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U.S. Soldier

Written By: Kenny Richmond

(Chorus) U.S Soldier
This one's for you
U.S Soldier
Red, White and Blue

You're out fighting our lives
Sure to get the job done
Carrrying a picture of your wife
Holding your newborn son
In the middle of the desert
Are you kidding me?
Young lives on the line
Against the enemy (Chorus)

Over serving your country
With loved ones back at home
After what you've seen
It'll never be the same
And you know it
All of a sudden
Out from the corner of your eye
The enemy attacks
More good men die (Chorus)

Back at home
Ugly headlines hit the news
Another man down
Please say it isn't true
Then when
You think you've seen it all
Another gun fight begins
Let the enemy fall (Chorus)