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regional dialects

Written By: rich fordham

regional dialects
sawed off shotguns
the middle of nowhere
setting of the sun
cruise set at 80
cant hardly feel
been 12 hours
behind this wheel
roadside diner
I just don’t belong
Muddy boots and flannel shirts
Son you best move on
Talking a mile an hour
Eyes kept to the floor
I got one foot in the grave
The other out the door
Motel room by the car
Mosquitoes through the screen door
90 degrees blazin at night
If it’s a dream I’m not sure
I hear the regional dialects
See the sawed off shot guns
Im in the middle of nowhere
And im setting with the sun
My last taste was metal
Mixed with dirt and blood
All I feel is peace now
I can’t remember the hurt
oh have mercy on their souls
They no not what they’ve done
In the middle of nowhere
I rise again with the sun
3 in the morning
Kicked down the door
They take me to a field
I’m afraid I know what for
In a flash I see the last time
I ever saw your face
I see all the actions that
Went with my name

archer's fork

Written By: rich fordham

When all eyes were on Vietnam
The feds were buying up our land
No tax base left to pay for schools
Nothing left but ruins and starving fools
There used to be a road through here
Only used now by turkeys and deer
Those homes built by hearts blood and hands
Long washed away like castles in the sand
Generations of sacrifice and toil
The hopes and fears turned in the soil
As time passed by it was all in vain
The vanity is the same but the struggles have changed

John says the cities have wealth and factories
Bells and whistles illusions of prosperity
I’d rather die poor on my land
I’m too honest to be a businessman
Sissy wants life like the tv set
Tranquil simplicity so quick to forget
The fields the barn the creek the farm
Sold it all for the plane ticket
Every now and again I return to these woods
A world I left behind a world I understood
A broken down porch and old rusty plow
These things are in better shape than my family now
Johnny’s upstate doing hard time
Never found a job a home or a wife
Piss drunk fighting cheating and stealing all the time
Never learned happiness is something money can’t buy
Sissy disappeared with her slithering man
Been over since the first taste of heroin
For her god wasn’t in the things bought and sold
Only the rush bang firing magic through her bones
Ma slipped away with my best friend
While I was sinking in the city sinking in the sand
Woke up alone in the bed she was gone
Wish I never had left the farm

Now I’m alone though not alone
I see myself and the ruins of the old home
See myself at peace and free
Shotgun bang feel no more pain
I hear a warm voice feel the cool breeze
I see the birds picking at what is left of me at what’s left of me