Rich Kiamco

Rich Kiamco


Solo Theater Artist, 25 characters in just over an hour. A queer overachieving Filipino comes out at 14 facing hate-crimes, prayer vigils and the threat of electroshock therapy-escapes to NYC in search of love, enlightenment and the perfect shade of beige.


Rich Kiamco is a force of nature that rips across the stage leaving laughter, tears and applause in his wake. His one-man show UNACCESSORIZED, an autobiopic romp about a queer Filipino overachiever, received the Overall Excellence Award in Solo Performance at the New York International Fringe Festival and Best Solo Performance at the Montreal GLBT International Theatre Festival. He received standing ovations at FACT: Filipino Americans Coming Together, the largest Midwest Conference of Filipino American students and at True Colors, the world’s largest LGBTIQQA youth conference.

Rich was a featured on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, was a host of the WE channel's Three Men and a Chick Flick, appeared on Q Television’s Queer Edge, was a panelist on the Discovery Channel’s Second Opinion and was also honored to co-host a private event with Senator Hillary Clinton. He has also appeared in Las Vegas, on The Howard Stern Show and venues nationwide as the side-kick to comedian Judy Tenuta, and at various campuses with Peeling, an Asian-American performance collective based in New York City. His writing can be found in Take Out: Queer Writing From Asian Pacific America, as well as Queer Stories For Boys.


TAKE OUT:Queer Writing From Asian Pacific America
Queer Stories For Boys