Ric Hickey

Ric Hickey


An amazing Country/Blues/Rock guitarist with a totally unique style, a sense of adventure and a sense of humor. Many years of club experience, lots of stories to tell, and a pretty good songwriter, too. Willie Nelson meets Keith Richards at a Frank Zappa concert.


For over 20 years, singer/songwriter/guitarist Ric Hickey has been an active fixture on the Cincinnati music scene. Beginning in the mid 80s with the seminal Pop Punk band The Speed Hickeys, he continued throughout the 90s and into the 21st century both in solo acoustic performances and with his ever-evolving band The Loose Wrecks.

Hickey's brand of Rock Music defies direct comparisons, drawing inspiration from the great Blues, Jazz, Country, and Folk music of early to mid 20th century America. With influences as diverse as Willie Nelson, The Rolling Stones, and Frank Zappa, Hickey creates a music that is wholly original. The one common theme that runs throughout is his unique and inimitable guitar playing. Whether performing alone on acoustic guitar or stretching out in a lengthy improv with his band The Loose Wrecks, Ric Hickey has been heralded as being among the finest guitarists in Cincinnati.

Ric's wildly diverse spectrum of original material is difficult to convey with just 3 songs, as represented here on SonicBids. Interested parties are strongly advised to check out additional Ric Hickey songs at: www.myspace.com/richickey


"bittersweetheart" 2007
"A Pool And A Pond" 2002
"Toulouse-Lautrec" 2000
"Wreck Loose" 1997
- and numerous live CDs handed out free at gigs and elsewhere.

Set List

Typically, I perform mostly originals for a regular 45-60min set, but I can play an entire evening (2 or 3 sets) if necessary. Cover tunes include Willie Nelson, Rolling Stones, Frank Zappa, Bob Dylan, Lucinda Williams, Hank Williams, Pink Floyd, Wilco, Tom Waits, some standards like "All Of Me" and "Fly Me To The Moon", and lots of blues: Muddy Waters, Slim Harpo, etc.