Rich Freeth

Rich Freeth


A rock band centered around well-crafted songs by Singer/Songwriter Rich Freeth, blending modern rock with a 70's vibe. The songs tell stories about love, loss, fear, anger, anticipation, hope, dreams and joy. In the vein of Stereophonics, Jet, Big Head Todd and the Black Crowes.


NYC native Rich Freeth has been writing and performing his original material for several years in the tri-state area. He performs solo and with a band, alway with the emphasis on good songs, and solid musicianship, with a vibe arising from a mixture of modern alt and vintage rock. Currently working on new CD at Monkey Boy Studios in New York with Brian Fulk (Martha Wainwright, Teddy Thomson, Freedy Johnston). Brad Albetta and Cameron Greider played for Sean Lennon and Martha Wainwright. Matt Johnson has also played for Martha, and was the drummer for Jeff Buckley. Malcolm Gold has played for Days of the New, amongts others. Josh Dodes plays for Mark Cohn.


Wine From A Stone

Written By: Rich Freeth

I used to find meaning
Every time we touched
Now its fading away
Like the mists of a grey day
And now I'm wracking my brain
To find the rights things to say

Can't squeeze wine from a stone
Or find love when the love's gone
Can't squeeze wine from a stone

I tried to play off my mistakes
And ignored the signs
But it was already too late
For me to put in the time

Can't squeeze wine from a stone
Or make love when the love's gone
Can't squeeze wine from a stone

You've gotta know when to give in
And give up and go home
And what you thought you'd known
Can't squeeze wine from a stone

Light That Burns

Written By: Rich Freeth

Its a gift that you're given
Understanding all you see
Its the wisdom of knowing you know nothing
All that's been will ever be

Its the light that burns

Angles change from your perspective
And get faded in the light
Don't forget the gift that you're given
It can guide you in the night

Its the light that burns

Its the doubt and fear that can hold you
Its the pain and anger that can harm you
But you have everything there within you
To let in all the light

Its the light that burns

Break Me Down

Written By: Rich Freeth

You make me scared to believe in you
You make me scared not to believe in you
You tell me I'm just what you're looking for
But when I say I'm ready, you say you want more

Break me down
Break me down
Can't believe I ever wanted you

And you said that our love was never meant to be
And that your heart was never meant for me
Can't you see that I'm never giving you up
Can't you see, can't you see what it's done to me

Break me down
Break me down
Can't believe I ever wanted you
Don't wanna see what you're done to me


"Like In The Movies"
CD available from "The Orchard" and via, iTunes, Napster etc.

Set List

Usual 1 hour sets, sometimes 2 sets per night.
Originals: Like in the movies, Waiting for dawn, Too late to call, Break me down, No one should ever have to feel this way, Wishing well, 4th Street revisited (don't need a clue), Self-destructive, Kissing in the dark, Could've been anyone, Cardboard cutout, The last time.
We do one or two of these Covers per show: Beatles "dont let me down", RStones "can't always get wot you want", Sheryl Crow "Can't cry anymore", Dylan "Posit. 4th St.", B. Holly "Not Fade Away", Led Zep "Custard Pie", "Rock and roll".