Richard Owen and The Heartland Band

Richard Owen and The Heartland Band


They are a wonderful group. They have over 40+years of music talent between them. They can play anything from country to whatever. The mostly enjoy country music and the classics. They have 3 key song writers, David,Ernie, and Richard they are awsome.


Well the band wound up together like one at a time they came from different areas, and 2 different states they started as sit ins and soon became members. They each had knowledge on being in bars, traveling, and many nights of playing for no money. Dennis came from California who used to play lead there and settled in the state of Missouri, Jimmy came from washington/Oregon area he was playing country swing, Richard used to travel but lived in Missouri all his life.He quit traveling when him and his wife started there family. David was going to school to become a lawyer and played keyboards(one heck of a honky tonk piano player around this area) and he plays a little on a lot of instruments. Ernie, was raised in Missouri, has his own business and loved writing, playing his mandolin and fiddle sometimes for money and sometimes for none. John surprised us all when he started to sing he never said he could, but he could play drums. No one has staritis where they think there better than the other. It was if some force put them together. You take one and you take them all. They all seem to think on the same wave length. They have been together for about 6 years. They played at the Western Swing Convention in Wagner Oklahoma last year(2006) they sat up in a jam room early one morning no one was there all of a sudden the room started to fill up and these big guys that were the featured players in the Ball Room that night came and listened and asked if they could jam with them and by the time week-end was over they had to play about 6 times the guys were a nervous wreck. They looked up to these guys and they were jamming with them they were so exhausted when it was over. They couldn't believe what happened.


Theres Not A Day

Written By: Richard Owen

It's been three years ago, since you left me, but your memories as clear as yesterday. I came home and found your letter on the table, well it said no more lies, I'm leaving you today. Now theres not a day, that you don't cross my mind. My thoughts keep drifting back when you were mine. Back to the love we made and the day you went away. Now theres not a day you don't cross my mind. I admit I've made mistakes in the past, but the love I give I thought would last, but darlin I stepped out on you and killed a love so true. I was a fool, I didn't think you knew. Theres not a day you don't cross my mind. My thoughts keep drifting back when you were mine. Back to the love we made and the day you went away

Set List

anywhere from 45 mins to 1 hour. they mainly do 2 to 3 sets and sometimes 4 when needed. Cover songs are classic country, Like George Strait, Alan Jackson, Ray Price, Bob Wills, Hank Williams, Merle Haggard, George Jones, Marty Robbins etc.