Rich Nitty

Rich Nitty

 New York City, New York, USA
BandHip HopSinger/Songwriter

Im just a guy Originally from oakland california thats been through life experiances good and bad and would like to share them with the world through music. I bring the intensity thats needed while maintaining the passion thats needed to connect to the listeners.


On April 19th 1984 Rich Roberts, better known as Rich Nitty, was born to Tina Louise Adams and Richard Quincy Roberts Sr. in the sun of Oakland California. Short lived, Nitty headed south to San Diego, spending his adolescent years doing extreme sports. Friend and neighbor DJ Fingers first introduced Rich to the studio at the age of 12, where he first discovered his passion for music. However it wasn’t long after, Rich’s step father received orders for Pearl Harbor, and taking Nitty to Hawaii. In need of a bigger stage, Rich took flight to New York to pursue his passion in music and acting. It started with his acceptance to the New York School for Film and Television, where he focused on acting while continuing to write. The opportunistic streets of New York first came knocking at the Punch Lounge, where Rich had his first performance in front of a live audience. More importantly, he developed an understanding of how his music could deliver a therapeutic inspiration to strangers and friends alike. Hungrier, wider eyed and in search of new ways of self expression, Rich started writing R&B. In 2006 he graduated, but a lack of steady income and instability in the music industry forced Rich back to Virginia. After six months of endless auditions that left the opportunities greater and the pockets emptier, Nitty took a backpack, duffle bag, and $500 and moved to New York City. Moving from couch to couch, staying motivated by continuing to write and network, Rich broke into the promoting scene. Working through the trenches, Nitty established a network of celebrities and friends, and used the club scene to pay for studio time, recording tracks and establishing his musical identity. Hard work paid off, and Rich joined PUI, a gypsy rock band that catalyzed his personal growth and development as a musical artist. Seeking more, Rich began working with different producers and collaborating with top NYC club and radio DJ’s. Since mastering his flow, Nitty’s been performing in venues all over the city, increasing his followers throughout. With the fire burning, hunger ever-growing, and the light at the end of the tunnel shining brighter than ever, Nitty has arrived.


Big Girl and 24 Stars have been played on unternet radio like DTF radio, Rutgers goodfellas show.

Set List

set list starts off fast then slows down and ends with a party song, its roughly 25-30 minutes for the set. Heres the set list songs and it can be 5 to 8 songs.
I cant speak for you
Been in, Been out
Go In
Big Girl
Watch me go
Hold down his hand