Rick and Karen David

Rick and Karen David


The rich simplicity of Rick and Karen's music is a heartfelt expression of the trials and tribulations we often face.


Rick and Karen met eight years ago while involved in the music program of a small New England church known for its unique blend of tradition, spirituality and openness to new worship styles. They were married five years later.

They started their own music ministry soon thereafter. They welcome the opportunity to play in any environment where God's presence is desired, from traditional main stream churches to pentecostal or charismatic ones.

Rick and Karen recently released their first collaborative recording effort entitled, "Time Within". All of the songs on "Time Within" were written by Rick and Karen. This CD was recorded with the intention of creating a reflective mood which would hopefully bring a moment of peace to listener's souls. For more information, please visit www.rickandkaren.net


Time Within, 2006

Set List

Rick and Karen's "set list" varies, depending on the environment. When providing/leading music for a worship service they play anything from Amazing Grace and What A Friend We Have In Jesus to some of today's most popular worship and praise music.