Rick Fines

Rick Fines

 Peterborough, Ontario, CAN

original acoustic blues. fingerstyle and bottleneck when solo... the trio adds elements of swing and boogie.. The big band is 7 pieces with horns. Rick Fines and Suzie vinnick play as a duo or full electric band...


It’s good to have a dream, a dream to work toward. Rick Fines’ fifth and newest solo CD is a step toward that dream of having a solar-powered home and studio in the woods north of Peterborough Ontario. Solar Powered was recorded in his little cabin in the woods, an off-the-grid production. Featuring ten new originals and a cover of Gordon Lightfoot’s “Ribbon of Darkness”, it’s recorded with just vocal and guitar (co-producer Alec Fraser plays bass and sings on one cut). Echoes of Mississippi John Hurt and Reverend Gary Davis can be heard in the guitar, but this is no mere imitation. The sound of foot tapping and the intimate vocal brings the listener right inside the little cabin in the Kawartha Highlands, where a master storyteller spins yarns and plays guitar.

Released simultaneously, Nothing Halfway by Rick Fines and Suzie Vinnick, is a full-band offering recorded in Toronto with some of the best from that scene. Al Cross (Big Sugar, Jane Siberry…) on drums, Richard Bell (The Band, Janis Joplin…) on keys, Colleen Allen and Chris Whiteley on horns… from soulful to moody to all-out rockin’ blues, this is what fans have come to expect from Rick and Suzie. Strong vocals, tasty guitars, heartfelt lyrics... it’s all here!

At 47, Rick Fines is a veteran of the folk and blues circuits in North America. In October 2005 Rick went to Alabama where he took first place in the Sweetgum Bottom Acoustic Blues Competition. His song “Riley Wants His Life Back” won first place in the blues category of 2003 International Songwriting Competition, with B.B. King one of the judges! He won the MapleBlues Award for Songwriter of the Year this year, Acoustic Act Of The Year twice (98, 99), and has received eight additional nominations. His work with Jackson Delta (for 15 years) brought nominations from both the Juno and the Handy Awards. He has played for legendary blues piano player Pinetop Perkins, songstress Colleen Peterson, folk icon Penny Lang and many others. He toured from the Gulf of Mexico to the Arctic, from B.C. to NYC last year alone, bringing his understanding of blues, finger-style and bottleneck guitar.

In addition to a busy touring schedule, Fines conducts classes and workshops. For several years now he has taught fingerstyle guitar at the Haliburton School of the Arts and blues guitar at Kincardine Summer Music Festival in Ontario and Hornby Island Blues Workshop in British Columbia. He also works with kids as part of the Blues In The Schools programs in Ottawa, Saskatoon, Toronto and Fredericton. This year Rick thanks the Ontario Arts Council for financial assistance with Blues In The Schools guitar and songwriting programs that took place in schools throughout Ontario.

Rick Fines (705) 748-9784
E-Mail: rick.fines@sympatico.ca
Web Site: www.rickfines.com

Performance Experience


Concerts (sample)
National Arts Centre, 4rth Stage
National Gallery
Harbourfront, Toronto
Hugh’s Room, Toronto
Governor General’s Garden Party
West End Cultural Centre, Winnipeg

Festivals- 1988 – 2007 (sample)
Montreal Jazz Festival (3Xs)
Edmonton Folk Festival
Winnipeg Folk Festival
Regina Folk Festival
Calgary Folk Festival
Harvest Jazz and Blues, Fredericton NB (11Xs)
Mariposa Folk Festival (5Xs)
Home County Folk Festival
Ottawa Folk Festival (5Xs)
Ottawa Bluesfest (7Xs)
Vancouver Island Musicfest (2Xs)
Frostbite Festival, Whitehorse YK (3Xs)
Folk On The Rocks, Yellowknife NT (2Xs)
Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival, NS (2Xs)

2006 – MapleBlues Award “SOCAN Songwriter of the Year” (nominations 2004, 2003, 1999, 1998)
2005 – Sweet Gumbottom Blues Acoustic Blues Competition, Greenville Alabama – 1st place
2004 – International Songwriting Competition – 1st place Blues Category (with BB King one of the judges)
2003 – MapleBlues Awards nomination “Best Male Vocalist”
2006, 2001, 1997 – MapleBlues Awards nomination “Acoustic Act of the Year”
2000 – “Cream of The Crop” Harvest Jazz and Blues Fest. (Fredericton) –voted most popular blues artist in festival’s 10 year history
1999, 1998 – MapleBlues Award “Acoustic Act of the Year”
1992 - Juno Awards Nomination “Best Roots and Traditional Album” (Jackson Delta)
1990 - Juno Awards Nomination “Best Roots and Traditional Album” (Jackson Delta)

Grants (sample)
2006/7, 2005/6, 2004/5 – Ontario Arts Council – Artists in Education
2006, 2004, 2000 – OAC - Composition


Just Got Back

Written By: Rick Fines

) Just Got Back R Fines socan

I just got back….. that is to say
I’ve been tryin’ to push my blues away
But I pushed you away instead
With all this talkin’ all out of my head
I’ve been on some kind of trip but I just got back

You’ve been so good to me while I’ve been blue
You seem to understand all that I have been going through
Now things are lookin’ up
I’m no longer so down on my luck
I’ve been on some kind of trip but I just got back

I just got back, back on my feet again
I just started walkin’ on the sunny side of the street again my friend
And how happy I’m gonna be
if you’d only come out dancin’ with me
I’ve been on some kind of a trip but I just got back

Where Birds Sing

Written By: Rick Fines

There’s a place by the river where I like to go
to sort through my thoughts where time’s passage is slow
Where the willows droop over a deep little pool
that’s fed by the current and kept fresh and cool

For a tired little fish it’s a nice resting place
where the shimmering waters take on the trees shadowy lace
There’s a long-forgotten bench that sits covered in dew
when the east is azure an the west is the deepest of blue

The sweater I need now will soon be too much
and the sun comes to play in my hidden hutch
And just upriver a baseball is tossed
and there’s folks walking dogs and solitude is lost

But I won’t leave quite yet and I won’t curse
I’ll hold on to this feeling till I finish this verse
And I’ll keep the melody in my head while I make my way
till I get to my guitar and sit down to play

Here lies my piece of mind
where the world is alive and the world is kind
Here’s where I start the best of days
where birds sing and fishes play

I'm Good To Go

Written By: Rick Fines

I’m good to go R Fines 2004 SOCAN

If you want to go I’m good to go
But let’s stop discussing what we already know
We’ve talked it all out a million times before
This town holds nothing for us anymore

So if you want to leave I believe
We could steal away like a couple of thieves
Gimme the word just say so
Baby I’m good to go

If you want to go I’m good to go
Let’s live like Henry Thoreau
Head out to the woods and watch trees grow
Shift gears from fast to slow

If you want to start new just us two
There’s a whole world of things we’ve yet to do
You learn to fish I’ll learn to sew
Baby I’m good to go

If you want to go I’m good to go
We’ll make home while the fair winds blow
Get set up in a month or so
And settled in before it snows

We might just get by or we might live the life
We’ll never know until we try
I’m feeling lucky I want you to know
Baby I’m good to go


2006- Solar Powered
2006- Rick Fines and Suzie Vinnick-Nothing Halfway
2003- The Rick Fines Trio – Riley Wants His Life Back
2001- Rick Fines and Friends – Live at the Harvest
1998- Rick Fines - Out of the Living Room
1996- Rick Fines - Arcadia
1995- Rick Fines -Bootleg
1992- Jackson Delta - I Was Just Thinking That
1991- Jackson Delta - Lookin` Back
1989- Jackson Delta - Acoustic Blues
1988- Jackson Delta - Delta Sunrise

Others (sample)
2006 - Leela Gilday
2006 - Kim Beggs
2000 - Tamarack - Spirit and Stone
1998 - Dario Domingues - Los Vibrantes
1997 - Tamarack - 13
1996 - Rob Watson and Jackson Delta Electric Live
1994 - Suzie Vinnick - Angel In The Sidelines

Set List

Sets are comprised of blues-influenced originals with a tip of the hat to influences such as Mississippi John Hurt, Robert Johnson, even interpretations of songs by the Rolling Stones and Gordon Lightfoot