Los Angeles guitarist soared into the TOP 10 on the national smooth jazz radio charts with SOuLIDIFIED. Smith's live show presents a fiery rock & roll passion, irresistible groove and ample energy to ignite an audience! NOW booking POWER packages with Eric Marienthal and Freddie Ravel!



“A genius musician, an electrifying live performer” - Radio and Records Magazine

"One of the most electrifying sets in Smooth Jazz you'll ever see" -Michael Tozzi, Program Director, WJJZ Philadelphia, PA

“A fine player in the pop-jazz style, with a crisp and clean tone that
falls into the George Benson mold” - Just Jazz Guitar

“Smith’s performance is authoritative” - Guitar Player Magazine

“A headlining jazz star” - Chicago Sun Times

“Smith covers contemporary jazz like a rug” -Jazz Times Magazine

“Soulidified is a smokin album, I love this CD”- Jazz USA

“Delicious guitar licks with slammin grooves”- Jazz Times Magazine

“Smith gives you a sense of what Wes Montgomery might sound
like if he tried his hand at smooth jazz” - Urban Network News

Richard Smith…. guitarist, composer, producer, arranger and professor, who pursues the variety of roles he plays with ferocious passion and depth.

As a solo artist, his latest release SOuLIDIFIED (for the A440 Music Group label) has recieved the highest praise from the national press, and has secured national radio play with his remake of Earth, Wind and Fire's "Sing a Song"! Produced by Brian Bromberg and featuring Jeff Lorber, Jeff Kashiwa, Brian Culbertson, Freddie Ravel, George Duke/Rippingtons keyboardist Dave Kochanski and Snoop-Dog drummer D-Loq. SOuLIDIFED is a potent cocktail of musical chemistry which demonstrates Smooth Jazz has evolved for Smith.
His previous albums have received the highest praise, airplay and recognition for being hard-grooving, musical adventures into modern guitar. "Best Contemporary Jazz Guitar Album" (Tune Up Magazine), "Record of the Year" (Ad Lib Magazine, Tokyo), and "Best New Artist" (Radio & Records Magazine).

There are many "firsts" in the varied careers of Richard Smith. He is on faculty at one of the top music schools in the world, the Thornton School at the University of Southern California. He was the youngest guitarist to make the rank of Professor in that school’s history. He was also the youngest chairman - at the age of 29,while still performing 100 concerts a year as Richard Elliot’s high-profile guitarist, and riding the top of airplay charts for his solo albums. He started the first Doctoral program in jazz guitar in the world and is wildly passionate about bringing attention to modern American music. He facilitated honorary degrees from USC for Quincy Jones.

In 2000 Richard made the decision to scale back touring and sideman work, and concentrate on solo projects and chase some ideas which would make a difference on a grand scale. His vision included raising National awareness of American music, not only jazz, but all American music – pop, rock, country, hip hop, Latino and R&B, and teaching that at all levels, through the guitar.
He strives to blur the lines and cultural gaps between classical, jazz and pop music and work to make music programs relevant and accessible to all young people, as they were in the past. On 9/11 2002, Richard launched GuitarMasters, which has raised thousands of dollars and provided free lessons, classes, guitars and mentoring to "at-risk" young people in South Central Los Angeles through the Challengers Boys and Girls Club.

Born in Detroit Michigan, raised in Oregon - a Chick Corea Electric Band concert inspired Smith to dedicate his life to the guitar at the age of 14. Within a year he was playing the many jazz and blues clubs in Oregon. At the age of 19 he left school to pursue offers of a recording contract and a tour with keyboardist Dan Siegel. Richard's roots came from the rich Northwest soil that produced such modern music luminaries as Robert Cray, Dan Siegel, Tom Grant, Jeff Lorber, Confunction, Pleasure and Kenny G.
Making a decision that changed his life dramatically, Richard packed two guitars into a small car and headed for Los Angeles, where he entered the USC Master of Music program, the home of what has become a new generation of great guitarists… Lee Ritenour, Paul Jackson Jr., Christopher Parkening, the L.A. Guitar quartet, Vince Mendoza and others. His USC instructor, jazz legend Joe Diorio, recommended him to Pianist Billy Mitchell, who introduced Richard to the world of rhythm & blues and L.A.’s thriving and ever-changing urban jazz scene. This would make an indelible impression on Richard’s music.

An artist’s role is to absorb some of the music that surrounds him, and living in South Central Los Angeles changed Richard's music forever. The boy from Oregon grew up fast, and brought the music along with him. He hung out and worked with Russ Freemen, Max Bennett, Sam Riney, Tony Guerrero, Brian Bromberg, Jeff Kashiwa, Billy Mitchell and other stars of the L.A. jazz scene…
About this time Richard made a "demo" with the help of friends Kenny G and Dan Siegel. Doing sessions for pop artists, he met a producer from Japan who heard the demo, and signed Smith in the parking lot of the world famous Bake


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Richard Elliot "The Latest"
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