Shreveport, Louisiana, USA
BandHip HopR&B

We are a group of talented you artists, trying to bring a new sound and movement to our city, as well as the world. Shreveport hasn't been well represented as far as music goes, and RichGang plans on changing that.


In the hopes of bringing new sound and new image to the city of Shreveport, in 2009, rap artist, Y$ Tha Lotus, founded the group Rich Gang, comprised of members Blayzyn, “318 Cypher semi-finalist, DJ, Drosie, “318 Cypher finalist, Big Zo, and himself; However, despite their unique styles and sounds, they come together to produce harmonious collaborations and are often compared to the Wu-Tang Clan. Although, Rich Gang states that their unique sound is inspired by UGK, Outkast, 8 Ball & MJG, Field Mobb and Currensy; groups that have smooth styles and high lyrical content.

Rich Gang continues to spread their unique sound and “cool movement” as they amass new fans by performing at recent events, such as the “318 Cypher and “Words over Lattes. Fans, and those interested in experiencing the Rich Gang “cool movement, should be delighted to know that Rich Gang will appear on the mixed-tape “Flyy Community,” due to be released in 2012.


I See Dead People - Single
Just For You - Single

Set List

Four to Five vocal microphones. (We prefer wireless mics)