richard sales

richard sales


Americana/Roots driving banjo to extended solo loopjams (guitar). "Wow! What a voice" Jerry Garcia. "Original in every sense of the word" Cashbox. "The festival didn't start for me till I heard you - a real heart wake up"David Wilcox.


My influences are too many to list! Starting in the Jefferson Street Jug Band in 68, I studied old timey music, bluegrass, then worked with John Fahey, then started many bands that ranged from The Band kind of sound to big driving blues bands. Now the music is a distallation of all of that. My goal is to present songs that are thoughtful, fun, deepening, and challenging... and music that can lift the listener out of their chairs and ordinary mind.

With the advent of the looper and 'replugging', whole new vistas are available and I'm so excited to be able to jam on top of myself... as Keller Williams does. This adds to the set an element that I felt wasn't there before when I was a 'singer songwriter.'

I've auditioned to play in the Grateful Dead (keyboards), taught at Wavy Gravy's Camp Winnarainbow, my jug band was invited to play at the original Woodstock.

Produced daughter Hayley Sales record for Universal Music. Release date 6/07. Produced Wavy Gravy, Bhagavan Das, Shree Maa, recorded Danny Gatton, Miles Davis, Sweet Honey in The Rock. Own GlassWing Recording Studios, Vancouver Island, B.C. Expatriat.

I now own an organic blueberry farm on Vancouver Island in British Columbia.

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Jefferson St. Jug Band - Phonotone Records, 1969
Circus Underwater - GlassWing Records, 1982
The Clovers - "Drive It Home" Repeet Records 1985
Wavy Gravy - Relix Records 1986 (prod & performed)
BhagavanDas/Richard Sales -HolyGhostSessions 2000
RSales-The Soul Is Greater Than the Hum Of Its Parts - GlassWing Records 2001
RSales - Chasing Tumbleweed-GlassWing-2004
Hayley Sales-Universal Music-release 6/2007

Set List

Magic Room (jam based song - 10:00)
The Oracles Dream (beatnik jazz jam song-5-10:00)
The Texas Chainsaw Messiah (see video)
The Hemp Jingle (see video)
Looking for the Mastermind
Heart Shaped Window

Too many to list. Set changes on the spot depending on the audience. Over a thousand songs to pick from.