Rich "The One N Only"

Rich "The One N Only"

 Seattle, Washington, USA
BandHip HopR&B

I am the West, East, South all in one... The music speaks for itself! Im Next UP and I bet my life on that! You should bet on me too.

I do it for it for the fans and for the love of music. There's no better feeling in the world than waking up knowing your music has impacted/ changed someone's life!


Born and Raised in northwest Seattle, Washington area, Banard (RICH) Banks started creating music at the age of 15. He got an early start in a local underground studio “The Pharmacy” as a producer and engineer. As an eager young learner to music RICH sat behind the scenes embracing opportunities to learn and absorb knowledge about the music industry.
Over time RICH’s focal points in music would become producing, engineering and recording. You can usually find him spending hours, countless days, and nights in recording studios working to progress and get better. He humbly credits his passion and patience in helping him to mature as a student of music.
“I always knew I wanted to be involved with music in some way, whether I was an artist, producer, engineer, song writer, manager, or whatever,” states RICH. “I just wanted to be a part of music… The love, unity, and bond music shares helps unite and bring people together.”
It’s a dedication like this that has allowed RICH to grow enormously over the years. His talent in music is starting to show through; hard work and consistency allowing him to deliver high-quality music. Bottom line; RICH truly loves making music. He describes it as “one of the best feelings in the world,” and adds that he would like to share that feeling with everybody.
“Whether it’s a big stage with a big crowd or a small venue with barely anybody I give my all. I truly appreciate the people and the opportunity they [the fans] give me,” said RICH.
RICH eventually traveled to the Mecca of music at the age of 18, to pursue his dreams of entering the music entertainment business. After two years in New York and meetings with Major and Independent labels RICH decided to depart back to his hometown of Seattle to clear his mind and figure out what he now calls his “5 year plan.” He explains that the timing of everything in his life wasn’t right so he decided to move back home and better himself by going to school. After attending Central Washington University to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations, RICH is back in the “Emerald City” his short hiatus has proved to be a blessing in disguise…. More than ever on his return RICH says he’s “inspired and motivated like never before.” He is continuing to work hard in Seattle going to school and promoting music; staying on his grind to be a successful entrepreneur.
Currently, RICH is emerging as an independent artist garnering attention from a host of collective mix tapes and ITunes singles. He is still on the road performing or in the studio working on new projects, furthering his knowledge of music and self development. He’s still behind the beats producing, and he’s still recording/ mixing. He also aspires to open his own full recording and production studio one day. Furthermore, RICH feels music is a never ending learning process and that’s why he works so hard to be the best; accomplishing his goals one by one.
“There’s still so much to learn that I can’t be comfortable. Every day I challenge myself to get better in some way, shape or form; I really have a love and passion for what I do and you can quote me on that.” says RICH.
In addition to all of his other talents RICH is also the creator and CEO of independent label Webbed Out Entertainment. The company prides itself on developing musical talents such as song writing, publishing, producing and audio engineering.
RICH has also been performing and recording in professional studios for the past five years. Under new management, RICH plans to take his career as an artist/ producer/ song writer to the next level.
Much love and thanks to the fans for their support, and hopefully he will be in a city near you soon!


Mix Tapes: Above the Game, No way out, Touching The Streets, Jacking 4 Beats, Come & Fly with a Star, Smoking Mirrors, The Soundclick Experience......

Singles: Do it Big, Pull your hair, Be the one, My Block, NBA Money, On One....

Projects on the way: Street Codes & Blueprints, Dream Big Hustle Hard, My life Story.....

Got a whole bunch of footage and videos coming soon so stay tuned!