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Rick Amburgey

Hopkinsville, Kentucky, United States

Hopkinsville, Kentucky, United States
Band Country Acoustic


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"Review of "United We Stand""

Review of "United We Stand" by Sue Curran, author of "Blood Dreams and White Lies":

"United We Stand" is a bittersweet tale of the everyday man's struggle to make sense of terrorism while coming to understand just how much his actions affect the people he meets. Author Rick Amburgey takes his readers back to that horrific day, September 11th, a day no one in America will forget. Amburgey fleshes out his protagonist, Deacon Alexander, with the expertise of a journalist and the artist flair of an author. His love for nosing out a story, has Alexander torn between a career in his first love, journalism, and the more practical, teaching, while questioning his faith and helping a friend deal with her own personal tragedy.
- Publishedauthors.net

"Review of "United We Stand""

A review of "United We Stand" by David Compton, author of "Nexus""

“There is a defining moment in every generation when they get to prove themselves. This is our defining moment.”

For my generation, it was Pearl Harbor. A generation later, Kennedy’s assassination. For Rick Amburgey and his protagonist Deacon Alexander, it’s the events of 9/11.

Deacon Alexander has his doubts and misgivings: about his appearance, about his profession, about a long-time relationship that’s just ended and another relationship beginning. Deacon’s life doesn’t have too much direction at this point. If you’d like to know what Deacon looks like, consult a mirror. Deacon has almost given up hope of working in his chosen profession, journalism, and is pursuing education courses because he thinks that might be a more stable field.

United We Stand is a chronicle of those tragic days: history told from a personal point of view. Each tragedy has its sub-plots, and in the novel we follow not only Deacon, but also a young couple, James and Rebecca, just starting out in life. Their future is suddenly uncertain, just as ours was. Ironically, of course, it is the tragedy which is to give a sense of purpose and direction to Deacon’s life.

Deacon’s characters try to look beyond the events and ask themselves what all Americans might be asking: “Do you think that we all will take our freedoms for granted again?” They look to each other for support. Some will survive the tragedy, some will not. Those who do will ultimately be stronger.

United We Stand is at least semi-autobiographical, and Amburgey has said there will be more novels in the series. It will be a pleasure to watch Amburgey develop as an author as his characters develop their lives.

A thought from one of those characters offers perhaps the best summary for the book: “I hope we can live up to the challenge and be the heroes that our forefathers were. Pray for our generation, and we will persevere.”

- Publishedauthors.net

"NKU grad publishes 9/11 Novel"

NKU grad publishes 9/11 novel"

By Liz Carey

Rick Amburgey looked at his computer screen through his tears and continued to write about the most horrific experience in recent American History.

His experiences covering the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentegon on Sept. 11 led him to write a novel, "United We Stand."

Centered around a college student who reports on Sept. 11, "United We Stand" looks at how the tragedy affects residents in a small town in Kentucky. A second story line looks at the relationship between two high school sweethearts that find themselves torn apart by the war in Afganistan.

"So many of the books about Sept. 11 focused on its impact in larger cities," Amburgey said. "But I wanted to show that the attack had a huge effect on residents in small towns."

Amburgey said he found covering Sept. 11 very physically and emotionally challenging.

We had one day to do a special section on the tragedy for The Northerner," Amburgey said. "At one point, I found myself sitting at the desk, reading some of the quotes I had, and it just started hitting me the magnitude of what had happened. I had to shut myself down and try to get the story done. I had tears streaming down my face as I typed."

From that, Amburgey created the character of Deacon. Loosely based on Amburgey, Deacon works through his feelings and his faith as he deals with the tragedy. Amburgey believes the story is one that needs to be told for more than one reason.

"It's important to me to tell the story of how this affected people," Amburgey said. "I think people need to know."

Additionally, Amburgey sees his writing as a way to repay those who gave him so much support.

"I see my ability to write as a gift from God," Amburgey said. "This novel is my way to give back to the community and to give back to God."

Amburgey graduated from NKU with a degree in Journalism in May 2001. He returned to NKU to get a second degree in English Education, which he expects to complete by this fall.

Amburgey worked on the novel and while attending classes and reporting for the college newspaper.

"I didn't sleep a lot," Amburgey said of his two years completing the book.

Amburgey plans to continue his look at Deacon's life. Focusing on Deacon's psychological and spiritual journey, the second installment is planned for the fall of 2004.
- Campbell County Recorder


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Rick Amburgey isn't just a songwriter. He's been blessed to do a number of things. He's a former newspaper editor that currently teaches seventh grade Reading. He's written three novels, two collections of poetry, co-written a screenplay, co-written a number of songs, and has written over 1000 published newspaper and magazine articles.

He remembers the first time he visited Nashville, Tennessee with his parents as a child. He knew it was special even at such a tender age. Today, he visits Nashville often and stays true to his roots when he is songwriting.

Amburgey is a songwriter who has made many friends and fans along the way. Unlike many songwriters, Amburgey does not have an interest in performing live. He is on SonicBids only to enter contests and songwriting competition. His interest is promoting his songs and getting those songs cut by other artists. If you are interested in any of Amburgey's songs, you may contact him directly at rickamburgey@yahoo.com