richard mclaughlin

richard mclaughlin


Modern trains, pickup trucks, dogs, drinking songs or childhood memories. More like what we REALLY think of homeless people, those crappy bars we've all played in, the doubts we all all have when we think about our musical careers...and some whimsy for good measure


Started playing guitar 6 years ago. Got bored with playing in cover bands that were just background music for over thirty's on the make. Though my song titles sometimes have "blues" in them I generally am sick to death of the blues and the 2 zillion musicians that think that the blues are all there is


Panhandler Blues

Written By: Richard McLaughlin

Hey mister please won't you loan me two bucks
I'd sure be obliged to you
I'm a street philosopher down on my luck
I could use a cup of coffee and a donut or two

I know you work hard for your money but still,
It's not a whole lot to lose
Then I'll go away for the rest of the day
Gonna score me some smokes and a bottle of booze


I'm a sign of the times...
Like you see on the evening news
And you better hope you don't wind up like me
I've got those low-down, small-town
panhandler blues

Verse 2

Most of you like to pretend I'm not there
You just walk straight ahead
Or you give me those dirty looks
You know, if looks could kill I'd already be dead

Don't turn up your nose
I don't smell that bad
Just dirt and honest sweat
And I'll probably dress a lot better than you
When my ship come in, it just hasn't come yet


Some day I'm gonna move to a hotter place
Weather round here's so cold
At least it's warmer than the looks I get
Charity's a virtue so I've been told
Don't say "get a job"
It's not my fault
I'm a victim of circumstance
It's the New World Order or the immigrants
It's hard to get started when you never get a chance

I'm a sign of the times
Like you see on the evening news
and I hope that you wind up like me
You'll have those low down, small town,
panhandler blues


Written By: Richard McLaughlin


Just a run down building and a parking lot
Diner on the side doesn't cost a lot
No name out front, just a neon sign
not much to look at while the sun still shines
Red nightingale....lights up at nine

Verse 1

Friday Night I got time to kill
Down at the Nightingale Bar and Grill
Check out the ladies checking out the men
There's hearts to be broken and money to be spent

Who's that blonde that caught my eye?
Look a little bit bold looks a little bit shy
Wrong side of thirty but that's ok
Never gonna see the light of day


Belly up boys, put your money down
You know it's the only game in town
Every Friday night without fail
Love for sale at the Nightingale
Love for sale at the Nightingale

iVerse 2

Fourth of July and the weather is hot
Hog heaven out in the parking lot
Full moon looks about a mile wide
come on baby gonna give you a ride

Just like the bottles lined up on the wall
Some light, some dark, some short, some tall
You make your move when opportunity knocks
Two Tequila Sours..whisky on the rocks



What your momma taught you
gets left at the door
three more double shots and you don't care any more


Empty Eyes

Written By: Richard McLaughlin

Came in at 2
Thought you were sleeping
Hung up my guitar
and I got into bed
Sometimes promises just aren't for keeping
Sometimes we've just got to go where we're led

When I was young
Thought I would make it
Guess I got tired
Guess you got wise
Still it's a living
Don't have no regrets
Except when you watch me with those....empty eyes


Seems my whole life
Is up there on that stage
guess I paid my dues, but
It's not much more than a living wage

Sometimes i wish that I were a rich man
Buy you the fine things that money provides
You say it don't matter
Don't know if I buy that
When you watch me with those empty eyes


Sometimes I wonder
What if you made me choose?
You, or the music
Don't know which one I'd most hate to lose

Got me some good songs
That I should finish
Write what you see
Don't try to disguise
But all that I see is you, out past the houselights
Wtaching me with those empty eyes

Amazing Disgrace

Written By: Richard McLaughlin

Chimneys grow like weeds
From a field of empty lots
The owners live in trailers
on dirty Army cots
We fought a World War
Rebuilt Germany and Japan
But Katrina made us stumble
We can't even lend a hand

The peole in those states
Were black, and white, and brown
Didn't make a difference when they lost their homes and drowned
No wonder that they're angry, its been a year or more
We've moved on and left them up the creek without an oar

Its an amazing disgrace
Nothing else to call it
Is it really race or just
The size of their wallets?
We should be ashamed to look these people in the eye
Its an amazing disgrace, it would make an angel cry

We all suffered too, its true
paid more at the pump
Meant to send some money till those oil prices jumped
Watched it all on TV, glad we weren't in their shoes
Meant to watch the hearings but the games came on at two

"What would Jesus do?"
Those bumper stickers read
Would he ignore our brothers
In their hour of need
Good thing that our apathy's
Not weighed up in the scales
If indiiference were a crime
We'd allwind up in jail

It's an amazing disgrace
nothing else to call it
Is it really race or just the size of their wallets?
We should be ashamed to look these people in the eye
It's an amazing disgrace it would make an angel cry

It's an amazing disgrace makes you doubt our institutions
Is it race or just the lack of campaign contributions?
We should be ashamed to look these people in the eye
It's an amazing disgrace it would make an angel cry.....


one CD, "Hand Made", released 2004.

Set List

"Ghost of Tom Joad", "King of California", "'64 Dodge", "'Ol 55", "Turn the Page", "Telephone Road", "Hesitation Blues", "Sitting Here in Limbo","Panhandler Blues", "Papa Dieu", "Nightengale", "39 Ford", "Silent Eyes", "Cut you If You Stand", "Cold Beans", "Cadillac Heart", "Small Town", "That's Not Living", "Mary Ann", "Baby's Blue", "Float Away" , "Soledad Street", "Damn Good Country Song", Typical Set is an hour, solo. I can play most rock and blues covers from ZZ Topp to The Cars, but need backup of course.