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By Richard Zeier

I don’t make this proclamation often, and you may not hear me say it again this year, so take notice: ‘Stop what you are doing, right now, and buy this CD!’
Think I’m kidding? Do it! Do it right now!
Okay, I’ll give you an out – If you detest impeccably crafted, thought-provoking, stunningly produced, cinematic, film score-esque, instrumental rock ‘n’ roll, then I guess it’s okay for you to pass up Phenomenation. More for me.

Seriously, I was hooked from the opening breathy, airy, opening strains of “Rainbow Nebula,” and mesmerized by the easy way he segued into a mysterious Middle Easter rhythm. Zeier, whose forte is his ability to meld classic, Eric Clapton guitar licks with John Williams’ everyman film scores, manages to transcend genres to deliver a thirteen track tour-de-force of art rock. And don’t let that term fool you – this is not some esoteric mumbo-jumbo pretending to be art for art’s sake that nobody can understand. “Q-Blaze” recalls classic Blood. Sweat, and Tears, but with a Bosa Nova beat. “First Light” sports a light, Jim Brickman-like piano turn, embellished by gentle acoustic guitar. “Shanghai” juxtaposes familiar western orchestral movements with eerie oriental overtones to create an otherworldly atmosphere. And lest you think Zeier doesn’t know how to bring on the funk, just check “Z Factor” with its fusion of slap bass and electronica.

Okay, I could wax lyrical about “Cloud Painter,” or the neo-classical “Rite of Passage,” or even the breathtaking, cinematic closer, “Shiloh,” but you get the picture. With Phenomenation, Richard Zeier has created a masterpiece.
For more on Richard Zeier, check out his website:

- Mike Parker

"20th Century Guitar Magazine"

"Much like the awesome cover art of his 2006 CD Phenomenation, guitarist Richard Zeier has a pretty amazing musical imagination. Except for the cosmic lyrics featured on the title track and several tracks featuring multi-tracked choral vocals by Chi Coltrane, the instrumental album demonstrates a daring cross section of guitar / keyboard smooth jazz New Age style tracks that would sound great as film TV music, both serious drama and action type stuff. The rhythmic, more modern sides of Tangerine Dream, Mike Oldfield and Jan Hammer are some of the atmospheric influences that weave in and out of Zeier’s wide screen sound mix. Backed by some fine players, including drummer Mike Ruiz, Phenomenation takes the scenic tour and serves as a splendid introduction to the guitar magic of Richard Zeier."
by Robert Silverstein - 20th Century Guitar magazine, July 2006 - Robert Silverstein


Richard Zeier's Phenomenation is a cleanly produced, mostly instrumental album that incorporates sounds from rock, classical, new age, and electronica. The album is well composed and Zeier's guitar work is superb. Each of the thirteen tracks explores emotional locations that combine to create an overall sound that at once transcends time and location yet feels very familiar and accessible.

The album opens with "Rainbow Nebula," which features an ethereal beginning followed by layers of acoustic and electric guitar under laid by a rhythmic bass line and interspersed with piano. The sound is upbeat yet underscored with darker rhythms and melodies that suggest you are entering a textured and complex musical world. That multi-layered sound appears throughout the album and gives Zeier's work a cinematic feel: each of these tracks suggests plots and complexities that extend beyond the song itself, and is telling only part of a larger story.

For those of you looking for Zeier's straight-up, rock the stadium electric guitar, Zeier indulges the need with the bluesy song "The Journey," the funky "Z-Factor," and the first half of "Cloud Painter." However, the album overall does not limit itself to one genre, instead favoring towards tight compositions and covering a variety of styles and moods. "Rite of Passage" and "New World" have an orchestral sound and forgo the guitar in favor of violins, drums, and a choral singers to create a sound that is both optimistic and sinister in a way that classical musical is able to that rock and roll just can't do in the same way.

Phenomenation is an excellent musical journey through time and space and a deep showcase of Zeier's musical ability. This is the best of cinematic rock: whether it's on your MP3 player or in your favorite films I have no doubt you'll be hearing a lot of Phenomenation and Richard Zeier.

by Ryan Quinn –
- Ryan Quinn

"DC Guitar Journal"

I just got a new CD Phenomenation in the mail from Richard Zeier. I was expecting good audio, but honestly I was even more impressed with the heart and spirit of his music. This disc sounds like a lifetime of passion, faith and love poured into a little shiny disc. Very impressive.

The music is progressive, well-composed, with touches of fusion and lots of classical elements. There is a touch of new-age feel throughout as well, but the music rarely loses its muscles. I have been recovering from a painful leg injury and this made me want to jump up and go run for a mile or two!

Richard is clearly a first-rate musician, both on guitar and keys. He never shows off, but you get the feeling he could if he wanted to. Very tasty and always the right part.

I really like this disc.

Phenomenation also sounds really good. Richard proudly announces in the liner notes that the whole thing was recorded in PARIS and mastered by Gavin Lurssen at The Mastering Lab and the audio quality delivers. Everything is very clear and sweet sounding, the bass is granite-solid and in just the right proportions, while the Vienna Symphonic samples sound like real orchestral parts.

The CD is professionally manufactured, not duplicated, with great graphics throughout and on the disc itself. The art is beautiful and moody, and he included one of my favorite touches; a clear CD tray with more art behind it. Yeah!

Gripes? Well, ok, a couple of times I wished for a bigger guitar sound. (Maybe a Hiwatt and a 4x12, but then I am a hard rock guy)

Richard has a terrific CD here, one I recommend heartily. I have always said that I care less about big-time success than I care about knowing that my very best is there on the disc. After that, it is out of my hands. I wish Richard great success with the disc, but in the end, no matter how many he sells, (and he should sell millions in my opinion) he surely knows that he pulled it off, he ran the race, and he won.
posted by DC Cicchetti at 1:54 PM

- Don Cicchetti

"Additional Media Quotes"

…“And those who enjoy guitar based explorations of colour and time will find a great deal to admire here as the prodigiously talented musician heads off into a richly textured world of symphonic rock. A world Herr Uli Jon Roth would be proud to call home. The key piece for me was "The Journey", one that exemplifies the complicated yet natural flow of the music”.
Added: September 10th 2006 –
Reviewer: Stuart A Hamilton
Score: 4 stars

“Awesome CD; herein lie exceptional scores for multiple types of movies and television. Also perfect for caviar parties."
Carolyn Cumming - Television Producer

"Excellent stuff by Richard. Different shades permeate his colorful musical journey. It sounds like the rockier side of New Age, giving full insight into the inner vision of this masterful musician. This music deserves exposure and hopefully it will bring Richard Zeier more fans throughout the world "
Vasja Ivanovski - 94.1 FM RADIO Macedonia

”His music is well written with tasteful orchestration. He is a strong composer with productions that are diverse and engaging. If I was a director looking for someone to score my next film, he would definitely get a call. Great stuff.”
Roy Elkins -

“UNBELIEVEABLE...I can't stop listening to it. Each track is smooth...the vocals and guitar is intoxicating. It's perfect for a chill down mix or smooth jazz addition. This album should do very well.”
Bryant S. Littlejohn – NewImage Entertainment

"Zeier's debut CD, Phenomenation, sounds like a movie soundtrack - in the best possible way. From the opening track, you are drawn in to a compelling instrumental story that is near impossible to stop listening to. The songs feature lush orchestrations and are at once accessible, yet thoughtful."
Instrumental July 2007

“Richard Zeier, in his first solo album Phenomenation, does a fantastic job of creating intelligent guitar music. He uses a wide variety of influences (including classical and electronic) to fuel his guitars. Most of the songs are 3 or 4 minutes long, and every piece has its own unique flavor. This would make great soundtrack music.”
By Tim Jones - Music Street Journal

- Various

"Sound On Sound Magazine"

“Phenomenation is an instrumental classical-cum-rock album... conceived, says Richard, thanks to "proper alignment of the planets", this 13-track work represents his magnum opus. Grandiose wording, perhaps, especially considering that this is his first commercial release, but while such confidence and self-aggrandisement would probably be met with utter contempt coming from any other artist, in this case it fits the music rather well.
Zeier studied film scoring at UCLA, and it shows in his music. In fact, most of the material on here sounds like a pretty convincing pitch for an über-budget Hollywood film soundtrack of the 'epic' variety.”
by Chris Korff - Sound on Sound Magazine (July 07)
- Chris Korff


Phenomenation (2006) debut solo album



Originally from Madison, Wisconsin, Richard has always been driven by a creative passion for music that could not be realized through conventional means. Though not initially recognized as a prodigy, what set him apart from other musicians was a desire to write music from the moment he first picked up a guitar, as opposed to just learning to play. His eventual attempt to re-design music was less than overwhelmingly received in the Midwest and prompted his relocation to the wide-open, but unfamiliar world of Los Angeles.

The new environment brought a revelation of sights and sounds that spawned an even greater flow of creative output, and with it an education into the inner-workings of the music business. Richard’s quest for success led him through many collaborative efforts with bands vying for record deals that left a multitude of near misses in their wake. Determined to press forward, Richard used his electronics background to build his own studio where he would develop his production skills and derive his livelihood from producing other artists. Focusing on instrumental music, he enrolled in the Film Scoring program at UCLA Extension where he was exposed to writing for orchestra. Eventually, with the proper alignment of the planets, the time had come for Richard to produce his magnum opus, and 2006 would mark the release of “Phenomenation”, Richard’s first commercial CD release.

Phenomenation represents years of research and contains elements of everything that affected Richards unique interpretation of music. Electric and acoustic guitars are the primary instruments, but arrangement varies from Rock rhythm sections to a Symphonic Orchestra with a rich array of Electronica to fuse the mix. A common remark is how the music conjures visions of movie scores and hence the category of “Cinematic Rock” was born.

Influences include; Mozart, Beethoven, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Yes, 60's Motown, Santana and Satriani, just to name a few.