Richard Peacock

Richard Peacock


Singer/Songwriter Richard Peacock's sound is that of acoustic pop & folk rock. This 35 year old English American is also a renowned poet who has recently written "Symbols Of Love" available at: Richard's interested in selling his music for the recording of NEW ARTISTS.


Richard has been influenced by an eclectic collection of many great artists/bands such as: Depeche Mode, Damien Rice, George Michael, INXS, Simple Minds, Collective Soul, U2, Cause & Effect, Dishwalla, Duncan Sheik, Joe Purdy, Elton John & many more. Richard's sound is unique and is truly unable to be compartmentalized into just one Genre, listen for your self at one of his many web sites: or or



Written By: Richard Peacock

Line after line, I fell in love with you...
And time after time, you've proved it wasn't true...
Day after day, you found another way...
To crucify me and give this love away...

Now that you see, you see another man,
Do you often see me? When looking right at him...
Does he love you? A way no other knows...
And kiss your eyes, your ears, your lips & the tip of your nose...

When he kissed you, did he know? did it show?
No other man, could kiss you the way that I, I only can...
Is this true love? Or just, another fling?
Are you happier now… that you’ve thrown away everything?

I have to thank you, for if, you never did…
I may have not found a love, so true…
To raise me from the dead…


Songs Include:
Taken Me,
Hold Me,
Don't Take Your Love Away,
Distant Star,
She Lies,
True North,
If You'd Go,
Hold On,
Until Eternity,
Reveal Your Soul.