Rich Lowenberg

Rich Lowenberg


Branding his own style of percussive guitar work with flamenco influenced melodies, passionate vocals and lyrics, backed by drums, cello and trumpet.


Rich Lowenberg: A first hand experience

I’m Rich Lowenberg’s ex-girlfriend. I’m writing this bio for him because he’s in Africa right now and he doesn’t have the time to write his own bio what with saving the children and all. Why is his ex-girlfriend writing the bio you ask? Well I’m living in his apartment while he’s gone and I’m the only one with the patience to update all this stuff.

Plus he paid me.

Plus even though we’re broken up I still think he is one of the most talented people I’ve met and truly deserves to be seen and heard.

Ok here it goes:

When I met Rich he was performing at the Free Times Café open stage. Long story short…I fell completely in love with his music. Never had I seen someone with so much raw passion in their songs, I HAD to know this guy. Through some slick e-mail trickery I was able to get him to go on a date with me. By the time we actually got together I didn’t even remember what he looked like and I didn’t care, I just wanted to know the person behind this amazing music. I’m not kidding.

Being a musician myself I was so inspired by everything he did. His guitar playing is unlike anything I’ve heard and you won’t know what I mean until you see the live show. I didn’t even know acoustic guitars could make those sounds? I’m not talking about any kind of pedals either! He puts his whole body into it, you can’t even see his hands most of the time because they’re flying so fast…and yet he’s not at all a show off and probably one of the most humble people I’ve met (at least when he’s in public, behind closed doors the ego seeps out a bit).

When Rich plays with his band (consisting of drums, trumpet and cello) that is when the sound really comes together. The vibe at his shows are amazing, it’s something that can’t be bought, taught or explained…it just is or isn’t there. He’s got “it”.

The energy of his live show also transcends to the recordings, because they are recorded live off the floor without any over dubbing. To some that might sound silly what with today’s technology or impossible what with today’s lack of real talent in the industry but I find it completely admirable.

I won’t waste anymore of your time. This is a case where the music really does speak for itself, so take a good listen!

- E


So I Can Leave

Written By: Rich Lowenberg

I've been let down
So many times before
Now I know it's coming
Cause I opened up the door and
When it happens
I'll say I can't bear the pain
But I'll have planned it all along
Cause that's what keeps me sane

The only time I want you
Is when you're with someone else
When you're seeing some new guy
Who could be better than myself
If you only knew
My anger when I see
That I'm no longer needed
That you're happy to be free
Baby come back, baby come back, baby come back
So I can leave

You don't want this
You know we're both so young
We could have gone forever if I'd let it carry on so
I saved us
From middle aged regret
But that don't mean you're free to leave me yet

You can go when it's over, and not before
You might think that we're over, but I'm not so sure
You've got nothing that I want when you're around, and when you're gone I'm in need
So baby come back so I can leave

All Good Things

Written By: Rich Lowenberg

I'll take your photo off my bedroom wall
And gather your clothes and books and rings
And then I'll leave them on your doorstep
Then I won't owe you a thing
I'll write you a letter listing all your faults
Saying how relieved I am to be free
And it'll say, down in the fine print
You're the best thing ever happened to me

But all good things must come to an end
So let's resolve to just being friends
But I'm so scared that once that happens
I'll never see you again

So we talk with our hands tied behind our backs
Or we just sit in silence as our friends converse
But it's not that I am speechless
I'm just waiting for you to go first
But as the evening draws on, nothing really seems to change
Despite everything's that's come and gone, we don't have much to say
So we sit and discuss the weather
And nothing could drag me away

But all good things come to an end
So let's resolve to just being friends
But I'm so scared that once that happens
I'll never see you again

I watch you walking with other guys hanging off your every word
And I see right through them, they'll do anything they can just to take you home
And there will be others, but I really don't want to know


- 2006 (upcoming full length debut)

- 2003 Point A, a 5 song EP.

Set List

Typical set list is approximately an hour, consisting of 10 or 11 songs, usually with a lot of variety in the backing band, different musicians coming and going throughout the set. Set moods vary depending on the venue, sometimes it's slower, mellower songs, other times it's fast and aggressive depending on the crowd.

So I Can Leave
Talk Without Words
You Will Never Even Know
The Pawnbroker
Point A
All Good Things
Someone Else's Life
I Wonder If It's Happened Before
Wish I Was Free
Idle Conversation
Train Song
Dollar Store Dreaming
Talk Without Words
Comfort is King
Please Don't Leave