Rick Di Dia

Rick Di Dia


A formidable songwriter and guitar player, with a completely unique approach to playing his instrument, Rick draws from a wealth of American musical traditions and conjures up a new route into timeless storytelling.


A musician with twenty years of professional experience, Rick is returning to writing and performing original music after an almost seven year break. “I took that time to think about what my relationship to music was all about, and why I originally pursued it.” After years of self-imposed exile with his guitar he adds, “I feel I finally have something to say, and my own way of saying it.”

Rick plays in various tunings and has developed his own method of lap-style magic. Poaching from the blues, jazz, folk ballads, stomps, bluegrass and hollars, he picks, strums and slides (sometimes all at the same time) his own brand of stripped down Americana.

“I want people to hear the voices of their relatives, neighbors and ancestors in my songs,” Rick says. Taking pieces of the past; your story, my story, our ancestor's stories, he paints pictures of places and people's lives, the day-to-days, little stories from different times and cobbles them together to make the old sound new in an old sort of way.

As a performer, he draws something out of you that makes you want to shut-up and listen. Spending the last year playing consistently throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, along with jaunts to Los Angeles, New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia, Rick is encouraged by the response.

Finishing up a solo cd, Rick is currently setting dates for a life-long musical mission to help reignite people's hearts and imaginations through the fire of song.