Rich Brown Blues

Rich Brown Blues


My music is rooted in Delta, Piedmont, Country and Chicago Blues. National Steel and Martin Acoustic guitars accompany the stories sung. Slide and Harmonica support the rythumn. Laugh and smile, be pensive or mellow or jump and shout, the tunes move people.


I am playing and singing the music I love. And every time I gig, many in the audience stop to listen because it's a little different and grabs their attention. At a recent gig in Bolton, Massachusetts the range in age was early 20's to late 70's and I was approached by folks from all those ages who told me how much they enjoyed the music with many asking "what is that stuff?" I enjoy telling them this stuff is where much of what we all listen to now sprang from the roots of this music. People laugh crazy during one song and mellow down during the next, and the next I might play raucous to bring them back up and smiling. That is the height of my enjoyment, seeing this music affect others like it has me. It's why I chase it, because it got in me real deep. Much of what I play comes from Delta, Piedmont and Country Blues, some from Chicago and has become classic Americana. W.C. Handy Award winners Paul Rishell and Annie Raines introduced me to the music of Blind Boy Fuller, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Tommy Johnson, Robert Johnson, Scrapper Blackwell, Barbecue Bob, Muddy Waters, the list goes on up to and including today's great players Buddy Guy, Clarence Gatemouth Brown and Eric Clapton. When I play, I tell my story with these influences present. Some call it Folk Blues because it's what the 'folks" play. This is the real thing. I try to keep that vibe rolling on. My performances are light and funny, sometime dark and moody but not for long. I like to think of my music as an escape from the day to day we all walk through. That's what it did for the people who first created and played the music! People will hear something a bit different when they listen to my music and I've not met an audience that didn't enjoy what they heard!


Devil On Your Shoulder

Written By: Rich Brown and Mark Plotczyk

We've all got too much baggage
To get back on that train
Station porter's jumped the track
His hat and coat remain

It's a long and lonely journey
Coming back from where you came
There's a third rail out there somewhere
If you slip it's got your name


The devil's on your shoulder
The devil's in your dreams
The devil sits there fraying thread
While you're bursting at the seams

The devil's on our shoulders
The devil rakes our dreams
It's time to turn it over and
Surrender by all means

Verse 2

There a shoefly at the next turn
And the hogger's drinkin' gin
Pullman's got arthritic hands
And there's no room at the inn

So when the wolf moon chills the stockyard
When the vultures all alight
And there's a frozen carcass lying at your feet
Get on you knees and bless the night


Verse 3

Every nightmare is a journey
And this engine's losing steam
Cold stoked coke and acrid smoke
Will blind but not redeem

Salvation can't be transferred
Your ticket has no worth
There's a pullman at the side track
Better try the lower berth



My first single, Ironman Blues, was released in November 2008.
My first EP, Beach Blues, was released August 2009. Hear both single and EP at

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