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"Beautifully rendered dust covered tales from off the beaten track"

Beautifully rendered dust covered tales from off the beaten track

This is a record with an enormous appeal; the broken fractured heart that drives the songs and the materials that they are built from combine so well together that they prove almost addictive. The songs are like wreckage ripped from a palace of song - they are base coats that allow rawness to show through. 'This Same Heart' is a voice and acoustic guitars, emotion and music trying to make sense of something that is unreasonable, 'Blue' is cut from the same cloth as the stately melancholia of Sophia. The songs themselves are like fragments of longer narratives and he fully inhabits the characters marooned in them, his croaky sing-speak perfect for 'Ballad of a Skinwalker' whilst a more hopeful voice narrates 'Butterflies and Coyotes'. 'Romeo 58' is a 50's song story as performed by the Tall Dwarves.

'Londoner's Guide to Southland' is like a drunken dream, voices popping up out of nowhere as the tune staggers around, occasionally tries to gets to its feet, has moments of lucidity and a suitably sing-along chorus with rambling half-sensible verses. 'Hold On' is an altogether different type of a dream; this one is rooted in anxiety, the persistent percussive throb of the guitar replicating the aching tiredness of too many nights spent in shallow sleep waiting for the phone to ring, the vocals mumbling like they don't want to be clear about the subject and all the while the screen door in your mind bangs on its loose hinge. Each of these songs is unremarkable in themselve - put them together and they really start to add up to something, and by the time you get to the mandolin inspired 'Amazing Grace' – which for once actually sounds like it comes from someone who knows what wretched is – you want to learn more, to listen again and immerse yourself in these disjointed scenes. As a bonus the first 100 come with an individual photograph: mine shows an empty highway and ugly town and a beautiful mountain and if that doesn't sum up the record, then nothing does.

Date review added: Wednesday, August 09, 2006
Reviewer: David Cowling
Reviewers Rating: 7outta
10 stars

David Cowling - American UK (Aug 9, 2006)
- Americana UK


Chaste Machine Released in 2006. Wreckage from the Palace of Song released in 2008



On the dynamic and Heartfelt path like Frank Black Lou Reed Iron and Wine and Neil Young: Richard Paul is a songwriter that is true and honest. He swims deep below the surface to give the drowning listener a breath, and pushes them to surface, while somehow ending up at a campfire sometime later recounting the tale. Richard and the Pallbearers is the creation of Richard Paul Davis. The Pallbearers represent the specter of death and ominous failure and demise. At every step there is some new devil dog or demon to haunt us or torment our steps. The Pallbearers project is his goodbye to the ever present need for pallbearers in our lives. Originally from St.louis, Missouri he was raised on the country guitar and vocals of his mentor and father figure, his grandfather (singer songwriter and former member of the Southland playboys) Harold Q. Davis. He learned guitar at age 12 and began his professional career in Tulsa, Oklahoma in his twenties at Big Wolf Records as a session player and appeared on R&B records for Chase’ and Hazel as well as released an ep that was well received as a cross over release. He has worked continuously with his family (affectionately known as The Davis clan throughout five states) in their studio on various projects inside and outside of the Christian church including a dove award winning song and countless gospel shows. He didn’t find his stride until moving to Dallas, TX when he was drenched in the alternative and independent movement going through Austin and other cities throughout Texas. With a defined vision and voice as well as determination to return to his American music roots, he has finished recording an album that conveys his vision and is accessible and genuine and devoid of pretense or arrogance. Richard sights as his inspirations Frank Black from Pixies fame, Lou Reed, David Bowie, Dwight Yoakam, all three of the Hank Williams, The late Buck Owens and John Lee Hooker. Tori Amos, Ani DiFranco, Erin Mckeown Cat Power and Iron and Wine round out his favorite artists.