Rich Man's Burden

Rich Man's Burden


If Jeff Buckley were to combine DNA with Tom Waits and Richard Buckner. A heated battle of musical personalities with enough tonal experience to make for a huge spread of sound and character.


The Title of Rich Man's Burden's latest release is "Whispers". The title "Whispers" reflects how loud a quiet voice can ring when the right tones and words are combined. The subjects are Media, Love, Pain social strata and power. When the wheels are set in motion there is no force that can stop whisper from becoming a roar!
Rich Man's Burden is 8 years into its existence Jeremy Serwer and Andy Clapp are the founding members, Jess goodwin is three years into this latest configuration. The band is a constitution of many influences ranging from Rock to soul to blues and jazz to worldly and more angsted references.
Rich Man's Burden has played locally as well as regionally, Jeremy Serwer has shared the music of RMB in the larger portion of US cities and states.
Each member of Rich Man's Burden has a long track record of musicianship from solo singer songwriter avenues to drum Corps too multi faceted band interactions.
The band has received air play locally and abroad with fans worldwide. We feel currently at our highest state and we are rising fast, Lets Play!


In Your Eyes

Written By: Jeremy Serwer

Speak to me softly and into your eyes
here in my heart theres no comprimise
Words are misleading and nothing but lies
here in my heart there's no comprimise
Here in my heart there's no comprimise

In Your eyes

Feeling uneasy as sleep takes my mind
sifting through darkness and cascading skies riding the demon and tearing down time
death comes to me the faster i ride death oh so sweetly the faster I ride
in Your eyes


Latest Release "Whispers" now available. Redistributing The Wealth 2003 out of Print.
Various live performances and bootlegs are in circulation amongst our fans. We have streaming audio at these sites and some free downloads too. and

Set List

A set list from Rich Man's Burden consist of dynamics, we like to visit peaks and plateaus as years of live performance experience has taught us, audiences like to be moved through many emotions and textures in sound. We employ song with heavy blues soul and Jazz leanings as well as songs with a more educated and diverse approach towards modern rock. We also like to have fun and do covers that range from the perfect to the loose and silly.
Our sets are typically 50 minutes and we take a ten minute break, venue permitting of course.
Covers include songs by Prince, Jeff Buckley, Coldplay, Martin Sexton, Otis Redding, The doors, The Church, Bob Dylan, Cracker, Mazzy Starr, Ryan Adams, Grant Lee Phillips, Radio Head, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, PJ Harvey, Harvey Danger, Echo and the Bunny Men, Jimi Hendrix, Ray Charles, Chris Whitley, Terence Trent D'Arby etc...