Richie Scarlet Band

Richie Scarlet Band


When Richie Scarlet steps on a stage anywhere in the world, he reminds us that music is a profound means of self-expression. He lives, breathes, and sweats pure rock n’ roll. His guitar playing has been hailed worldwide. A virtuoso of a dozen instruments, he has always added his magic touch when cal

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‘Platinum God’, the new release from original Alice Cooper Group drummer Neal Smith
‘Leslie West – Live’
NYB’s ‘In Your Face’ (also Produced)
‘Berlin Wall Of Sound’ by The Chesterfield Kings (also Produced)
World Renowned drummer Anton Fig’s latest CD ‘Figments’
Acclaimed Mountain drummer Corky Laing’s forthcoming CD ‘Cork’
‘Rock Legends’ featuring the original members of The Alice Cooper Group
‘Bring ‘Em Bach Alive’ and ‘Bach 2 Basics’ with Sebastian Bach.
‘Born Ready’ – Tommy V (also Produced)
‘Left For Dead Meat’ – Michael Bruce
Songs for PETA (compilation)
‘Sea Of Fire’ from Mountain on DVD
‘Long Lonely Nights’ – Tony Ginese (also Produced)
‘Trouble Walkin’ – Ace Frehley
‘Twelve Picks’ – Ace Frehley
‘Loaded Deck’, ‘Spacewalk’ and ‘Return Of The Comet’ – with Ace Frehley