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Rich Kid


I would consider my style to be "Urban Reggae" which is a mix of Reggae, RnB and Hip Hop. Every chance that I get to flip the switch, I will make it happen, no matter what. Music is my thing and so I will keep on doing it till the end.


As a child while enjoying domino games, horse and drag racing, Richard Williams others known as "Rich Kid, secretly harboured dreams of becoming an entertainer. Born in Portmore, Jamaica, where he attended St. John's Primary and later attended Kingston "KC" College, he was inspired by artist such as "Lieutenant Stichie" to continue his education while pursuing a career in the entertainment business.
Whenever the opportunity presented itself, he was the first to pick up the mic and 'freestyle'. From playing with his cousin's sound system to entering talent shows, Rich Kid made sure that he was able to prove himself to others around him at all times.

After Migrating to the United States where he spent 3 years, he then migrated to Canada where he completed his education in Network Administration. He decided to turn his attention back to music, and formed an affiliation with "Nite Starr Sound" and spent the next 4 years performing at parties, weddings, stage shows and other special events.

In 2004, he focused his energy by showing his lyrical powers and versatility by working with:
"Anchor Recording Studios" in Jamiaca, "The Lair Recording Studios, "Explorer Recordings", " Slam Productions", and "Iguana Recordings, in Canada. After releasing his two debut singles "Freaky Freaky Ting" and "Penny For My Touch", on the C&G Promotion labech, Rich Kid's talent and exposure is sure to break down all barriers in the U.S and Canada.
Rich Kid has been sharing the stage with many international artists such as Beenie Man, Capleton, Admiral Bailey, Singing Melody, Professor Nuts, Wayne Wonder and Ghost, just to name a few. He then decided to take his talent to the next level by releasing a video for his single "In The Mix" which won him a Toronto International Award for best video in 2005, and was voted best new artist video on RE Tv in Jamaica.

His debut album entitled 'Heading To The Top" shows many different aspects of where he is coming from and where he is going musically. Even though every song has an equal level of likeness, special attention is aid to songs such as "I Push U Push", "Heading to the Top" and "Crazy Game", which features many RnB flavours.

Urban Reggae has been a trend setter for many years and so Rich Kid is sure to captivate and stand out in hearts and mind.

If you thought you loved Urban Reggae, you are guaranteed to adore this artist.


Heading To The Top

Written By: Rich Kid ft. General and Shelly J.

A de three element ting, Shelly J. a sing, General a rap
Rich Kid a you dat (Shelly J.)

Verse 1
(Shelly J.)
All these hatahs wanna stop my show
But I won't let em' cuz I'm ready just now to stack up da doe
You wanna hold me down but i'm just too slippery
I got the crown and you can't step to me don't hate
We mix this thing like it's so toxic
In your ear can you handle it?
You're lookin' at me like you're constipated
I'm doing good and I know you hate it.

I'm heading to the top and I
Ain't lookin' back no more
Hatahs wanna hold me down
But I can't hate no more
I'm just too confident I'm going make it there
Never don't you ever say
That I ain't going no where

Just heading to the top naw look back rnB, Reggae and Hip Hop.
Just movin' to the top naw back RnB, Reggae and Hip Hop

Verse 2
(Rich Kid)
This format is bad, wicked and mad
Get up if yuh sad, rail up if yuh glad
A de three elements combination we have
One female, two serious lad
A wickediest ting this we ever drop
Rhythym and Blues, Reggae and Hip Hop
We a kick down yuh down wavin' wi 4-4
Face pon de floor or see yuh no more
Muchios, Gracios or Si Senior
Wi nuh matter if you're black or white, rich or poor it's urban music, get it in galore we have points fe score, we comin' hard core.


Verse 3
First things first let me state my name
General born hungry, this ain't no game
Me and Rich Kid get riches we gifted
Flow so terrific, I click with specifics
Rings on our fingers, chains on our necks
Even Shelly J. got that ill bracelet
Respect we expect this ain't nothing yet
Now we heading to the top like a jet express
Never rest drop the beat I'm a write these rhyme
Talkin' bout fairy tale this is my lifetime
hard, keep drugs in my bra of my broad
These guns hold me down like body guard
Please forgive me for my sins is what I'm saying to God
Reggae's on fire me bubblin' in the corner
RnB whisper in her ear tell her I want her
Hip Hop you don't stop! meet me at the top (Uh uh)

Verse 4
9Shelly J.)
Now what it take to build my destiny
Is hard work and a faith that'll never cease
Don't you ever stop to think
All the time you've been wastin'
Dlo yiur own thing, and stop player hating
Don't be hating 2X
If you're a superstar
It don't matter who you are




If you're a superstar
It don't matter who you are


Album 2005: Heading To The Top

Singles: Penny for my Touch
In The Mix
Freaky Freaky Ting

Tracks (radio play): Heading to the top
Salsa Caliente
Crazy Game

Set List

A typical set for me is 6-8 songs
Heading to the Top
Salsa Caliente
You got to be afraid
In The Mix
I Push U Push
Crazy Game
Show Me
Angel Eyes

Performances range from 1/2 to 1 hour, depending on the type of show.