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Indianapolis, Indiana, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2015
Solo Hip Hop Singer/Songwriter





If you haven’t paid attention, let me help you out. Indiana native, Richie Bux has been on a complete tear so far this year. After kicking things off with his well-received video early this year, Bux returns with his new Silent 313 assisted video for, “Michael”.

Featuring Richie and Si trading off mic duties every 16 bars or so, the track displays already well-known chemistry between the two. With rising videographer 8900 Eric manning the camera once again, the video is as visually pleasing as any and does so without all of the glitchy graphics and cliche transitions.

With this serving as the second single from Richie’s upcoming mixtape, Early Infamy 2, it may not be safe for the opposition, but I think it’s safe to say 2019 is already Richie’s year.

Watch the video below and get hip. - Elevator Mag

"Your Loss, Cold Game"

Las Vegas rapper Richie Bux continues to build and galvanize listeners with his new video “Your Loss, Cold Game.” The first thing that drew me into the track was the horns man, there was a feeling of triumph consuming me and I thought about me overcoming some of the hardships I go through in my life. The next thing that hit me was when Richie started to rap. That attribute stood out from the jump because Richie has his own sound and a voice that is unique. I believe originally and individuality in music will ultimately always win over the long haul and Richie doesn’t seem to follow the generic sound that’s out in rap today. Bux was able to tap in with Las Vegas director Gio Visuals to capture him cruising around California as they take in various sights and scenery of the golden state.

Watch the video for Richie Bux’s “Your Loss, Cold Game” below. - Lyrical Lemonade

"Indiana’s Richie Bux & Moreno Valley’s BamBinoMafioso Connect For a Crazy New Video"

ndiana and Moreno Valley are more than two thousand miles away from one another, and probably couldn’t be any more different. Still, despite this, the two cities will forever be joined. The reason being? Indiana native, Richie Bux and Mo Val rep, BamBinoMafioso have linked together for their adventurous new video for, “Murder Rate,” and this one is for the books, to say the least.

Directed by Gio Visuals, the video follows Bux, Bam and their respective crews around a few areas of downtown Las Vegas. Catching infectious shots of all of them with guns, money and cars, the video closely follows the narrative of the record, which is essentially a 3-minute long showcase on why not to fuck with them, if you want to keep the peace. With Bux and Bam shifting through completely different cadences, “Murder Rate,” is one of the more polished records to come out, this week.

Watch the video below and get hip to the new wave. - Rosecrans Ave


Without a doubt, 2018 belonged to Richie Bux. The name definitely rang bells prior to this year, but to moves that Bux made this year put him on a different plateau, and a lot of those are thanks to his EP, Early Infamy 1.5. Produced entirely by Dymon Beats and executively handled by rising Vegas development group, Industry Plant Music Group, the project was Richie’s emphatic introduction to the masses. On the backs of budding cult classics like, “Folk In, Folk Out,” “Lemme See,” and of course, “Ballout,” Richie used the gritty, bone-chilling tales from Early Infamy 1.5 to make himself a force to be reckoned with. He capped his year off with a memorable performance at A3C in Atlanta, putting a fitting exclamation point at the end of a highlight year. Press play on the project, here. - Elevator Mag


Back on the pages of LVTR is Las Vegas, NV. based rapper Richie Bux with his latest visual release for “CEMENT SHOES.” The visual comes off of his last project, “To Hell Wit It,” that was released earlier this year. Richie’s aggressive style is perfectly showcased as this visual’s intensity reflects the violent nature of this AK produced banger. It’s videos like this that make me happy I go through my submissions every once in a while. - ELEVATOR MAG

"Richie Bux "Cement Shoes""

Las Vegas-based rapper Richie Bux releases a hard ass visual for his recent single titled “Cement Shoes.” The banging production on the track comes from AK. The illmitable directed visual is well edited and pictures Bux against a black backdrop aggressively rapping the track. Watch the video above. - Daily Chiefers

"RESPECT. The Tape: Richie Bux – ‘Early Infamy’"

Bars, bars, and more bars. That’s what’s being served on Indiana rep Richie Bux‘s new project, Early Infamy. Whether you’re ready for it or not, from that absolute get go Bux smacks you in the mouth with machine gun like cadences that pierce the ear drums. The intro, titled after the project, is a showcase of the different styles the aggressively polished emcee has to offer, and it’s shown throughout the whole tape flawlessly. Bux seamlessly switches from high pitched melodic flows like his last verse on the intro, to deep, trench inspired tales about early struggles like on “Gun Talk“, and shows he has a knack for making hits on, “8th Grade“. Bux opens up a bit more on the Kiari The Stone assisted, “Bad Ambition“, as Richie raps, “My OGs gave bad ambitions/ I still dream about them Cadillacs” on the infectious hook.

Other standout tracks from the tape are, “Post on the Block“, which features Mikey Promethxan & ZOTiYAC, and “Bulletproof Shopping“. But by far the best track on the 7-track EP has to be “Make it Out“, an ode to coming out the trenches before tragedy hits which features show stealing appearances from Chuck Brilliant & Silent, who also form the NWO trio with Bux. On this track, the big three sound like the long lost members of No Limit with energetic 16s that hit the chest hard, and set the overall tone for the project. To put it plain and simple, this is mob music.

Check out, Early Infamy, below — or stream here — and be sure to keep an eye on the hotspitter. - RESPECT MAG

"Richie Bux – Early Infamy (New Project + Review)"

Date: March 6, 2017
Author: Julie S.

After a string of loosies, Richie Bux just dropped his highly anticipated debut studio album. It’s difficult to bring something new to the table, as hip hop fans are becoming overwhelmed with a constant stream of music Yet, Richie stands as a unique presence.

He doesn’t stay in one lane, as especially evident in Early Infamy. Let’s run through each song- Bulletproof Shopping is reminiscent of the early days of drill, (in content) the new wave of ear shattering production, and a high energy delivery. As soon as EI ends, we are thrown into 8th Grade. The song is a bit regretful, with Richie reminiscing on his trapping ways, and how his Mom was unaware of the trouble he was getting into. (see Guntalk to hear about life lessons from his Dad.) There is still that turn up mentality, but it’s a self aware piece of work.

Make It Out is mostly self-explanatory, but the subject matter switches once again, with Richie’s hope that his music will take him out of a bad situation. Bad Ambition is my favorite, an honest record about the wheelings and dealings of his neighborhood.

You can stream/purchase this album on iTunes here and Spotify. I’ve already added it to my Apple Music library, and can’t wait to give it more spins. - FLOWS FOR DAYS


The Indiana native turned Las Vegas mainstay Richie Bux is back with some new heat titled “Tori Brixx.” Coming in at just under two minutes, the track is short but impactful and will likely have you hitting that repeat button. Richie is letting you know he’s not going anywhere but up, and he does so effectively. Stay on the lookout for more from Bux in the near future. Check it out! - Daily Chiefers

"#NewHeat: Glory – @richie_bux"

Glory is a soulful throwaway track from Las Vegas artist Richie Bux latest project Early Infamy. Regardless of it being a throwaway, the song still showcases Bux’s exemplary talent behind the mic and will certainly build anticipation for the Las Vegas native’s upcoming project. - MUSIC ON THE DOT

"Richie Bux – Can’t Stop Me ft. Todd Zack Jr."

Richie Bux connects with Todd Zack Jr. for this expressive new record “Can’t Stop Me.” On the track Richie details the struggles he has endured on his path to his current mindstate, and the goals he is still in the mist of chasing. - MUSIC ON THE DOT

"Richie Bux Makes His Debut On Our Site With His “GLORY” Track"

With his new project “Early Infamy” on the way, Las Vegas residing artist Richie Bux decides to liberate some new music.

Although this won’t live on his upcoming project, it’s still some dope soulful tunes to hold you over until the official release of the album.

Check out the new song “GLORY” below. - LGNDVRY


There’s been a lot of talk in the social media world about who is the best in Vegas or who should be on a hypothetical Vegas “XXL freshman” list. There is a lot of tension and subs being thrown around. At the end of the day the music is what matters and great music will shine. With that being said, Richie Bux, who’s been making a lot of noise lately just dropped “NRG” (Gear 1). This record came about after a night of twitter exchanges between Richie Bux and another Vegas artist Steelo El. You can go back and read the tweets for yourself and I’m sure you’ll want to after hearing this record. Bux straight gassed and showed he’s not afraid to put it on wax. This is only Gear 1 so maybe we’ll get Gear 2, Gear 3, etc. We’re just here for the music. Press Play Below! - DJAY

"RICHIE BUX – KNUCK IF YOU BUCK 16 Richie Bux returns to our pages with another dope track in the form of “Knuck If You Buck 16”."

Richie Bux returns to our pages with another dope track in the form of “Knuck If You Buck 16”. Backed by some very raw production, Bux compliments it well with explosive lyricism and a dynamic flow that makes this track one that truly shows his ability as an emcee. Peep it below. - ELEVATOR MAG

"Ali Superb Drops "If The Shoe Fits" Featuring Richie Bux"

Produced by AK, Ali Superb’s “If The Shoe Fits” features the Las Vegas rapper and Indianapolis-based cohort Bux each spitting a ferocious verse over rapid bass kicks and chilling synths. Void of a hook, the song is a true ode to the art of rap and truly shines a spotlight on the duo’s clever wordplay and obvious creativity. Listen above. - HIPHOPDX

"Richie Bux - Vanilla SkyRichie Bux man I’m glad we connected on the twitter side. He makes music. I know that’s a weird statement but if you get it you get it."

This project is SOLID no gas. He raps with real confidence and has got the art of storytelling down. I love his choice for production on this project, it’s my kind of vibe fareal.

He really RAPS too btw. I love Wildfire, Closer, Late Night, Get The Cake, & Music. Check it out for yourself below!Richie Bux man I’m glad we connected on the twitter side. He makes music. I know that’s a weird statement but if you get it you get it. - 98.5 Las Vegas

"Midwest Rep, Richie Bux Takes a Giant Step Forward on, ‘Vanilla Sky’."

Look, personally I’ve never seen the movie Vanilla Sky before. I’ve heard many things about it, both good and bad. To be completely honest, the closest tie I have to that movie is Kanye’s, “I felt like Tom Cruise on Vanilla Sky” shout-out on, “Through The Wire” and to be quite frank, I don’t rock with Tom Cruise. Something about 5’4, shaggy haired dudes defying the odds and doing bonkers shit doesn’t sit very well with me. So when Michigan City, Indiana native, and RESPECT. Favorite, Richie Bux announced his debut full length would be titled after the movie, I did some head scratching. Though the tape sounds nothing like what I imagine the movie to be — this is a good thing — Vanilla Sky provided a great look into the progression of one of Rap’s most exciting young guns.

Spread out among 13-tracks, Vanilla Sky (The Album) is a deep look into the ever-evolving mind of Richie Bux. One common criticism of the Indiana product was that he was on 10 24/7. Meaning that his aggression in his music could be seen as a turn off to the female demographic. Never the one to leave the ladies hanging, Bux improves on his Bedroom Music ability in real-time throughout the project. Songs like the buzzing single, “Closer” see him scratch the surface, albeit maybe a bit too obviously. The blatant Kush & OrangThough the tape has undisguised aspirations of connecting with women, the best love song probably won’t be received as such. On, “Runaway,” the Las Vegas transplant writes his chapter in the infinitely growing Bonnie & Clyde series; crafting clever tales about his girl being a ride or die to the fullest extent. Highlighting his creativity, Bux also demonstrates his ambitious wordplay on the Allen Iverson tribute, “Bubbachuck” as well as the dope-boy-anthem, “Get The Cake.” In short, Richie Bux demonstrates a potential on Vanilla Sky that is rarely seen among rappers in only their second year on the job. Personally, after this album, combined with the monster that was Early Infamy, which dropped during the 1st quarter of 2017; I believe that Richie Bux has had one of the best years out of any west coast underground artist, period.

e Juice theme speaks to the hungry passion Bux has to get better and he quickly realizes it on the standout tracks, “Love Letters” a BOOMIN’ jam about the limitations of your phone and “Addicted,” the Kiari The Stone and Todd Zack Jr. assisted joint that will most likely receive a bulk of the post roll-out love. - Respect Mag

"Richie Bux Drops Off Some New Flavor With His New Project, ‘Vanilla Sky"

When it comes to big cities and bright lights, Michigan City, Indiana generally gets glanced over as a city in the shadows. Although Kansas City may big to differ, having a city named after a state, and not your state either, can cause some confusion. Carrying his small but prideful town on his back, native Richie Bux moved out west to Las Vegas, Nevada in hopes of clearing that uncertainty up for good. The 219 rep has been doing just that in 2017, releasing hit after hit, while cultivating his record label, MagFort Records. After releasing one of 2017’s earliest candidates for EP of the year in Early Infamy, Bux returns from the shadows with the MyMixtapez premiere for his debut full length solo project, Vanilla Sky.

Meshing dope boy love stories like on, “Runaway” with clever tributes to cult figures (“Bubbachuck”) and player-made anthems (“Closer”), the Vegas transplant is finally finding his lane, musically. Though the album is obviously directed to a specific female demographic, Bux does an excellent job of feeding everybody evenly. You can listen to, “Love Letters” in all it’s 808 glory while riding home from a party that you just trapped all night at, banging “Get The Cake” the whole time. Carried by the lead single, “Closer” which is upwards of 11K plays on Audiomack, Vanilla Sky is something you can play in almost any situation, and come out on top. - Boi1da

"Midwest Soldier Richie Bux Enlists Rising Producer, AK for Collaborative EP, ‘To Hell Wit It.’"

If you’ve been paying attention, then you’ve probably noticed the slow but noisy rise of a mouthy Midwest wordsmith named Richie Bux. After dominating our With All Due RESPECT. series in 2015 with sleeper after sleeper, the Indiana native is no longer being slighted. Whether it’s the Shade 45 co-signed, “Get Dough” which featured Rarri, or his O.J. Simpson-tribute, “Orenthal,” Bux has spent the last 6-7 months building a solid underground base that’s carried his momentum into 2018. Riding the wave, Bux enlists 18-year-old production prodigy, AK, for their high-octane, trap-heavy collaborative EP, To Hell Wit It. To put it plain and simple, this EP is like getting an Uber Pool to hell and realizing that your driver was Hunter S. Thompson only to come to grips with the fact that maybe this was your destiny. From the jump, AK’s chest-thumping 808s and mind-altering synths capture your attention, while Bux sticks to the high-pitched cadence that he flashed signs of on previous projects, Vanilla Sky & Early Infamy. While many of the tracks have the potential to be the one to blow the project out of the water, it’s obvious that the Jay Storm, Drayco McCoy-assisted, “Gang” is the one that the kids will be talking about for months on in, already at 30K plays on Audiomack. With a minimalistic chorus that calls for a tribal chant, Richie sets the table perfectly for Storm and McCoy to completely gas the opening verses. You almost forget it’s even Bux’s track until the veteran comes in at the end and totally cleans the whole song up, leaving no room for even another hook. Couple this track with complementary bangers like, “T-Shirt Me,” “No Home Training,” and especially the Lady Bux assisted, “M.P.D.C.D.”

We got a chance to catch up with Bux to discuss the making of the album, features and what’s next for the rapper. Check it out below.

RESPECT. Magazine: Where did the idea for ‘To Hell Wit It’ come about?

Richie Bux: “Hell” is always a concept that I wanted to dabble around and play with, because it’s so feared and frowned upon by American culture. I think my rebel nature compelled the concept, but the title came from me being drunk as fuck and watching Final Destination. It was originally titled, ‘No Home Training’ but I heard one of the actors say, “To hell with it” and I knew that was it.

RESPECT.: Talk about connecting with AK & what made you want to do a full project with the young producer.

Bux: I feel like AK is a legend in the making, my dawg is one of the greats. He’s on a different wave length with this production shit and he is so slept on that I was like, “Let’s show these niggas what it is!!” He was with it, so we started running this project and it came together so naturally and fluently that It seems like It was meant to be.

RESPECT.: Compared to your last project, ‘Vanilla Sky’, this is a lot more energetic and trap sounding. What made you want to switch up and showcase that different style?

Bux: My goal with every project is to be left field as possible. Like soon as you think you might have my home genre figured out, here’s Bux with a Rock & Roll joint going silly. I want my fans and everyone out there to know that I can play ball in every park there is.

RESPECT.: How did the track, “Gang” with Jay Storm & Drayco McCoy come about? That shit is bananas.

Bux: I have to shoutout Honey on this one. She damn near crafted this record, bruh. Deadass. She literally hit me and told me who to throw on there and it worked perfectly. I was surprised.

RESPECT.: Now on the track, “M.P.D.C.D.” we hear a distinct, but unfamiliar famine voice by the name of Ladybux. Who the hell is Ladybux and when do we get a full tape? Where did that feature come from? Sheesh.

Bux: Ladybux is my shorty. Honestly, she’s low-key one of the best rappers I know and it’s crazy. Like the track she has on the project. It was the first song she ever recorded and It was so natural. She’s still in the beginning stages, but be prepared for videos, some big features and possibly a tape in the near future.

RESPECT.: What can we expect to hear from YOU in the future?

Bux: I’m going to chill on projects for a while. This makes three in a very short period of time. I’m just going to focus on releasing a lot of music videos and experimenting with different sounds for the rest of the year. - RESPECT MAG



Born to a single, 15 year old mother, Christopher “Richie Bux” Foster came up in Michigan City, Indiana spending majority of his younger years with his grandmother while his Mom continued to earn a secondary education for herself. Around the age of 7, Christopher’s mother re-united with her son and together they moved from MC to Indianapolis.

​It was around that time that Richie recalls falling in love with Hip-Hop after school one day as he cruised down 38th Street with his step-father, blasting Twista’s Adrenaline Rush.

​“I remember after school we were driving to get my little sister from daycare and he put a CD in, he turned the radio down and looked at me and asked “what you know about hip hop?” and i remember just staring at him and Twista Adrenaline Rush came on, still one of my favorite songs till this day.”

​As his love for the music flourished, he was eventually nicknamed “Rich Boy” in the neighborhood due to his infatuation with Jordan's and other clothing.

When Rich Boy and his friends reached the high school age, that’s when the trap became a lifestyle and Rich Boy became Richie Bux, as the young MC looked for a channel to vent. Taking hold of that passion, Richie recently moved to Las Vegas, Nevada and can be found performing at venues like Beauty Bar or the Gold Spike Casino. He's also got his fair share of opening performances for major artists under his belt, and just recently did his very first festival with being booked for JAMFEST in Las Vegas, NV.

​“Death, Crime, jail, poverty, whatever happens in the life of the inner city black male I’ve been through it and try my best to bring it to light so one day maybe a kid will hear my shit riding round and say he wants to be like me just like i did Twista.”

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