable as well as a very forgettable experience supporting Keane. My ego was out of control and so was the drink, a lethal combination indeed. So after knocking on the door for yars we decided to call it a day in 2004.

I took a year out to get my head together no music and no toxins makes Richie a board boy. I started to write again with a passion and made the decision to move to Ireland last year. So here I'am, loving, living and playing in Ireland hoping someone will open the door........

Set List

Set List :
Blood on the door
Beauty was bought by the beast
Down by the lake
Paper knife

Set is usually around 25 mins.