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The Lie Awakes

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Artist: Richard Peter Snapes and the Lie Awakes

Who are they?
Richard Peter Snapes and the Lie Awakes are an exciting five-piece from the Midlands. Playing a lot of live gigs in the Northampton area, the band have recently supported a number of up-and-coming types including 4 Or 5 Magicians and The All New Adventures Of Us on their recent album launch gig.

What do they sound like?
Don’t let the basic (but charming) demos on their MySpace fool you, the band actually have a very full, busy sound with trumpets, accordions and glockenspiel all playing key roles in a lot of their music. This barrage of sound is complemented nicely by the fragile, grainy vocals of Richard Peter Snapes, which quite brilliantly haunt a number of the band’s songs.

Why are they so great?
The band’s huge sound is managed very well live with their performances as captivating as the music on offer. From guitars to glockenspiel, every instrument is played with a real passion, and this infectious style really rubs off in to their live sound. Richard Peter Snapes also plays a number of solo songs live, which would be a fairly risky move if they weren’t performed in such an effortlessly impressive manner.

What should I be checking out?
’Land We Share’ is a perfect example of this stripped-down style the band have produced. Introduced by some beautiful guitars, accompanied by some lovely xylophone, it’s somewhat reminiscent of early Shins in a reflective, wishful way. Richard’s tentative vocals feel right at home in this one, as the shy little song floats along like a fantastic dream.

Quite unsurprisingly, the accordion features quite predominantly during ’Accordion Song’, one of the band’s strongest songs, and is played with a delicacy and tenderness that is so befitting for the song’s character. You feel as if you could pull the track apart if you treated it too roughly, but its fragile nature is one of its best attributes. Richard’s vocals are heart-wrenching, and the sound produced by the rest of the band is spot on, think Cats and Cats and Cats meets Arcade Fire. Brilliant.

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Jan 2009 Richard Peter Snapes & The Lie Awakes release debut single 'I've Made Up Stories'.



Hi! I'm Richard Peter Snapes. And they are The Lie Awakes.
I did my own thing for a while, hitting drums, singing into microphones, squeezing my accordion, and various other recording tasks, but I got lonely and started to seek others to play in a real band.

Fortunately, the search was brief and now there are three others who go by the name of The Lie Awakes. As a band, we love to play songs to people, record and have other folks listen to it... Athough, when your bass player starts mooning EVERY car on the M25 you sometimes wish you were still entertaining as a solo artist. Increasingly, The Lie Awakes and I have as much fun on and off stage as we can.

Lyrically, the music is inspired by regret, pretence, day dreaming, and an imaginary city. 'The Vast City Awaits' is the first of a series of songs about a walled city which the occupants can't escape. This song will feature on a concept EP of four or five songs telling the tail of 'The revolt of the vast city'. This EP will accompany another called 'Other tales'.

Just signed to an indie called Get Better Records!
We are certainely different. Folk instumentation, pop structure, mixed up with the energy of a rock band. Essentially, The Lie Awakes and myself are four people who love nothing more than to play to people who love music as much as we do.