Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
BandHip HopR&B

on a come up$$$$$$$$$$


Rich Money aka Itzmunaye Originally Named Richard Fields
Is an upcoming artist out of Charlotte Nc
Born in Va and Raised in Columbia Sc
This entertainer was destined for the spot the age of 13 he was winning open mic award all across the Carolina

influenced by Money this artist saw a market in which creativity play a role an entertainment which he could take advantage on....being from so many diverse places and seen so much young
and to relate to the listen or visually stand out was one of this kids pride and joy

Whats sets this artist apart from the others is his adlibps
with waam and damn on his side and his distinctive voice there and endless senerous he can run with to create the best music possible for this day and age

Azz n Tities single to look for (radio)
Ben Frank single to look for (radio)


Road to riches
Get rich Ova Night
Yung Rich N Flashy

Set List

Willing to do it all