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Richie Wirz

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Poetry to Music


Richie's music is about the desire to convey an emotion, thought, revelation, or madness. He uses his voice to dance and power through his songs (drawing comparisons to singer opposites Jeff Buckley and Eddie Vedder).
His music first hit the scene in Washington DC to rave reviews of "brillant" and "refreshing." His solo project "fetiSh" was one of the most coveted bands in the area as either a headliner or an opener for national acts.



Written By: Richie Wirz

In time like these, I see
I know it’s not the same for you
As life creeps up on me
I notice now, I see
I know that I’m not dead for years
As light swashed over me
You know I’m not high
I know I’m crazy now

We come now see
A light, it kills me every day
I want, at last it’s over now
I see it now
It’s all I had
Don’t bother me
Don’t run away,
I’d see it’s all I had
No, I know we’re crazy now

Did someone say, “Don’t turn around.”
As like I had
I know I’m lost I can’t go on


Written By: Richie Wirz

Fall until i don’t know
As you run to rapture me

All i have is priceless
So i give it all to thee

Time don’t make me nervous
As you stand in front of me

Hold me because i’m shaking
Because i know you’re there for me

Time don’t make me angry
Because I know you’ve captured me

Oh, don’t leave me outside
And as I turn you swallow me

I Feel

Written By: Richie Wirz

Let’s touch the ground just one more time before we go
Indulge in senseless memories
Red lights and white lights burn into my mind
As the home field follows me

I feel…

I look ahead and all I see is new to me
Makes me forget times before
The dry air cleans me with a razor blade
And shows me why I care

I feel…


Richie Wirz, self-titled
fetiSh, Watch and Won't You Dream Me Tumble
fetiSh, Follow the Daisy

Set List

Originals (~ 150)

and a few cover interpretations (~10)