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Beautiful Again

Written By: Diane Richardson

Beautiful Again
words by diane richardson
music by sean fullerton

i met a man a month ago
who calls when you're not here
sometimes we meet at central park
sometimes down by the pier
it feels so wrong to sneak around
i hate to tell you lies
but when i'm spending time with him
i feel so alive

he tells me he likes my golden hair
the way i walk, the clothes i wear
he loves my style, the way i smile
he hangs on every word i say
tells me i take his breath away
he makes me feel beautiful again...
beautiful again

seems like you,
you look right through me
your eyes have grown so cold
you make me feel so damn empty
he feeds my hungry soul
up til now it's been innocent
we've never even kissed
but if he tried i don't know
if i could... (to chorus)

show me that you want me
the way you did back when—
make me feel beautiful again