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Rich Eilbert

Lincoln, Massachusetts, United States

Lincoln, Massachusetts, United States
Band Folk Americana




"Ellen Schmidt's Comment's on "Back From the War""

I love this album! I was drawn in from the very beginning by the upbeat “Come On In” – a great tune wth superb instrumentation ...His love of music is always apparent! All of the instruments and vocal harmonies fit perfectly! The album has a very live feel to it, as if everyone was right in the room. - Self

"Claudia Schmidt's Comments on "Back From the War""

...many thanks for your CD. I'm really enjoying it a lot. I particularly love "He's a Physicist"! Great song and I love the production on the whole CD, really great sound and songs!

- None

"Outloud Open Mic News Comments"

…versatile musical performer Rich Eilbert...whose melodies and lyrics illuminate the corners of life, with all of its pleasures, pains, human foibles and triumphs.

- None

"Peter Mulvey's Comments on "Back From the War""

The mark of a good CD is that you can remember what stretch of highway you were on when you heard a given song. I was on Interstate 80 in Pennsylvania, at about mile 279, when I first heard "River Wash Away”. - None


"Back From the War", 2009, Independent Release
1. Come On In (3:48)
2. River Wash Away (3:32)
3. Back from the War (4:16)
4. He’s a Physicist (4:35)
5. Down on Your Luck (4:15)
6. Going Back to LA (4:21)
7. Now and Forever (2:30)
8. Ocean of Sand (4:11)
9. Whydah (4:51)
10. Roadblock (3:55)
11. Hauling Ice (6:06)
12. Small Crime (3:49)



A native New Yorker, I've been living in the Boston area for many years. Originally, I took up guitar to sing covers. I'd jam whenever possible: especially with the "Thursday Night Group", at bluegrass festivals and at folk-music gatherings. Occasionally, I'd even write my own tunes. Now, my emphasis has shifted toward writing my own songs and performing them, in the Boston region for the most part. Life is an ever-fascinating circus of activity and emotions. My songs are an outlet to observe and comment, but hopefully, not to judge (some exceptions apply). Currently, I hold US copyrights on over 60 original songs, with many more pending.
In 2009, my first CD “Back From the War” came out and received great critical applause. A number of performers around the country now cover some of these tunes much to my delight. They’ve also been aired on broadcast and internet radio stations.
In my home town of Lincoln, I’ve run a well appreciated open mike, LOMA, for several years. We feature very fine regional performers there. I open the evening and then hear from pieces from open mikers often compelling, sometimes surprising.
Mostly, I perform around metropolitan Boston. My songs vary from touching to catchy to outrageous, with a toe-tapping beat. I enjoy performing with backup musicians to add drive. I host an open mike in my hometown. Some of my musical influences: Allison Krauss, Bob Dylan, John Prine, Taylor Swift and Tim O’Brien.