Rick Fouche
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Rick Fouche

Piscataway, New Jersey, United States

Piscataway, New Jersey, United States
Band Hip Hop EDM


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The Rick Fouche Saga, Available on Itunes

DJ Scoop Presents
The Rick Fouche Beyond Epic Mixtape, Available On Datpiff.com

The Rick Fouche CatWalk, Available On Datpiff.com

The Rick Fouche OutSource, Available On Datpiff.com



Rick Fouche is the visionary of future diversity in music. As the only boy of a Panamanian mother and a southern father, he received the best of all worlds and a montage of musical influence. When he was still in the womb his mother would play classical music to her stomach to calm him. Growing up his parents exposed him to Jazz, Soul, Pop and Latin music. The plethora of musical options and the multiplicity of registers made available to him opened his creative mind to innovative ideas.

Although he was not exposed to Rap music very often at home, he would borrow cd’s from kids in school. He described these experiences as “euphoric”. Fouche wrote his first rap song in elementary school and continued to write creatively from that point onward. By the age of 13, Fouche began recording on his computer rapping over classic hip hop tracks. To get a tight grip on the genre he did his homework and researched the greatest hip hop artists in the industry. The hard work proved beneficial as his lyrics began to reveal a potent familiarity with the classics. His hunger for originality as well as lack of resources led him to progress in production.
However, this hobby would take a positive turn when a close friend, Dorian “DESA MAN” Shields, encouraged him to persist. This motivation was easy to provide since Dorian felt as though he was observing a natural artist in his element. When the close friends hit high school Fouche would battle at anytime against any person. His wordplay, flow, and beats began to grow with every encounter and soon Fouche the amateur became Fouche the professional taken seriously in his own right by the day of high school graduation. After four years of setting up a foundation, Fouche and DESA MAN founded No U Turn Entertainment and set sail on a mission to get Rick Fouche signed to a major label. After a series of weak offers from labels for his talents, Fouche built his own rapport with various individuals and began performing in prolific venues such as Webster Hall in New York City. He also had the opportunity to open up for hip hop militants Dead Prez .While continuing to perform at shows and events featuring original beats and lyrics, he felt the pressure to expand his artistic relevance and extend his use of the rap genre. In July 2009, Rick Fouche along with host DJ Scoop released the BEYOND EPIC mixtape. The mixtape, an eclectic mix of several musical traditions, was embraced by the public instantaneously. He is currently recognized as a hip hop connoisseur by many across the globe. Still on the rise with his east coast style cloaked by techno, electronica, world, and hip hop influences, Rick Fouche’s plan to be the “Most Diverse Hip Hop Artist” seems eminent.