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Rich Eisenstein


If you don't have to time to listen to it instead of categorizing it find another job. Plumbing is always in demand. OK, it's stories, melodies, singer-songwriterish but maybe Gabriel-Sting inflected, aw just listen, it will move you and hit you in the gut without smashing your ears.


Influenced by Joni Mitchell, Beatles, Elliott Smith, Ben Folds, Peter Gabriel, Police, Phil Ochs, Marvin Gaye, Jimmy Rushing, Ivan Lins, Elis Regina, Tom Jobim, the list is endless and ever-evolving.
I/we am/are unique because we've toiled in the trenches and the shadows, only taking the big stages in supporting roles. This is the time to emerge. Hey, it takes some folks a little longer...


By The River

Written By: Richard Eisenstein

By the River © R. Eisenstein

There, over by the river,
holding hands and lost inside
their dreams.
She speaks so soft
as they walk
the grass below
so dark

When, will there be redemption?
Now, the years, have come and gone
in peace.
His eyes so pure
seem so sure
that love will be
the cure

Then she falls to the ground with a smile
She says, “In time,
you’ll surely find,
peace inside
to ease your mind...”
And so they lay
from night till day
by the river

How does a child remember
all he must forget, and hide
In dreams of red
hearts have bled
the river flows

So they wait for the picture to fade
And then, one day
it’s washed away
where they lay
as if to pray
And so they rise
with weary eyes
by the river


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