Richie Goods

Richie Goods


A perfect mix of retro '70s jazz/rock/funk/ fusion, updated with a hard-driving funk-laced groove and a touch of new-school sensibility. On stage, the four musicians come together to make every show a special one, igniting the stage and exciting the audience in one beautiful chain reaction.


The youngest person ever inducted into the Pittsburgh Jazz Hall of Fame, bassist Richie Goods got an early start playing at clubs while still attending the Pittsburgh performing arts high school, CAPA. After graduating from the prestigious jazz program at Berklee College of Music, Goods moved to New York City, where he studied under jazz luminaries Ron Carter and Ray Brown. Goods made a name for himself through recording and touring with a variety of jazz and popular artists ranging from the Headhunters, Lenny White, Louis Hayes and the Cannonball Adderley Legacy Band, Mulgrew Miller, Milt Jackson, to Brian McKnight, DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince, Whitney Houston, and Christina Aguilera. Goods’ lengthy discography even includes Grammy award-winning and platinum albums of Alicia Keys and Common. Most recently, Goods has become the new bass player for the world-famous trumpeter, Chris Botti. When not on tour, he can be found in his studio, producing records for his company, RichMan Productions, Inc. His latest project is his debut solo album with his Fusion/Funk band, Nuclear Fusion, recorded live at New York City’s famous Zinc Bar.

I have always enjoyed science and appreciated how many of its principles translate to music. One of the best examples I know of this is the principle of fusion in which separate components come together to make a powerful reaction much bigger than the individual parts. That’s how good music should be made. And when I decided to put together my Fusion Jazz band, I knew I needed the right components to get that perfect balance.

Each band member has been carefully selected for not only their skill but their passion for the music.
The first component to be added was the drums. There was no doubt in my mind who I wanted on drums. A Fusion Jazz innovator, Mike Clark has one of the funkiest grooves on drums I have ever heard. I first played with Mike Clark in 2005 when I made one of several appearances with pianist Michael Wolf’s band. I had heard Herbie Hancock and the Headhunters records with Mike on drums. And after playing with him, I knew he was a key ingredient for the music I wanted to make.
I am so lucky to have Tom Guarna on guitar. The way he makes the guitar talk is electrifying. When Tom said he was down, I had another key ingredient to the recipe.
Only keyboards was missing. I’ve played with some of the greats on the keys and piano and Danny Grissett is certainly one of them. He is an exciting virtuoso and his mastery of the keyboard provided the perfect missing element to our musical equation.

When the four of us played together for the first time I knew the equation was balanced. I could only marvel as this perfect mix of talent and energy became like a nuclear explosion, igniting the stage and exciting the audience in one beautiful chain reaction. The best way I can describe what moved through me as we played was that Holy Ghost feeling you get after a good sermon in church. Just like the chemical reaction for which the band is named, the members of Nuclear Fusion create an energy that is so much more than any of us individually. That’s how good music is made.


Platinum, the Headhunters, bass, owl studios, 2011
Anomaly, Lenny White, bass, Abstract Logix, 2010
Jazz meets Hymms, Young Joo Song, Bass, 2010

Live at the Zinc Bar, Richie Goods & Nuclear Fusion, Bass, 2009
Early Trane: The John Coltrane Songbook, Various Artists, Bass, 2008
Magnet, Pamela Luss, Bass, 2008
Catalyst, DJ Gomi, Bass (Electric), 2008
Your Eyes, Pamela Luss, Bass, 2007
Jazz After Midnight [Highnote], Various Artists, Bass, 2007
There’s Something About You I Don’t Know, Pamela Luss, Bass, 2006
Vibrate, The Manhattan Transfer, Bass/Arranger/Bass (Acoustic), 2006
Jazz Christmas: That Special Time of Year, Various Artists, Bass, 2006
Love and Destruction, Michael Wolff, Bass (Electric), 2006
Maximum Firepower, Louis Hayes & the Cannonball Legacy Band, Bass, 2006
Telarc SACD Sampler: Sound and Vision, Various Artists, Bass, 2006
All Too Real, Vincent Herring, Bass, 2004
Blues for Hiroshi, Anthony Wonsey, Bass, 2004
Mr. Wizard, Vincent Herring, Bass, 2004
Songs in A Minor [Japanese Bonus Tracks], Alicia Keys, Bass (Electric)/Bass (Acoustic), 2003
Push, Helen Sung, bass, Fresh Sound,
3 Generations Walking, 3 Generations Walking, Bass, 2003
Songs in A Minor, Alicia Keys, Bass (Electric)/Bass (Acoustic), 2002
Got Swing!, Erich Kunzel/Cincinnati Pops Orchestra, Bass, 2002
Sequel, Mulgrew Miller and Wingspan, Bass, 2002
Shadows of Dreams, Aika, Bass/Producer, 2002
Songs in A Minor [Expanded], Alicia Keys, Bass (Electric) Bass (Acoustic), 2002
That’s Old Fashioned, Masahiro Nakagowa Trio, Bass, 2001
Ama Tu Sonrisa, Antonio Hart, Bass, 2001
Garage City, Various Artists, Bass (Electric), 2001
Saturday, Jerome Sydenham & Kerri Chandler, Bass, 2001
Simple Pleasure, Vincent Herring, Bass, 2001
Sterling Place All-Stars, Vincent Herring & Ronnie Matthews/Richie, Bass, 2000
Calyn, Calyn, Bass, 2000
Contemporary Standards Ensemble, Don Braden, Bass, 2000
I Learned from the Best [US CD/Vinyl Single], Whitney Houston, Bass Programming, 2000
I Learned From The Best [US CD5/Cassette Single], Whitney Houston, Bass (Electric), 2000
Like Water for Chocolate [Clean], Common, Bass, 2000
Like Water for Chocolate, Common, Bass, 2000
Look Who’s Here, Russell Malone, Bass, 2000
Memories of New York: Thru Jazz & Photography, Various Artists, Bass, 2000
Persuader, Nick Rolfe, Bass, 2000
Summer Days, Eddie Allen, Bass, 2000
Why You Wanna Be Like That?, Patti Austin, Bass, 1999
Box of Chocolates, Kevin Aviance, Bass, 1999
Language of Love, Vanessa Rubin, Bass, 1999
Language, Joe Claussell, Bass (Upright), 1999
New Horizons, Vanessa Rubin, Bass, 1998
Alone Together, Heidi Martin, Bass, 1998
You’ve Got to Pray, Joi Cardwell, Bass, 1997
Change the World, Vincent Herring, Bass, 1997
"Dance for Me: Eightball Records House Mix, Vol. 5", Various Artists, Bass, 1997
Din Da Da [US], Kevin Aviance, Bass, 1997
Heat and the Sweet, Norman Simmons, Bass, 1997
Joi Cardwell, Joi Cardwell, Bass, 1997
Spirit of Love/Burning Love, Sing Like Talking, Bass, 1996
Getting to Know You, Sunny Sumter, Bass, 1996
Minor Thang, Tony Reedus, Bass, 1996
You’ve Got to Pray (Remixes), Joi Cardwell, Bass, 1996
Thirteenth Moon, Philip Harper, Bass, 1995
Getting to Know You, Mulgrew Miller, Bass, 1995
With Our Own Eyes, Mulgrew Miller, Bass, 1994
Passion Dance, Roseanna Vitro, Bass, 1994
I’m Looking for the One (To Be with Me), DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince, Bass, 1993


Detroit Jazz Festi Detroit, MI Sept 4,2011
Festival Internacional de Jazz de Punta del Este - Uruguay
Jan 5-8, 2012
European Tour Italy, Wales, Austria April 21-30, 2012

Set List

The set list is always changing, and includes songs from the golden era of jazz fusion (originally recorded by The Headhunters, Return to Forever, Tony Williams' Lifetime, etc.), originals (such as Desert Song), and covers (such as songs originally recorded by Led Zeppelin and Tears for Fears), done with a unique point of view.

Sets typically run about an hour, with 2-3 sets per night.