Richie Arci
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Richie Arci

Morristown, New Jersey, United States | SELF

Morristown, New Jersey, United States | SELF
Band Pop EDM


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Richie Arci

Where were you born?
I was born in Boonton Township, Nj

Where did you grow up?
Boonton, Nj

Were any of your family involved in music?
My father was a singer. He grew up singing five part harmonies in different Doo Wop groups.

How did you first get involved in music?
Lets see, one of my earliest memories is sitting in a car seat, driving around with my parents and listening to music. According to my parents, I would make them play certain songs over and over again, they said it would drive them nuts. So I guess it is safe to say that from the first time I heard music I was hooked. My father had grown up singing and loved doo wop, rock, funk, R&B, you name it, and so as I grew, I was introduced to all kinds of great music and started singing along with my father. He told me that one day he turned down the music in the car, and noticed that I was singing harmony to the song he was playing, and since I was only five years old, it was apparent that I had been blessed with an ear for music. When I was 10 years old I got my first guitar. At first I would just play around and have fun; then one day I was listening to the radio and began mimicking the notes I heard and discovered that my hearing allowed me to match the song note by note and eventually I taught myself how to play. Soon after that I started writing my own songs.

Who are your greatest influences?
I am influenced by all great music. But especially by Musicians, Songwriters, and Entertainers that seemed to stand out from all the rest, or that have stayed in the game for long periods of time, just getting better and better, evolving their sound and helping to change music by what they do. The Beatles,Jimmy Hendrix, Aerosmith, Metallica, Micheal Jackson, Bob Marley, Dave Matthews, Timbaland, Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z, Notorious BIG, Coldplay, Madonna, Prince... To name just a few. But all different sounds, all different styles, male or female, doesn't matter, just the people that have always been on that cutting edge, and have in their own way,brought music to a whole new level, and a whole new place.

How did you get involved with One Mind Productions?
Right before my freshmen year in highschool I met a kid by the name of Daniel Plante. We seemed to have alot in common,especially a love and passion for music so we clicked right off the bat. He had a little drum machine at his house called a DR. GOOVE. He would make these beats on that machine, and I would come up with melodies and lyrics to sing along to them. Even though the quality of what we would record was very rough,we would let people hear what we recorded at school and people would always be impressed. Especially the girls. All through highschool we would spend so much time together, usually doing something that involved music. We would sit in his basement for hours, and just jam. I would play the guitar, and he would play the drums, and sometimes we would switch places,and I would play the drums,and he would play guitar. We just loved to play. We even formed a rock band together with some friends from school, where he played the drums and I was the lead singer. We would also play acoustic shows together at coffee houses and parties, just him and I and two acoustic guitars. Everytime we played together, people would just go crazy, and tell us how great we sounded together, and how impressed they were by watching us play. Over that time,not only did we become best friends, but developed a musical chemistry together that is hard to explain. And as I grew more and more interested in singing, and songwriting, Danny became more and more interested in music production. I knew that I wanted to become a solo artist and wanted to record a demo of some songs that I had written. Danny had met a producer one day while he was shopping at guitar center. The producer became interested,and told us he would produce and record a demo for my solo project. We began writting and recording songs with him at a studio he had set up in his house. One day as we were working a kid walked in by the name of Will Villalona. Who went by the name "Sounskeezy". Will picked up an acoustic guitar and started vibing with Danny. They seemed to hit it off right away. As the project went on,we had a falling out with the producer we were working with,who had promised us certain things, and unfortunately, Danny and I had to learn the hard way that in this buisness,sometimes people are not what they seem. But even though things didnt work out with that producer,it worked out for the best cause Danny and Will still kept in touch. Danny had started setting up music production equipment of his own, where he would produce, and we would record songs for my solo project in his basement. We would share ideas and turn them into one idea. Or One Mind. So one day as we were working Danny just said wow I like this, its like One Mind. Two people sharing ideas and working together to form one mind. W