Richard Smith-Beverly

Richard Smith-Beverly



A native of the suburbs of Maryland, rising new talent Richard Smith-Beverly grew up in the small community of Yale Heights located along the outskirts of Baltimore. A singer/songwriter, composer, and arranger he obtained his formal training early in his career - singing in the youth choir at church, his school choir, and the gospel choir. He began songwriting at the age of 10 and began training as a vocalist at 12. At the tender age of 13, he was accepted to the prestigious Baltimore School for Arts, and trained there as a classical vocalist, under the tutelage of Joyce Hubbard, Robert Cantrell, Loretta Young, and the late Charles Richardson. There, he trained four years learning to sing in Italian, French, and German. Two years later, at 15 he appeared in his first professional musical, Carmen Jones, at the historic Arena Players - the show made history as the highest grossing musical to ever run at the theater. After graduating high school, he attended Catonsville Community College and briefly performed with jazz trumpeter and recording artist Dontae Winslow.
He has performed in several competitions during high school and he has received numerous awards. To name a few he was honored by the Delta-Theta Sorority as the 1999 recipient for Outstanding Achievement in the Performing Arts. The same year he won the Silver Medal in the NAACP Act-So Competition as a classical vocalist, and the previous year he claimed the Bronze in the competition. In addition to Italian, German, and French, Richard can also sing in Spanish, Hindi, and Shona (a native African language). He is skilled in singing in different styles ranging from classical to musical theater to contemporary pop.
His major influences as a singer are Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, and Whitney Houston. His influences as a composer and arranger range from Beethoven to Quincy Jones to Missy Elliot. His music has a unique texture that can’t be reproduced. It is a blend of Classical, Pop, R&B, and Hip-Hop. He has performed at several outlets here in Philadelphia including the Soul Sanctuary and the Rotunda. He has touched audiences in inexpressible ways, after performing “A House Is Not A Home” one audience member said, “ You made me go back in my mind to a time when I was with my ex-boyfriend!” To say the least his singing has left audiences speechless. A candidate for a B.A. in Music Composition, he is currently going into his senior year at the University of the Arts. After graduating college he plans to pursue a career as a producer and recording artist.


All I Want Is You

Written By: Richard Smith-Beverly


All I Want Is You
Nothing Left To Say Or Do
All I Want Is You
What More Do I Have To Prove
All I Want Is You

All I Want Is You
With All The Rest Baby I’m Through
All I Want Is You
It’s Only You That I Choose
All I Want Is You

Verse I:

Don’t care about the sunshine in the sky
Don’t care about the clouds as they roll by
Don’t care about the moon and the stars
What really matters is what’s in my heart

I don’t care about the rain as it falls
For to you baby I will pledge my all
I don’t care about the cold or the snow
I’m standing here alone by what I know


Verse II:

Don’t care about the clothes and the car
Don’t care about how home seems so far
Don’t care about the glamour and the glitz
With you my heart soars to eternal bliss

I don’t care what’s going on in my life
If you’re not there I know it’s just not right
I don’t care if I would leave my home sweet home
In your arms is where I’ll stay to never roam



If you just come with me
We’ll see what our love can be
Testing times will come
We’ll face them and we won’t run



Written By: Richard Smith-Beverly


I need you beauty
in my life
Cause everything wrong you
seem to make right

And when you smile
right at me
You’re beauty shines right through
brings me down to my knees

Verse I

Beauty I’m feeling you
And you’ve got me so caught up
Just don’t know what to do

(So) Beauty please don’t
tease me
I’m going crazy over you
can’t you see

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Verse II

Beauty don’t pass me by (ah yeah)
Cause I feel I’m the one
for you, I’m your guy

Beauty be my sweet candy
And satisfy my sweet craving


And beauty I’d stay
single for you

And beauty can’t see
No one else for you

And beauty I’m going out of
mind mind mind
for you

Vocal Interlude

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