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“We couldn’t have found a better group of musicians than this energetic group of guys. Their ability to perform all types of musical styles was unmatched. Their individual virtuosity, and most importantly their cohesiveness as a musical unit, was integral to the success of our production. I would recommend them as a wonderful addition to any performance lineup.”

Kenneth E. Ashby President, Prosody Creative Services Inc.
Executive Producer for America’s 400th Anniversary
- Kenneth Ashby

It’s not uncommon to find a band playing tunes in a bar, yet how often do accomplished musicians come together to perform quality music at a local venue? However surprising it might be, there are bands in our own back yard doing just that. In contrast to the cover bands and dj’s stands a layer of talented artists that are attempting to pump original music into the veins of TideWater. In the mix of this movement are two bands that are dedicated to enriching the music venue in TideWater. “@#!@$$^%&*^” and “Rich Whiskey Audition” are veterans of the local entertainment scene and have mastered the art of live performance. By combining covers with original tunes, they provide a show that can be better than your buzz and more attractive than your date. “Rich Whiskey Audition” has managed to set themselves apart from the competition by committing their sound to the enjoyment of their audience. With a heavy funk sound that strikes like hot southern BBQ, the fearless foursome bring the funk that is lacking in the musical food chain. They admit that playing covers is a matter of survival, but are more than happy to accommodate the crowd. “Rich Whiskey Audition” is comprised of Drummer Jon Wade, Brothers Scott and Mike Orlando on Bass and Guitar, and Randall (Ran Tron 5000) Lawson on keyboard. The band loves playing in Tide Water and says that the best thing about the people here is that “they are out to have a good time.” Alternative to the funk music is “@#%@@#^*,” with an innovative sound that expands the spirit with progressive authority. It is unlikely to find an unappreciative crowd amongst locals. The group has been playing together since September of 2004, yet after loosing original bassist Warren Hodges in 2006 to a fatal car accident they took a short hiatus. Now returning “F#$%^” is back to revive the music scene with show stopping performances and spine tingling originals. “@%#” extends gratitude to its fans and continues to bring something truly original and progressive to the local scene. Many times local music is drowned out by bar clatter and unappreciated, yet there are a large amount of artists in TideWater that believe in the ability of the live show. In a time where being part of an audience only requires a remote control and a couch. It is frightening to think that talent such as “S@#%” and “Rich Whiskey Audition” may fall on deaf ears. With consideration to music, the ears provide sight to view magnificence transformed from sound to song, and standing in the midst of its creation is “f%#” and “Rich Whiskey Audition.” Audiences in Tide Water are given an exclusive pass to experience these local wonders in our own backyard. - Jabreil Shakoor


Raised in the Manger of Danger----Independant Release



In the high demand for cover bands comes a breath of fresh air, Rich Whiskey Audition..."Finely Aged Grooves." This all event party band brings talent, energy, and integrity back into the cover scene. With a three piece power rhythm section and a real star up front, this young group of musical advocates delivers the tried and true party favorites with four part harmonies and tasteful feel. You're sure to hear your favorites as well as the deep cuts that you won't believe you forgot.

The set for Rich Whiskey Audition will spread every category in your music collection, ranging from the 70's "tunes" all the way to tracks played on today's popular radio stations. The genre spectrum ranges from Classic Rock and Modern Rock to Reggae, R&B, Funk, Hip-Hop and even Oldies. Powered by ultramodern advancements in sound and lighting, don't be surpirsed when the Rich Whiskey Audition has your whole event on the dance floor. It's all part of the show.

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