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Rick Cusick

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Take the storytelling and songwriting of James Taylor, mix in a passionate vocal style a la Jeff Buckley, and wrap it in the soulful sensibility of Marvin Gaye, and you'll feel what Brooklyn singer songwriter Rick Cusick is all about. Spirited acoustic storytelling sung with a golden voice.


Rick Cusick is a singer-songwriter based in Burlington, Vermont. His music style is story-pop - a blend of acoustic groove and funky rock, guitar and voice, all wrapping together stories and songs. Fans of artists like Jack Johnson, James Taylor, and Marvin Gaye enjoy his music. He is a storyteller through his music, with songs that resonate with listeners in clubs, coffeehouses, and private parties across the New York metro area.

Rick’s residence at the Il Sogno restaurant in New York City is a weekly phenomenon. With a set list comprised of original songs, current popular hits, and beloved classics, Rick adds a perfect flavor to the menu. A recent packed show at NYC’s Canal Room further highlighted Rick’s ability to stage big performances with his full band.

Rick recently released “East”, his third independent CD. Produced at New York’s RockGarden studio, the album hits the overarching themes of Rick’s music: love, relationships, and personal transformation. Since playing to a packed house at the CD release party at the C Note, Rick continues to play at clubs around the tri-state area, making fans with his unique mix of moving vocals, thoughtful lyrics, and witty improvisation.



Written By: Rick Cusick

Things are gonna get better than this, maybe if I remember to forget I’ll wake up dreaming as a little child lying in my bed, I can make use of all that’s in my head for second chances.

In my head there is always a TV on, talking to me, talking at me.
And the pictures tell the story of the world in which I live, the world in which on any given day I might just give a damn about it, I might care enough to work it out. But I know…


On my street there live the lost and found, lost again, looking at me, looking at me.
And their eyes cry out for sanity, but no one is home inside them or I, and I feel like I could just wither and die, but I know…


But there are days when I don’t give an effort, there are days, when I can’t feel my heart hurt. I can smile into the mirror, count all the grains of sand, reach out with my hand and wake up that sleeping child, and tell him things…


In my head there are a million things, listen to me, listen to me! I can sort through all these pages, I can keep this ship afloat, I will not be made a fool of, no I won’t end up a joke. I will hold this life upon me and I’ll hold it to my heart, I will keep it all together, I won’t let it get apart…

Michael O'Brien

Written By: Rick Cusick

Michael O’Brien Words and Music ©(p) 2005 Rick Cusick

Michael O’Brien is born in the New World
Far from the Burren in old County Claire
Growing New York where the Irish are strong
Holding his father’s hand lifts up a song

Michael O’Brien sees friends go to war
Not knowing that he will see them no more
The letter comes home to a mother or two
And Michael knows what it is he must do

Chrous: It’s long way to go / There’s so much you’ll never know

Michael O’Brien finds himself in North Africa
Chasing back Jerry to the shores of the Med
Malaria creeps into his body
While in the infirmary his comrades come dead

Michael O’Brien is on his way home
Not knowing that she has left him alone
Upon his return sees that this bird has flown
And the war has left scars that don’t heal but have grown
- Chorus

Michael O’Brien he paints on the beach
Putting down pictures of things he has seen
His nephews come visit and poker ensues
Telling war stories over cards and some booze

Michael O’Brien stands up for the heart
Believes those who love should not be kept apart
Hopes for their lives as he can’t for his own
For the war has left scars that don’t heal but have grown
- Chorus

Michael O’Brien is holding a babe
Christened his Godson on this summer day
Hoping for all that these things we replace
And some say a single tear ran down his face

Michael O’Brien died in the New World
Far from the Burren in old County Claire
Lay down New York where the Irish are strong
Holding to memories and lifting up this song.
- Chorus

I never thought, you’d let me go
Never leave me alone.
But the war has left scars that don’t heal, but have grown.


2004 - East
2002 - Trick
2000 - Tunes from the Pomegranate
1999 - Fourth Street
1998 - Dore Alley
1997 - Prolepsis

Set List

Sets typically range from 45 minutes to 1 hour. 1 to 3 sets per show. All original music, occasional cover.

Original Songs:
Michael O'Brien
Falling Into You
Hardly So
Light I Light
Radio Waves
Go For Better Love
Wedding Song
Old Words
On the Verge
You I We
Hear Me Out
Late At Night
J Blues
Have Love Will Come
Symphony of Rain

Marvin Gaye Medley
Message In A Bottle (Police)
Gallows Pole (Led Zepellin)
Solsbury Hill (Peter Gabriel)
Southern Cross (CSN)