Richey Lam

Richey Lam


Style Mix of Mraz and Mayor! Soulful Voice like Babyface with the physique of Bruce Lee. Pop/Rock/Acoustic/Folk. College Fan Base. Radio Friendly Smash Hits. And a infectious killer smile. Songs placed on MTV's "The Real World". VH1 Finalist for


Southern Roots, originally from Alpharetta, GA. Moved to LA 3 years ago after college. 25 Years old. Been writing and performing for over 10 years with a College Fan Base. Opened up for Stevie Wonder, Westlife, Michael Tolcher. Placed Songs on MTV's The Real World, ASCAP's Lester Sills Pop writers workshop alumni. Grand father was the Hong Kong symphony composer/conductor for 25 years. Music has been in my blood for generations.
Some influences are Billy Joel, Diane Warren, Prince, James Taylor, Harry Connick Jr., Stevie Wonder, MJ, David Wilcox, Mraz, Mayor.


The Dangerous Line

Written By: Richey Lam

The Dangerous Line
Words and music by: Richey Lam
©2004 LittleLam Music
Well excuse me baby let me holler at you

Can I have some attention please?

Do you have good intentions or do I have to mention

Can you help and break it down for me

All the imparticulars are getting so peculiar

Maybe not for you but for me

Up and down and round and round and

Creeping alone quietly.

Looking for the answer

Go a little a faster for me.

B,B,B,B,Baby don't you know that I can't take it anymore

Cause you making me weak at the toes.

Now do you really really feel it, taste, touch it,

Crave it down deep into your soul

And if it do than it does then I did and it was

Do it again for you

Just to hear you say moaning my name

Singing ah, ah, ah, ah for me

I want to get serious a little delirious
From the dangerous line between us
I want to discover touching each other
Just breaking me down

Now looky, looky here I don't care what they say

Cause you like the way I flip my tongue

Cause the good lord gave me the gift to sing

As he spoke through me as I sung

When I spit on the mic up and down left and right

I'll give it to you all night…Long

Stronger than a loco motive faster than a speeding bullet

I ain't even trying to impress

Baby you call the shotgun and I'll be the train

The oriental express

Just to hear you say moaning my name

Singing aha, ah, ah, ah for me


Bridge: But turn it around and see what you found isn't it Love ly

Just turn it around to see what you'd find

Uncovering the mystery…yeah

Chorus out


Written By: Richey Lam

Words and music by: Richey Lam
©2003 LittleLam Music
Lately I've been craving your touch

Quietly burning I need you so much

Flashes of you linger in my head

And my bones still shake

My heart still break

From the words you said.

Last year was the last time I saw you face

I remember how your lips use to taste

And the looks that you gave

I still smell your side of the bed

Just to wake up by myself

And like a ghost you haunt these halls

And the memories in my head

Why can't I let you go?
Why can't I see?
You don't Love me anymore
It's not easy
Now and then I'll try again
Tomorrow maybe tomorrow
I'll let you go

Suddenly everything reminds me of you

Constantly searching as I hide from the truth

I still call your name out loud

In the middle of the night

And like a ghost you haunt my dreams

And the demons in my mind


Cause it's another day

Don't know what else I could do

To help me get over you

I'm still not over you

College Years(Live@UCLA)

Written By: Richey Lam

College Years
Words and music by: Richey Lam
©2003 LittleLam Music
Wake up Wake up quarter part eight

First day of school and I'm already late

Need to get ahead it's my freshman year

Things are gonna change I think I'm gonna like it here

No one knows me I'm starting from scratch

My geeky days are over they're all in my past

The future looks bright, but it's still unclear

The next thing I know it's my sophomore year

It's like yesterday to me

I was five foot nothing

With braces on my teeth

I'm a college man now first time on my own
Girls are gonna want me now just gonna take it slow
Might be a frat boy
Maybe join the chess club
Try intramurals cause football's what I love
Lock up all my fears
Live it up while I'm hear
This is gonna be my best College Years

Now I'm a sophomore cocky as hell

If you took a look at me you probably couldn't tell

Junior year I was looking for fun

All I gots to say I turn 21

Cause girls like older men at least that's what I heard

Years went by it feels like blur

It's like yesterday to me

I was riding my big wheel up and down my street


Bridge: Do you remember when were young

We were so afraid

But it was so much fun

Who would of thought?

I'd fall in love

She was the one

My Very first crush

½ verse

4 years later here I am wishin' I could do it all over again

Feel so old but still young at heart

Looking back I've come so far

It's like yesterday to me

I was a freshman boy with so many dreams


Wake up wake up quarter past 8 first day of school and I'm already late………


2 indie Records

College Years-EP released 2002(Not Available anymore)
Love vs The Brain- EP released 2004
Songs Placed on MTV's (The Real World- Paris)
CBS-Clubs House
VH1 Finalist

Set List

Mostly do originals with some covers. 45min -1hr and 1/2. 15 to 20 song set list.