Rick Diamond

Rick Diamond


Music that touches your heart and mind. You'll laugh during the segways and choke up during the songs. You'll leave humming the tunes and quoting lines...


Rick Diamond is a songwriter's songwriter, the impossible love-child of Bob Dylan and David Wilcox, with a bit of Dan Fogelberg's sensitivity and an occasional dash of Roy Orbison's drama.


"Echoes From The Big Bang" a ten song collection due July '09. An interview on HooferDoofer.com with selections from three songs (two from the upcoming CD and one, "I'm Over You" from next year's release. Videos on YouTube that can be found presently by Googling "Rick Diamond Northern Star".

Set List

Sets are usually between forty minutes and an hour and a half, depending on the venue's need. They are almost always 100% original material, but occasionally a cover will show up. Titles include: Where's The Boy, Hardball, Streethearts, Forgotten Record, I'm Still Wild, Love Will Come Knockin', Life Begins Today, I'm Over You, Miles Away, The Gate Of Love, Amy's Lullaby, In One Ear, The Wheel, It Takes You By Surprise, and many more...