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Ascension, R&R

Inspiration jazz duo Riley & Richburg (Howard Riley, Jr. and Terrence Richburg) have exploded on the contemporary jazz scene with their new disc Ascension. The set fuses a combination of jazz and inspirational Christian flavors, as the multi-talented duo tackle the specturm of musical instruments. Riley delivers on soprano, alto and tenor saxophone; with Richburg covering the seven-string bass, keyboards and numerous other tools. Affectionately known as R&R, the group respectively has collaborated with the likes of Donnie McClurkin, Stanley Turrentine, Kirk Whalum, Vanessa Williams and Tramaine Hawkins, among others. On Ascension, standout tracks include "4-Sure", "Stretch", "Wonderful Jesus", "Always Love" and "When I'm With You". Despite some favorites, the remaining set still offers a bevy of spirited numbers and inspiring grooves certain to appeal to jazz and sacred audiences alike. - Black Elegance/Jawn Murray

From the moment I heard the first track, to the closing melody of the last, I completely enjoyed Ascension. After a long day at work, I'm happy to report that in no time, my mind was set at ease, and the cares of the world drifted away.

There is something for everyone on this album, ranging from the up tempo to smooth jazz ballads and a bit of the inspirational. After years of collaborating on other projects, Howard Riley and Terrence Richburg (R & R) came together in a partnership of praise and intricately put together this work. Both are Washington, D.C. natives, and have worked with some of the music industry's finest. They are exceptional musicians in their own right.

Riley's musical leanings started at home. His mother played the organ at the family church, and he was almost always surrounded by music at home. He started on the saxophone at age 11. Even with formal music training from Catholic University, Richburg says his greatest teachers were his parents, family, and the countless other artists with whom he's done other projects. R & R promise that this is only the first of many productions and I can't wait, 4-Sure. - Port of Harlem/Richard A. Scott

"Ascension is titled appropriately. That's precisely what it is- a soaring demonstration of Riley and Richburg's commitment to musical excellence. From one track to the next there is never a dull moment. Terrence Richburg's mastery of numerous instruments,(clearly the bass reigns supreme) and the purity and grace of Howard Riley's style makes this CD a welcomed addition to my CD changer. The project offers wonderful vocals, exquisite production, and memorable tunes. Bravo. Buy it. NOW."

Whether you’re referring to a rare venue of rest & relaxation or contemplating a wonder-filled evening of reign & revival, you must without reservation witness this brand new inspirational jazz phenomenon. R&R, lead by the incomparable, multi-talented collaboration of Howard Riley, Jr. on soprano, alto & tenor sax, and Terrence Richburg on 7-string bass, keyboards & the list goes on. Their music exceeds the traditional level of the inspirational jazz experience, while crossing boundaries and breaking down walls of musical classification.

R&R is a group born out of the depths of inspiration and made possible through a special blend of creative talents and commitment. They bring to the forefront a commanding, innovative sound of jazz and gospel flavors and with a sense of tenacity they’ve pressed their way onto the music scene empowered by pure faith and passion.

Riley and Richburg have worked together for many years in other groups and on special projects and productions being sought after for their individual expertise and reputation as first chair musicians. But only as they began to work together at various events and venues as a duet group did it dawn on them to pursue a true partnership together and produce a CD project as R&R under Terrence’s independent record label, RICHESCAPE MUSIC.

Howard is an incredible musician and saxophonist, as well as writer, keyboardist and vocalist in his own right. While constantly developing and growing in his craft, his humble spirit outshines even the beautiful notes and melodies he plays.

Terrence affectionately nicknamed by his peers as little Prince and the Quincy Jones of Gospel is a nationally acclaimed musician, writer, producer and arranger who has worked with the best of the best gospel and jazz artists and musicians across the country.
Between the two of them Riley and Richburg have racked up countless performances (some including musical directorships) with several industry greats including Richard Smallwood & Vision, Maurette Brown Clark, Vanessa Williams, Lorree K. Slye, Donnie McClurkin, Tremaine Hawkins, Ben Tankard, Kirk Whalum, Yolanda Adams, The Winans, Jennifer Holliday, Walter Hawkins, Deniece Barclay, Willie Jolley, Debbie Kirkland, Phil Flowers, Patti LaBelle, Teddy Pendergrass, Peaches & Herb, Stanley Turrentine, Roy Ayers, Ashford & Simpson, Chuck Mangione, Pieces of A Dream, James Cleveland, Shirley Caesar, Nathan Heathman, Evelyn Simpson Curenton, Men and Women of the Gospel, the Washington Pops Orchestra and of course the famous Richburg Singers formerly on the Atlantic label. Terrence has also produced and performed on CD projects for such artists as Jeremiah Murphy, Kim Jordan, John Stoddart, Nolan Williams, Phil French, Kitt Brewington & Victorious Praise, and many others. He is also the co-writer of By His Grace, the title cut off the latest CD by the Stellar award nominated artist, Maurette Brown Clark.

It was a long, two-and-a-half year process, but well worth the wait and effort. The uphill climb Ascension if you will has taken Riley and Richburg into heavenly places dwelling with God the Creator of their inner song. Terrence took his own advice, stepped out on faith and following the Lords leading produced Ascension, seeing it unfold as a flower into an incredible revelation. The response from listeners of the project has ranged from sheer enjoyment and excitement to this is an incredible album, to I just couldn’t stop listening I played it all night long!

Don’t underestimate the potential of this engaging sea of opportunity. Don’t overlook this sincere offering of spirit-filled innovation and certainly don’t forfeit this, your appointed moment in destiny, to hear the amazing music by R&R on their debut CD, Ascension A RICHESCAPE MUSIC Productions Experience. This is just the beginning of much more to come. R&R solicits your prayers and support as they continue on their vast journey toward the prize through the incredible gifts of music and ministry. -

Here is a brand new "inspirational jazz" phenomenon - the duo of Howard Riley & Terrence Richburg known as "R&R"! They bring to the forefront an innovative sound of jazz and gospel flavors. The multi-talented duo cover many instruments... Howard on soprano, alto, and tenor sax, and Terrence on 7-string bass, keyboards, and the list goes on.

They have worked with Stanley Turrentine, Chuck Magione, Kirk Whalum, Vanessa Williams, Donnie McClurkin, Tremaine Hawkins, The Winans , Walter Hawkins, Patti Labelle, Ashford & Simpson, as well as many, many others.

Their new CD release, "Ascension" transcends all expectations as the duo offers spirited grooves and inspiring improvisations which showcase a very high level of musicianship! Whether your looking to relax, join in the joyous celebration, or have a time of, "revival" you will find yourself "ascending" to a higher place in your musical and spiritual experience! - Christian Jazz Artists


Terrell Hunt - “Awesome” CD – RichEscape Music label, Released in 2007, (Credits: Executive Producer, Production Team Coordinator/Supervisor, Producer, Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Acoustic Guitar, Percussion, Vocal Arranger/Arrangements Consultant, Mixing and Mastering Supervisor.)

Nolan Williams, Jr. -“inSpiration” CD – NeWorks Productions, Released in 2006, (Credits: 7-String Bass)

Jeremiah Murphy & Judah – “Worship” CD – EMA Music, Inc., Released in 2005, (Credits: Production Consultant, Musical Director, Rhythm Arrangements, 7- String Bass, Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Rhodes Piano, Percussion)

Kim Jordan – “Full Circle” CD – Prosounity Music Entertainment, Released in 2004, (Credits: 7-String Bass, Rhythm and Lead Bass Guitar)

R&R/Howard E. Riley, Jr. and Terrence Richburg – “Ascension” CD – RichEscape Music label, Released in 2004, (Credits: Executive Producer, Producer, Writer, Arranger, Lead and Background Vocals, 6 & 7-String Basses, 6-String Fretless Bass, Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Drums, Drum Programming and Sequencing, Piano & Keyboards, Percussion, Studio Engineering and Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Graphicic Direction)

Maurette Brown Clark – “By His Grace” CD –Atlanta International Records/AIR Gospel label, Released in 2002, (Credits: Songwriter – “By His Grace” title cut (co-written with Maurette Brown Clark)

Pastor Kitt Brewington & Victorious Praise – “Everything to Me” CD, KABCO Music label, Released in 2002, (Credit: 7-String Bass)

Kim Jordan - “All for You” CD – (Gospel Jazz Pianist/Vocalist), Prosounity Music Entertainment label, Released in 2001, (Credits: Co-Producer, Arranger, Songwriter - “Save Me” (co-written with Kim Jordan), 7-String Bass, Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Drums Programming, Keyboards, Percussion, Background Vocal, Studio Engineering, Recording, Mixing)

Jeremiah Murphy - “Another Perspective’” CD, EMA Music, Inc., Released in 2000, (Credits: Producer, Arranger, Songwriter - “Jesus Loves Me (I’m So Glad He Does)" (co-written with Jeremiah Murphy), Orchestral Arrangements and Orchestration Performance on “The Lord’s Prayer,” Rhythm Arrangements, 7-String Bass, Drums, Drum Programming and Sequencing, Piano & Keyboards, Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Percussion, Lead Vocal on “My Redeemer Liveth,” Studio Engineering and Recording, Mixing)

Phil French (Saxophonist) – “You’ve Been So Good!” CD –Frenchy Soundz Music, Released in 2000, (Credits: Producer/Songwriter/Arranger/Studio Engineer, Recording and Mixing on Song Contributions, “Can’t Deny It” (performed all accompanying instrumentation), “Dreamin’ ” and “Dreamin’ (Reprise) (performed 7-String Bass, Rhythm Guitars, Percussion)

Debbie Steele –“A New Beginning” CD – SAON-DVX label, Released in 1998, (Credits: Songwriter - “He Will Uphold You,” Lead Guitar, 6-String Bass)

Mark Greene (of the original group “The Moments”) – “The Mark Greene Project” CD, FAJR Records, Released in 1998, (Credits: 6-String Bass, Studio Engineering, Recording)

John Stoddart – “A Not So Silent Night” Christmas CD, Urban Junction East Music label, Released in 1997, (Credits: Rhythm Guitar, Guitar Solo)

John Stoddart – “Love So Real” CD, Urban Junction East Music label, Released in 1997, (Credits: 6-String Bass, Drums, Studio Engineering, Recording)

Bishop Harry R. Jackson, Jr. & The Hope Christian Church Mass Choir – “Let Every Nation Sing”, Perfect Piece Group label, Released in 1996, (Credits: 6-String Bass)

Kim Stratton – “Kim Stratton: Live In Chicago With The A.F.C. Mass Choir” CD, Glorious Music label, Released in 1995, (Credit: Songwriter - “By His Grace” (co-written with Maurette Brown Clark)

Terrence Richburg - “Rich Spirit One” Original Music/Video Soundtrack – Featuring Maurette Brown Clark, Vanessa R. Williams, Andre Barnes, Andrea Dumas, The McGlound Sisters, Robert Burwell, Phil French, and Howard Riley, Jr. – RichEscape Music Productions, Released in 1994, (Credits: Executive Producer, Producer, Writer, Arranger, Vocal and Rhythm Arrangements, Vocals, All Instrumentation, Studio Engineering, Recording, Mixing)

Jeremiah Murphy – “Introduction” CD, EMA Music, Inc., Released in 1993, Credits: Producer, Arranger, Synthesizer and Drum Programming, Strings, Horns, Solo and Miscellaneous Synths, Mix and Remix Concepts and Arrangements, Vocal and Rhythm Arrangements, 6-String Contrabass, Rhythm and Lead Guitars, Drums, Studio Engineering and Recording, Mixing)



RICHESCAPE MUSIC (RichEscape) is an independent record label, production, and publishing company dedicated to developing, producing, presenting and promoting newly emerging talent and recording artists. Their primarily music focus is in the Gospel, Gospel-Jazz, Inspirational, and Praise and Worship genres.

RichEscape is no stranger to the Gospel or Jazz arena. They’ve been an integral part in helping develop and launch the careers and subsequent recording projects of many celebrated artists, including, Maurette Brown Clark, Vanessa R. Williams, Jeremiah Murphy, John Stoddart, Kim Jordan, Nolan Williams, Debbie Steele, and Phil French. As a formal record label, RichEscape recently celebrated the successful debut release of the inspirational jazz project, Ascension, by their first signed artist, R&R, featuring Howard E. Riley, Jr. and Terrence Richburg.

RichEscape is a growing company with a powerful mission. They are committed to reintroducing the concept and focus on developing, investing in, and presenting their artists in musical and spiritual excellence. They are committed to presenting ministries in a setting of expanding success, as opposed to focusing only on bringing financial success to the company itself. The general plan for revenues generated by artist product sales and royalties is to invest and reinvest capital into developing and supporting the career ministries and goals of both current and future artists of RichEscape who have a true commitment and sincere attitude toward success and bringing glory to God.

They have found this approach to be a rare principle in the industry today. The growth of many companies is due to the success of their artists. Artists who, more often than not, achieve very little financial success for themselves even as basic support during and after their careers as recording artists end. RichEscape knows this approach is a risk on their part and realize the potential that any artists they sign and develop may eventually move on to partner with major labels. Ultimately, however, they hope their commitment and contribution to their artists will help to motivate other promising talent to grace their doors for a chance to move forward in their careers and ministries. RichEscape will remain committed to growing this artist-focused approach to a “major level.”

RichEscape is now at an exciting juncture in ministry as they move forward with their second major release featuring their newest signed artist, Minister Terrell Hunt on his debut Praise and Worship project entitled, Awesome, was released in the summer of 2007. In 2009, their new release plans include a long-awaited solo piano and 7-string bass double-CD project entitled My All from RichEscape’s President and CEO, Terrence Richburg; the sophomore R&R project, Completion; and an R&R Christmas CD composed of several new and traditional song arrangements.

RichEscape has several artists being considered for future production projects and CD releases. They are also in the process of expanding and developing a first-rate production team and cooperative network of area producers, songwriters, studio facilities, musicians, and singers to help bring to fruition the mission of RichEscape’s dream for area artists.