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Rich Money

“I am all or nothing, and if it's nothing. . . I am glad I tried, and I'll keep trying till I'm there.” Richard “Rich Money” Kim was born in the Los Angeles area, as one of his family's first generation, to be born in the United States. By creating music for fans of all origins, Rich feels he will break barriers and stereo-types concerning race in the music industry with his versatile, self-made style. This goal setting, multi-talented hip-hop artist believes by continuing to develop his beats and lyrical writing abilities, he will prepare himself for a musical career in the spotlight.

Life was difficult for young Richard from the beginning. His father was originally against continuing the pregnancy. His family did not have much money, and so after enduring a difficult labor, Richard's mother immediately, began working at a liquor store and was forced to bring her newborn with her. Richard's father, struggling from alcohol and depression, would act out in violence towards his wife. When Mrs. Kim could no longer tolerate the abuse, she left five year old Richard with his grandma and his father. A few years later she returned for Richard. The two of them lived with Mrs. Kim's stepmom, a survivor of the Korean struggle for independence from Japan around World War II. She could not have children of her own, but Richard thought of her as his grandma. While his mother was busy working, Richard spent time, at extent, with his grandma, who taught him immensely about her way of life and Korean history and culture. Because his mom worked the graveyard shift, Richard only got to see her in the mornings and on the weekends. Richard's mom encouraged him to take Kung Fu. Him and his grandma would take the bus to class Monday through Friday, eventually earning a black belt by age twelve. Richard attended St. Gregory's, a private Catholic middle school. Richard gained popularity for his out-going personality. He even formed a group and choreographed dance moves for a talent contest, where they won 1st place. Richard continued performing at similar shows singing and dancing. At graduation that year, Richard wrote a song for the all graduates to sing. At age fourteen Richard traveled to Korea in search for more knowledge relating to his heritage. He attended school in Korea without any friends and knowing very little Korean. He stayed with a family who were compensated for Richard's care. For an entire year he lived in Korea, where he learned to speak Korean, participated in talent shows at school, and received a black belt in Taekwondo. When summer came Richard was sent on an epic bicycle expedition across the Korean countryside. The group would ride all day to the next camping site, where they would sleep and begin in the morning. Each destination would have to be met before they could quit for the day. They continued the journey whether rain or shine for an entire month. When winter came Richard was told to again to make the journey. However this time he must make the trip on foot. They traveled and slept in freezing temperatures for nearly three months. All of these experiences made Richard stronger and more humble, and he became to believe anything was possible. His struggles taught him to never give up and be thankful for what he was given. . “Set a goal. Keep pushing. Put yourself in a state where you have no choice but to succeed.” At times Richard wanted to give up and escape, but with no money or connections in a far off land these were not options. “After an experience like that, I felt I could do anything.”

At age fifteen Richard returned to live in Northridge, California, where his life took a dramatic change. He attended Granada Hills High School as a freshman, having to make new friends all over again. Always having to meet new friends was a constant thing in Richard's life. Going back and forth between his mom and dad started taking a toll. He chose to live with his mother again, because his father was always intoxicated. Richard moved to Tacoma, Washington with his uncle to help him with his business. Once again meeting new friends, he felt like he wanted to stay there indefinitely. His mother sold her house thinking Richard would not return. But after six months, his uncle's business was unsuccessful, and so Richard moved back to the inner city of L.A.

When Richard returned to L.A. his friends had formed an organized gang in their old neighborhood. “They were all considered my homies, and I was dying to be apart of something.” He started hanging out with the wrong crowd, gang-banging, and participated in other illicit activities. He joined a hood called the Korean Mobsters and was constantly running away from home. Rich and his mother were not on good terms during these times. He stopped going to school and stayed out all night. The gang grew and became stronger. Tensions also grew between his and other rival gangs. When the street-life finally caught up to him, Rich found himself i