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Guilford, Connecticut, United States | INDIE

Guilford, Connecticut, United States | INDIE
Band Alternative Americana


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"Power Slammed - A Musical Review, Roger Straub"

Excerpts from Giglist.com - Where Rick Frost and Jae Sherman were voted "GigList Band of the Month, February, 2000":

POWERSLAMMED - A Musical Review, by Roger Straub, The Trumpeter

Perhaps you are familiar with Rick Frost and his partner, Jen Sherman, if not you should be.

"They are modern day musical crusaders who rock with musical messages of what's wrong in today's society."
Referred to, by the local press, " as crowd pleasers who generate excitement wherever they appear", Frost and Sherman are widely known for their "smoldering brand of sociopolitical originals".

The last appearance by Frost and Sherman, at the Stony Creek Puppet Theater and Performing Arts Center,Thimble Island Rd., Stony Creek,CT, resulted in accolades from local press, including commentary such as "...good stage presence...accomplished musical style....an impressive blend of acoustic/electric originals.....a great set."

* This guy puts on an incredible live show!!!

- The Trumpeter

"An Interview With Musician Rick Frost by Rebecca Weingartner"

An Interview with Musician Rick Frost
By Rebecca Weingartner
Rick Frost is a man you don't want to skip past. His music comes from his heart, loves what he does, and wants to spread use it to help others out as well. Even if you don't share his taste in music, he's still someone worth getting to know. But with the variety of sounds within each song, I find it hard to believe that you wouldn't find at least one song that catches your ear. Below is the online interview I had with him. Check out his sites, listen to his music, and don't forget to tell him who sent you his way!
RW: Many musicians who go solo, tend to go by a fake name. Do you also or is Rick Frost your real name?
RF: Its funny most people think "Rick Frost" is a stage name, but it is my given name. It is the part of my career that required the least amount of creativity. Traumatic name when you're young though. In the winter, everybody asking "is the defrost on?" I kept waiting for my seat to go flying through the car roof, or something.
RW: I know you go solo, but is there anyone who is involved in the making of your music?
RF: No one is involved in the technical, or creative, aspects of my songwriting, or performing; however, in that the world at large and everyone in it are my stimuli I guess in a sense everyone is involved in my songwriting.
RW: What really got you started in wanting to get into the music industry and how long have you been writing songs?
RF: I've been involved with music my entire life. My mother was a musician and my father was a Baptist Minister. So right there - on the one hand, there was a direct musical influence and on the other was a rather theatrical influence - the hell and brimstone thing is some pretty potent melodrama.
I had a propensity for writing in rhyme by the time I was four. People weren't sure if was a pre-disposition towards artistic expression or the symptoms of latent schizophrenia. I think I wrote my first song when I was about seven. Here's a bit of irony, "Dogs In The Moonlight" the song on my most recent CD that seems to be grabbing the most attention was written when I was living on the street at the age of fourteen.
RW: Why did you decide to do this alone?
RF: I didn't decide to do it alone. It's just that I'm a pain in the ass and I drive everyone nuts so nobody else would do it with me. I'm kidding.. really I am. Solo just works for me. I write in an odd way. The words and music all come at once - it is like a downpour. If I don't have a tape machine or video camera handy I'll lose the whole song. I don't write in any structured kind of way - which drives schooled musicians up a wall. You'd be surprised how many guitarists have told me they can't write a lead to my stuff because I change keys and timing so abruptly. Even recording, I've never used a click track I wouldn't know what to do with it. I keep strange hours, I never sleep, I want to write and practice at the strangest times - it really in everybody else's best interest that I am a solo act.
RW: I have a completely random question for you before continueing with the serious questions. What's your funniest childhood memory?
RW: I don't remember to many funny things from childhood. I guess the funniest one was when I was about four. My father was the Asst Pastor at a BaptistChurch in Boston. I had a Mr. Ed Doll. It was the head of Mr. Ed the talking horse - and it went over your hand like a glove. If you pulled this string it said things .....really loudly. Well, my father called the deacons forward to take the offering and I gave ole Mr. Ed a yank and he bellowed out in that Mr. Ed vibrato, "Way to go Wilbur." Everybody laughed and I knew I was going to hell for sure.
RW: Ok, no back on track. Who are some of your influences?
RF: Musical influences? John Lennon, Neil Young, Johnny Winter, Pink Floyd, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix - did I mention John Lennon and Jimi Hendrix.
RW: What genre would you describe your music as?
RF: Genre. If you look at the various sites where my music is up. You will see comment after comment in which the individuals commenting say that my music defies categorization in terms of genre. I don't seem to sound like anyone other than myself and the song is what it is. For example, I have a song called "Little Sallie Suburbs", I've seen it described as "free-style acoustic", "rock n roll", "folk with an edge" and a "political anthem". Which is it? Probably all of those and more. I find it to be a good thing. It keeps me from being pigeonholed.
RW: What do you to offer that is unique or different?
RF: The one thing I have to offer that is genuinely unique, or different, is that I believe that the world is going to be saved via music. I honestly believe it. I have a tremendous love for the dispossessed. I hate greed, polarization of wealth, racism, etc. The funny thing is I used to think that I was going to contribute to saving the world by saving the poor. Now, I believe I am going to be a part of the saving of this world by the poor, as they patiently teach the rest of us what love is.
RW: Can you tell me about your album(s) you have out?
RF: Two albums out. The first was with a great guitarist and good friend Jae Sherman. We recorded it live at the Puppet House in Stony Creek, CT in 2000. Accordingly it was called "Frost and Sherman -Live" It was an extremely political piece of work that kept us busy getting kicked off of radio stations and fielding lots of hate mail. I think the songs were good. The message was relevant. Perhaps, I was just a bit too blunt.
The last CD is the one I just let roll in Jan. 2006 - Something Special. It is practically live. I deliberately left out bass, drums, effects etc. Because I wanted folks to hear a song the way they could expect to hear it live. This CD is political but not in the overt sense like its predecessor. I'm a bit more subdued. I also throw in a few tunes of a confessional self-incriminatory nature. Just want to remind everybody how human I am - not that anybody ever really forgot, or doubted it too begin with.
RW: Are there any upcoming gigs or concerts?
RF: I have two CDs that I'm about done with - 15 Souls In My Pocket and Junkies JukeBox. They'll both be ready to roll in July/Aug. I'm just not sure if I'm putting them out separately or as a double CD. If I go the double CD route ...then it would be like the lighter and darker sides of the whole. Will do some gigs. But the primary focus of these CDs will be to make a significant and enduring difference in our world - a question that I can better address in your next question regarding web sites.
RW: Can you list any websites and/or email address others can go to in order stay updated on your latest happenings?
RF: Actually, there are a few. My web site: http://www.rickfrost.bravehost.comMarch 18, 2007
RW: Is there anything additional you really want people to know about you and your music?
RF: Anything else? Yes, I believe very strongly in the power of love. Love can heal anything. Music can be an expression of love, and in the end that's all we have. Did we love well? Did we love well enough to ensure universal dignity for all beings? I want to be able to say yes. So, I'll play anywhere, anytime for any worthy cause-all one needs to do is get me there and back and throw me enough to cover picks, guitar strings and an occasional bowl of oatmeal. Please stop by and sign the guest book, stick a flag in my global map. Listen to my entire CD.
http://www.Cdbaby.com/cd/rickfrost - The few remaining hard copies of "Something Special" are available here. Also, CD Baby is a great site for getting your CD launched. Derek who runs CDbaby is brilliant when it comes to marketing. And he's not just about the money - he truly works for the artists.
There are a couple of other web sites that I'm really excited about. One is http://www.afcollective.com; This site is run by the incredible Djay Buddha. Djay has rounded up some of the best talent going and brings it out in a weekly podcast. I 've been honored, in that I have been picked as the Collective's "Artist of the Month" for March 07. That gives me the opportunity to play on a few successive podcasts. When you hear the folks that play on this show You'll understand why I say I'm honored.
The biggy. The site that really has me going right now is http://www.extraplay.com. It is everything I ever envisioned music as being. Of the loads of gigs I've played in my life, 90% have been benefits. My music is who I am and who I am is someone obsessed with equality and social justice. Nicolas Cope, of Extraplay.com, has set up a website that is geared for people like me. He has waived his commission on music the artists will sell through his site, so that the artists can donate more to charity. He is in process of actively linking artists and charities together. What he's doing is unheard of. It's brilliant and it's one of the most worthwhile endeavors I've come across in a long time. That's why I hedged on your gigs question. I honestly believe that the only site I am going to release my music through in the future will be extraplay.com. I plan on donating 40%, of money received for single tracks downloaded, to charity, and 50% of the proceeds of someone purchasing an entire CD download. The possibility for raising money for every conceivable charity is so realistic in this scenario that I see myself just immersing myself in creating music continually to fund as many causes as I can before I move into the next realm. The nice thing about music though is even when you leave your creation stays-it endures-it can actively make a difference after you're gone.
It is also my honor to have been selected as the "Feature Artist" for Extaplay.com for the Month of March, 2007.

2007 © Associated Content, All rights reserved.
- http://www.AssociatedContent.com

"A Night At The Puppet House"

January 21, 2006

A Night at the Puppet House with Rick Frost and Gandalf Murphy and the Slambovian Circus of Dreams

Listen to genius while reading.
Well Rick all I can say is .. WOW.. and thank you!!! I quickly figured out who you were when I saw a guy enter with long white hair through the doors and someone called Rick.. after speaking with you on several occasions, with your prior invitation to this show last fall that I could unfortunately not make, I knew this man had to be you. Upon entering this historical little theatre, passing through the entrance and ticket area, we were almost catapulted into the main theater by the bounce of the floor underneath us.. I didn't really want to know what was down there.. but as we got into the theatre, I saw a little coffee, wine, beer bar on the left with a table set up for CDs and such.. where you could both buy and be PAID for YOUR CD (Rick Frost's that is) (hahaha).. as well as purchase Gandalf's CD. Through the smell of the 70's and haze of incense in the air I looked around and saw we were also accompanied by strangers... may I say that it was a nice mix of dynamite friendly people who you felt as though you could sit next to and bump elbows with without the threat of your life being extinguished and also some other strangers that were hanging on the walls... THE PUPPETS.. which is where I will let Brian take over this write up on our terrific and memorable evening with great music and people .. and puppets!!!! .. Brian is both my friend and musician, who I grabbed last minute to come with me... I had heard he had a flair for writing, but was not quite sure how much he would write.. or if I would even like it.. read for your self.. :) Rick, I told you I would come and try to bring a writer and a photographer.. well I surely brought the writer.. the photographer wound up being me and albeit I am no where near PROFESSIONAL. I took a lot of shots and hope that at least SOME of them were able to catch the moment.
Thank you again Rick.. I will look forward to another evening like this one!

Here is part of the response I got from Rick..
"Oh yeah, little known fact, back around the turn of the century (the last
one that is), somewhere around 1890, when Sebastiano Zupallo began
hand-carving all those puppets .... I was the model. Took forever ......."
Kim Williams
kim@ctmusicscene.com CT Music Scene

The Night According to Brian
Brian Gillie
brian@ctmusicscene.com It doesn’t help that I have a fear of puppets, defined in the dictionary under “kooklafranolliephobia.” So when my friend Kim called to say that the rising-star, talk-on-the-street band, Gandalf Murphy and the Slambovian Circus of Dreams, was playing at the Puppet House in Stony Creek, I winced before I acquiesced. Perhaps I was comforted by the description from the Slambovian website which confidently boasted, “you feel instantly at home …and they play to the audience as if they knew you forever.” Worth a try! Sure enough, the medieval marionettes and round-table knights hanging from the walls inside the Puppet House, though beautifully crafted, were pretty much the visual manifestation of what’s probably been hiding under my bed since childhood. The one puppet closest to me caught my eye and warned me to never look into his eyes again. I obeyed.
Turns out the puppet theme was quite an appropriate setting for what was about to unfold. Local artist, Rick Frost, took the stage as the warm-up act. Consummately “folksy,” Rick and his tall, thin frame and Edgar Winter hair were quite in character with that of the bestringed knights. If Rick had been hanging from the wall, I doubt we would have noticed. But Rick immediately engaged the crowd with his congenial banter, dry humor and nimble licks on the acoustic guitar. With a nod to the year of the “dog” he began his self-penned tunes with “Dog Ditti,” complete with howls. But the light intro belied a man on a poetic mission, and his politics and spirituality came through on the wings of some powerful lyrics as evidenced by “Homeless Joe” and “I Threw My Cell Phone in the Ocean Today” which he delivered in a vocal style somewhere between Arlo Guthrie and Elvin Bishop, a nice balance between sarcasm and genuine worldly concern. The package was effective and had us revved for the main event.

- CTMUSICSCENE.COM, by Kim Richards and Brian Gillie

"Rick Frost "Feature Artist" ReverbnationNation For 2nd Time In 2 Years"

Thank you to all my friends out there!
In Spring of 2010 Rick Frost was again selected as a Reverbnation "Featured Artist".
Rick has also been the Featured artist on AFCollective.com; Twice on Extraplay.com; 3 times on IMRadio.com; GigAmerica.com; and selected as the "Band of the Month" by Giglist.com (UK) in April 2000 and Won the May 2009 IndieCharts.com "Battle of the Bands". Rick has also hit #1 on Charts at hardcoremix.com Indie Radio Network 18 Times.
Spring 2009
Reverbnation.com announced this morning that Rick Frost had been selected as their "Featured Artist" for the Week of May 12th through May 19th".
"This is a big "wow", said Frost."I have been the #1 Artist on the NY/CT/Corridor Alt. Music Chart for 4 months in a row and bounced between 3rd and 15th on the National Chart for the past few months (currently 13th and #24 on the National and Global Charts respectively). But snagging "Featured Artist" is quite an honor and it is only because of all the friends out there that backed me that this happened".
Ironically, "Homeless Joe" clinched the #1 Spot on hardcoremix.com TOP SONGS CHART for the 5th Week IN a Row Yesterday morning.
Way to go RICK FROST!
- http://www.reverbnation.com/rickfrost

""Behind The Scenes - An Interview W/ Rick Frost""

http://www.hardcorejamz.com/rick_frost.html - Utilize this url to visit original article and to view photos.

Rick Frost
Rick Frost ia a singer/songwriter/guitarist who resides in Guilford, CT. Over the course of the past 3 years Rick has had 14 #1 Songs on Hardcoremix.com; 5 of these songs have gone on to be multi-site Number 1's. Rick has received 6 Featured Artist Awards; 4 Featured Song Awards; and won Indie-Charts "Battle of The Bands", 2008. Rick placed consistently in the Top 5 for his Three Genre's on MySpace.com (often #1 in all 3 for weeks on end).
Currently, Rick operates primarily off of his reverbnation page. Presently, on Reverbnation's Alternative Charts Rick is #1 in CT and parts of NY and has been for 18 months +; he is ranked #12 Nationally in the U.S.; and #20 Globally. For all Reverbnation Genre's combined (over 520,000 Artists and bands) Rick is ranked #232.
So what is the music scene like in Guilford, CT ? Is it hard making a name for yourself there?
The music scene in Guilford, CT is, for all intents and purposes, non-existent. When the Puppet Theater in Stony Creek (next town over) closed - it left a huge hole in a music scene that was already bleak to begin with. All the small venues on the Shoreline have gone out of business. Friends Coffee House in Westbrook; Shoreline Coffee Roasters in Old Lyme; the list goes on forever. I was fortunate in that Joe Davis, the guy running the Stony Creek Puppet Theater called me and asked me to run the Open mic there.
We started opening the Puppet House to local bands to run door deals. This gave kids a chance to play and kept oil in the Theater. I had already established myself as being somebody that was extremely accessible with regard to playing benefits. It’s something I really believe in and I had played dozens of benefits at all the Coffeehouses and some high Schools; Roaring Brook Nature Center etc. I did benefits at the P. House for AIDS Research; WPKN Public Radio; Jae Sherman and I did a few benefits to keep the Puppet House afloat. But the venue only held 130 people. It was in horrible shape structurally and the owner would use whatever portion of the door he took to live on. So, no repairs were getting done and the building was uninsured. It was a pretty dismal situation. 2008 was really the last year I used the facility. A high percentage of bars had gone to karaoke; Open Mic; any form of entertainment that relieved the owner from the burden of providing funds for
entertainment. The non-smoking in bars and clubs had already hurt a lot of facilities financially. The hypocrisy of that used to kill me. Alcohol kills 48,000 people a year on the highways. Then there are the hundreds of thousands of traumatic injuries. But it was o.k. to sit and soak your liver in booze all night - just don’t light a cigarette – its bad for your health. So all you really had in CT was a few huge clubs like Toads and the Webster and some really tiny clubs. It just wasn’t conducive to a thriving music scene. I found the best venue turned out to be the streets. I started busking down in New Haven and made a lot more in tips than any of the bars were paying.
CT is a very Corporate State. Virtually all of the State’s print media is owned by one or two corporate giants. The Hartford Courant owns the Advocate Newspaper chain.. The New Haven Register owns all of the formerly independent Shoreline Newspapers. And, they are all owned by some out-of state Corporate Behemoth that has no interest in the local music scene.. The joke in CT is if you aren’t playing within two blocks of the New Haven Advocate or have a relative working there – you won’t get print. As far as radio, WPLR, the largest station is owned by Cox Communications out of GA. Clear Channel already owns over 70% of the stations in the country. So Jesus Christ could start a blues band in CT and he isn’t going to get any air time unless it is sanctioned by one of the 4 remaining Giant Labels.
Fortunately, I made a name for myself a long time ago. I can’t imagine what it’s like for kids just starting off. That’s why the Indie Stations like Hardcoremix.com are critical. Without these stations original music is going to issue a death rattle. Consider this – My CD Something Special, over 85% of the referrals to CD Baby and other points of purchase that actually resulted in sales came from Hardcoremix.com; not corporate radio or corporate news rags disguised as local papers. It is the Net that is keeping music alive for new artists. Sites like Hardcoremix.com; reverbnation.com; Afcollective.com; The MedicineShow.com etc., etc. Without these bastions of independence we’d all be listening to elevator music that was programmed to make you want to buy lawn furniture made in Bangladesh by five year old kids getting paid a quarter a day.
You have been around in music for years. You have seen the transition from people buying CD’s to people buying MP3 downloads. In your opinion, what do you think will happen to the CD format?
Without a doubt the advent of the MP3 and IPods’ and such had a huge impact on CD sales. But you’ll always have CDs around, or the next generation of hard copy music device – whatever that might be. A lot of folks want an autographed CD when they leave your show. It’s kind of hard to autograph an MP3. So, there will always be some demand. Some folks see them as an investment. A signature on a relatively unknown CD can become worth its weight in gold if the band or artist that signed it breaks big all of a sudden. Even vinyl is making a come back. You have stores primarily down South where they handle nothing but vinyl. People love the dirty scratchy sound that came to be part and parcel of a blues recording. I’ve heard a lot of folks complain that digital is just too clean. It was like castrating the music.
Have you been doing any shows?
Not really. I’ve was pretty sick for awhile. So I sat most of 2009 out, but I worked at getting exposure for previously recorded stuff. I did do a few benefits, but I moved from promoting my last release to helping other artists and entertainers with their PR, while recording my next release, which was supposed to have come out over a year ago but hasn’t yet.
You recently just went through a Cancer scare. How has this changed you?
I’ve done a few private functions and a handful of benefits but I sat out most of 2009 because of health problems. I had cancer, severe anemia, radial nerve paralysis of my arm and a slew of little things. Luckily for me I’ve retained visibility via the songs from Something Special. Another benefit is that the forced down time has allowed me to become better acquainted w/ the Internet – which is critical to success for today’s Indie Artist. The Internet is the best tool at the Indie Artist’s disposal. Another thing I’m finding is there is truth in the old maxim – “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” My computer was down for a week and I came back to a back-log of 7,000 + e-mails. People miss seeing me live and it’s a guarantee at this point that anywhere I show up it sells out – which is nice. Primarily it’s because folks aren’t sure if they’ll get another opportunity to see me again. The cancer thing was a very life altering experience. It really served to crystallize for me the idea of my own mortality. When I was younger, I never expected to live past 30. It was a lifestyle choice. Sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. I should have died a dozen times. Motorcycle wrecks, drug overdoses, car accidents, lightening almost got me once. None of it seemed to faze me back then. People I run into who knew me in my 20’s and 30’s are shocked.. The first words I always hear are “Holy Shit! I can’t believe you are still alive.” Well now that I’ve past the big 50 it’s a miracle. You hear cancer and it blows your mind because your concept of time has been altered. You think “I don’t have much time as it is and I have all these songs and ideas in my head I have to finish. Cancer is going to really screw things up.” My first reaction to the words “you might have cancer of the esophagus” was I became manically driven. I had to get music done. Something Special was written, recorded and put out there in two weeks. I have so much music left unrecorded. So cancer kicked me in the ass. I didn’t mix it professionally. Forget mastering. I just wanted the stuff recorded. I was ready to go right into the next CD and my studio crashed 5 of 7 computers got the Blue Wall of Death. When my cancer miraculously disappeared I saw it for the miracle it was. Something I wouldn’t have quite grasped when I was younger.
Who taught you how to play guitar?
I taught myself. Actually I did have about a half-dozen lessons from Jim Shepley. He taught Duane Allman how to play. He taught me a couple of scales and said, “Basically you know these and you can play anything.” So, the lesson usually consisted of me going to Jim’s House on Foxon Blvd. In East Haven, CT and we’d sit on the porch practice the scale a couple times and smoke a joint. Jim probably doesn’t even remember me. He was playing with the Jim Ground Band at the time and I got them a gig over at Bill Millers Sherry Shack in Branford - $15 commission. But, I split from home on and off at 12 and was really gone at 13 and that was the end of lessons. I can’t read a single note and I can’t tell you the name of ½ the chords I play. Do it all by ear.
Where do you mainly record?
Almost everything I’ve recorded has been live on a multi-track recorder. I can’t afford studio time, and given the technology available today and the advent of the MP3 and Internet Marketing I don’t really need a studio. I mean it would be nice to work with state of the art equipment, but it’s just not in the cards. But, that’s O.K. I do alright.
You seem to do well with your music and you have seen many of your songs hit charts on digital music websites. What is your strategy in promoting your music?
I’ve done very well in terms of getting my name out there. There is no set strategy. I think certain things lend themselves to a song and/or an artist’s success. First and foremost is originality. Too many bands sound like bands that they emulate. I think to be considered as doing well people have to be talking about who sounds like you. Unique/Original really standout and translate into CREATIVE.. Another real plus, or so I’m told, is that I sing about issues. I sing about real life. I won’t be intimidated by anyone. I’ve never been afraid to speak my mind or sing about my experiences, be they right or wrong.
What do you listen to in your private life?
I listen to Indie Music. I refuse to listen to the slick canned shit you get on corporate radio. There are way too many good Indie Artists to listen to. Hardcoremix.com is a prime example of what I mean. Folks familiar with HC Mix are always commenting on the fact that the play list is varied; new talent; different genres. It’s a wonderful thing man because you are airing the real talent. Whereas, with Corporate radio you get the best music money can create. There are great artists on hardcoremix.com; on reverbnation.com; the AFCollective; The Medicine Show; The European Hub; Hot 106 etc. So I stick solely to net radio for my personal enjoyment.
Where do you feel most artists go wrong these days where they never make it as a musician?
Well, I promoted a lot of shows at the Puppet House Theater and the biggest mistake I see bands making is the same one it has always been. They start acting like rock stars before they’ve earned it. They burn out before they get off the ground.
Another killer is ego. A band gets a small taste of success and they start looking at their fans as if they are on some lower level in the hierarchy. That is just so wrong. You are only as great as your fans want and allow you to be. Start dissing your fans and you’re going down.
Do you play any other instruments?
Not well enough to talk about.
Tell us about the "15 Souls In My Pocket" CD.
15 Souls In My Pocket has been written for over a year now. I just haven’t been able to record it. It was originally going to be a double CD – a contrast piece. The darker and lighter side of existence. A kind of dualistic examination. A lot of songs dealing w/metaphysics; politics; other realms, both physical and psychological. I think out of necessity it is now back to a single disc. I’m reconsidering the content on a daily basis. Do I go completely dark or do I air it up. The delays have been so considerable. My studio going down and I lost all the original demo recordings. Five computers out of seven destroyed by virus. Then the health delay. So, I’m already a year late. So, I don’t know what context the CD is going to be released under? Will I go w/ the darker stuff? The Lighter side of dark? I don’t know. I just know if I’m going to get it out soon the compare and contrast mode has to be scrapped.
What is the best venue to play at in your area?
I found the best venue turned out to be the streets. I started busking down in New Haven and other Shoreline Towns and I make better money than I could make at any of the CT venues. With regard to a larger show – rent a hall and promote it yourself. You will wind up making out infinitely better than you would working with any of the CT Clubs. There is a possibility for someone with start up capital. Rent Halls all across the U.S. and promote your own National Indie Tours. I think you might make out O.K.
What are you working on for 2010?
I’m looking at 2010 as the best year in music that I will ever have. The cancer is gone; my arm is working again. I have some working computers and I’m rebuilding my ability to get stuff done. I have over 200 songs. The biggest delay right now is I can’t seem to stop writing long enough to rerecord the original project. This will be the year that I release more music than I ever have or probably ever will – with the exception of 2011 and maybe 2012; and possibly 2013 if everything doesn’t go poof in 2012.
Well, I want to thank you for your time Rick. It is a pleasure hearing new music from you and we truly think that you are a passionate recording artist!
Copyright 2010 Hardcoremix/Hardcorejamz.com
- Staff Writer @ hardcoremix.com

"Twenty Questions for Rick Frost - AFCollective's"

Rick Frost was selected by the U.K.-based AFCollective.com as the group’s “Artist of The Month – March, 2007” – Below are the Collective’s traditional “20 Questions” for their
"Artist of the Month"

Twenty Questions for Rick Frost

1. Where do you live and why? (Be as specific or non-specific as you like)
I live in the state of CT, in the U.S. The only reason I live here is I can’t afford to move.
Ideally I’d live on a warm beach

2. When did you first know you wanted to write music? (not play it…write it)
In the womb.

3. How did you choose your performing name?
I lucked out. I was born with it. People ask what’s your given name and it’s Rick Frost. Very little imagination needed for that aspect of my career

4. If you were a rap artist, what would your name be?
Let’s see there’s Ice Tea; Ice Cube; Vanilla Ice. How about Ice D. Frost

5. What is your favorite song by another artist?
Tie between Little Wing and Angel, both by Hendrix

6. What is your favorite song of your own?
Faith No More, because basically I’m really a political animal. One of the driving forces in my life is my focus on economic disparity and general inequality on a global scale and my commitment to somehow change it.

7. Summer, Spring, Winter or Fall?
Summer! Ah, warm breezes….beaches, etc.

8. Your favorite story to tell is…
All of my favorite stories are really long and self-incriminating. If you really are interested email me at rickfrost44@hotmail.com and I will mail you a copy of one of my favorite stories.

9. Do you use your music to make an impression on the opposite sex?
I’m sure when I was younger I did

10. Has it ever worked?
I’m sure when I was younger it did. Things change as you age. For example, my last show was sold out. As a joke, I circulated a rumor that I would be playing naked. People started to call and demand a lower price on tickets.

11. Is there a song you’ve always wanted to write that you cannot seem to write?
Lots of them. Seems like every song I was just about to write, John Lennon beat me to it. I think he was reading my mind.

12. Coffee, tea or milk?
Coffee-if I were in need of a transfusion they would roll in a percolator

13. If you could meet one living person that you might not otherwise meet, who would it be?
Impossible to pick just one so I’ll say Bono, Oprah and Angelina Jolie because each of them has used their fame and fortune to address poverty, hunger and economic disparity and I believe there is no better use for something as useless as fame.

14. If you could meet one dead person, that you hopefully would not otherwise meet, who would it be?
John Lennon (Don’t tell anyone, but I’ve met him in my dreams. He’s a very active spirit)

15. Is there a place you must visit before you die?
Stonehenge-There is something intrinsically beautiful and mysterious about the place. I feel inexplicably drawn to it.

16. When you are inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame in America, who will introduce you?
DJay Buddha – I will insist on it

17. Train A leaves the station at 1pm and travels at a rate of 100mph(don’t know the kph conversion). Train B leaves the station at 2pm and travels at a rate of 200mph. Which train is Casey Jones driving?
It has to be Train B. You know “high on cocaine..Casey Jones you better watch your speed.”

18. Dog or cat or…?
Dog - Any being that can lick its’ own balls … then run over and lick your face and somehow convince you that they love you in the process - they’ve just got it going on don’t ya think?

19. Complete this sentence: People often ask me______.
Where did you get that beautiful hair?

20. Well, what do you tell them?
”Wal-Mart - aisle four.”

Rick Frost
- AFCollective.com

"Recent Performance Reviews"

Local artist Rick Frost with … his tall thin frame and Edgar Winter hair … immediately engaged the crowd with his congenial banter, dry humor and nimble licks on the acoustic guitar. Rick, was on a poetic mission and his politics and spirituality came through on the wings of some powerful lyrics as evidenced by “Homeless Joe” and “I Threw My Cell phone In The Ocean Today”, which he delivered in a vocal style somewhere between Arlo Guthrie and Elvin Bishop, a nice balance of sarcasm and genuine worldly concern. The package was effective and got us revved for the main event. - A NIGHT AT THE PUPPET HOUSE WITH RICK FROST AND GANDALF MURPHY & THE SLAMBOVIAN CIRCUS OF DREAMS – Review, CTMUSICSCENE.COM, Brian Gillie

“Perhaps you are not familiar with Rick Frost … if not you should be …. A modern day musical crusader, who rocks with messages of what’s wrong in today’s society”, ( Power Slammed, A Music Review, The Trumpeter, by Roger Straub). Referred to by local press as “a crowd pleaser who generates excitement whenever he appears. Frost is widely known for his smouldering brand of socio-political originals”, ( Frost In May, The Shoreline Times). Frost’s last appearance, at the Stony Creek Puppet House and Performing Arts Center, resulted in accolades from the local press, including commentary such as: “ good stage presence … accomplished musical style … an impressive blend of acoustic/electric originals …. A great set!” – Giglist.com, (where Rick Frost was voted “Band of the Month – April, 2000” in the UK).

What a show at the Puppet House! Phenomenal! Rick Frost was exceptional – truly a gifted guitarist and lyricist …. He kind of looked like a sorcerer; sure played like one. I’d never seen him perform live before and I was blown away! Jim Morrison had the Lizard King, put Joziah Longo and Rick Frost on the same stage and you have the “Wizard Kings.” Nice job Puppet House – Fun At The PuppetHouse

Wow! What an incredible time I had at the Puppet House, on Sat. night. A huge thanks to both Rick Frost and the Gandalf gang. Rick is really an amazing artist. The combination of stellar lyrics, excellent guitar playing and a compelling sense of humor makes for a winning combination. Rock on Rick Frost – the talented man with the wild hair! - Dante

Special thanks to Rick Frost. Your opening set was wonderful. Thanks again to The Circus, Rick Frost and The Puppet House for a night that was so wonderful and different. - Glad We Made It

Rick Frost opened and put on the best show I’ve ever seen him do. Whatever it is you are doing Rick, keep on doing it. I loved all the pokes and jokes on the politics that you did. After all this is America – we can say what we want and hopefully not get shot for it. Many laughs were had by much of what you said. And, it felt great to laugh ! - Sunshine

Loved your show @ The Puppet House. Your CD, Something Special is great! You and Gandalf seem to have a really cool symbiotic relationship. You folks put on a great show together. Keep rockin’ - Sallie

Saw you at the Puppet House w/ Gandalf Murphy. Loved your set and your CD, “Something Special” as well. - Dave

Rick, not sure if you knew, or not, but people in England, Scotland, Germany, Romania are familiar with your wonderful music. In Alupka, where I reside, you are quite popular with us. Love to you. - Bandi
- Various Sources

"Rick Frost Tops Extraplay.com's U.S. and World Charts - Week of May 13, 2007"

What a fun way to start the week! Rick Frost looked at the Extraplay Charts only to find that he was #1 on the Extraplay.com World/All Genres/ All Music Chart as well as
#1 on the Extraplay.com U.S./All Genres/All Music Chart.

Frost had been #1 on the U.S. Chart for a number of weeks. Then fell to #2; back up to #1 - back down to #2, etc., etc.

The World Chart was a different story. Rick climbed to #2 - parked there for a number of weeks and then watched the decline begin: i.e., down to #4; then #5; then #8 - back up to #5. Only to wake -up this morning ( Mon. March 14, 2007) and find that he was on Top of both the U.S and World Charts Asked how he felt about the development, Frost smiled and half-whispered " it's mindblowing".

Frost went on to say, that the rankings had only occurred because of the support of friends.

"Sorry, I don't think of anyone as a fan" said Frost. "Somehow, in my mind, that denotes a mental image of the artist 'up here' and the supporter as being 'down there' somewhere. And, thats' not how it is - I want to blur that vision right from the git-go. I see folks that support my music as friends of mine and we all have equal footing and value as we embrace the music and dance around the bonfire on level ground looking one another in the eye. So thank you to all my friends that made this happen." Frost added, " As most of you probably know, 40% to 50% of all the gross sales of my music go to charity. To be put in a position of visibility like the one you folks have just afforded me - could mean so much more for those who really have so little. And that is what his all really about anyway."

Frost concluded his remarks by saying, "Thanks again. This is a special week for me. Thanks also, to our friend Nic Cope, for breathing life into this incredible concept, that we've come to know as Extraplay.com The potential for good that exists within this community of friends is almost so vast as to be impossible to imagine". For those of you that might be unfamiliar with Nic Cope, he is the Executive Director of Extraplay.com Or, as Rick Frost described it, "Extraplay is Nic's BrainChild."

Nice job Rick Frost! Keep up the good work.

Extraplay.com News
March 14, 2007 - Extraplay News


*Mon. Jan. 18, 2010 - Rick Frost selected as "Feature Artist" and "Curse" as "Feature Song" on JodiannsMusicPlace.com
Tues., Jan. 19, 2010 - Rick Frost has been selected as Reverbnation's "Featured Alternative Artist" for the week of 1/19/2010 -1/26/2010.
*UPDATE - July 27, 2009- "King George" Tops Hardcoremix.com Radio Top Songs Chart!
Frost retains #1 Chart position forNY/CT/EC Alt Chart.
Moves to #7 on National Alt. Chart/ #18 Alt. Global Chart
July 26,2009 - Gains access to Jango regular programming.

**UPDATE _MARCH ,2009 - "HOMELESS JOE" by Rick Frost has shot to the top of the charts capturing the #1 Spot @ Hardcoremix.com
Also, Something Special was picked up for inclusion in rotation by HotMix106.com
And Amazon.com stated " In the 13,000 plays recorded by Something Special we have yet to encounter a negative remark!!!!!
Something Special - Live Recording, Released Jan, 2006.
Ten songs from this CD have been released as singles and wound up as Chart-Toppers (i.e., No.1 on a major chart - w/ some hitting #1 on multiple charts). This CD is diverse and exciting and the combination has pushed Rick to the forefront of the Alternative/Indie Pack.
As of this writing (Jan. 2009) Rick is ranked #1 Locally ( NY,CT,NJ,MA); #8 Nationally and #17 Globally on Reverbnation's Respective Alternative Charts ( Global Chart consisting of over 250,000 Artists and Bands). Rick has also been listed in the Top 10 in his 3 respective genres on CT MySpace Charts for 3 years running.2008/2009 has seen Rick land 10 songs in No.1 Slots on Internet Charts; win IndieMusic.com's Battle of the Bands in April 2008 and be picked as the Scotland-based AFCollective's, "Artist of the Month" in both March and April; and London-based Extraplay.com's Featured Artist.

Frost & Sherman - Live At The Puppet House
12 Songs recorded live; released July, 2000 - Out of Print - Digital Download available via Special Order directly from artist - rickfrost44@hotmail.com

Something Special - 12 Tune Solo CD by Rick Frost.
Released Jan. 21, 2006 - Available at http://www.CDbaby.com/rickfrost



Coming Soon - a "BEHIND THE SCENES INTERVIEW" of Rick Frost on hardcoremix.com
This promises to be fascinating - 1/26/2910
"Rick Frost http:www.reverbnation.com/rickfrost A true American renegade, armed with powerful guitars and politically charged lyrics that will hit too close to home like the blues often do! Find a moment to give Rick a listen, a real underground legend of our time! "
- Matt, Free World Radio Telecasting (Sep 29, 2009)

"We've been joined by: RICK FROST "YOU'RE GONE" delivers super power chords, an insane lead guitar and powerful theme and groove! "
- Carlos Mongroove, CMongrooves (Sep 27, 2009)

* Update
Jan. 18, 2010 - Rick Frost selected as "Feature Artist" and "Curse" as "Feature Song" on JodiannsMusicPlace.com
Tues., Jan. 19, 2010 - Rick Frost has been selected as Reverbnation's "Featured Alternative Artist" for the week of 1/19/2010 -1/26/2010.
*UPDATE - July 27, 2009- "King George" Tops Hardcoremix.com Radio Top Songs Chart!
Frost retains #1 Chart position forNY/CT/EC Alt Chart.

JAN. - 2010 - Update:
The number of Rick Frost releases hitting #1 on a Chart has grown to 20 with 4 of those being multi-chart toppers. Also, Reverbnation announced this week that Rick will be RVN's Feature Artist for the week of Jan. 19, 2010 thru Jan. 26, 2010! Exciting news. Presently, Rick is still #1 on the RVN Alt. Chart for CT ( makes it a year straight); # 11 on the RVN Alt. National Chart (U.S.); #18 on the RVN Alt. Global Chart; and # 258 ( out of approx. 400,000 Artists/Bands) on the All-Genre Combined Global Chart!
BULLETIN !!! - Thank you to all my friends out there!
Reverbnation.com announced this morning that I had been selected as their "Featured Artist" for the Week of May12th through May 19th". This is a big "wow". I have been the #1 Artist on the NY/CT/Corridor Music Chart for 4 months in a row and bounced between 3rd and 15th on the National Chart for the past few months (currently 12th and #24 on the National and Global Charts respectively). But snagging "Featured Artist" is quite an honor and it is only because of all the friends out there that backed me that this happened.
Ironically, "Homeless Joe" clinched the #1 Spot on hardcoremix.com TOP SONGS CHART for the 5th Week IN a Row Yesterday morning (May 11, 2009).

1 Artist; 1 twenty year old acoust./elect. guitar w/ cracks in it; 1 mic; and a home recording unit.

RESULT: A CD w/ 10 #One releases; 3 multi-chart #1 releases; 3 "Featured Artist" of the Month Awards; 4"Featured Song" of the Month Awards; One "Battle of the Band's Sweep"; a current rating of #1 on Reverbnation's Local Alt. Chart; #10 on Reverbnation's National Alternative Chart ( made up of approx. 17,000 Artists/Bands; a #22 rating on the Reverbnation Alt. Global Chart; and a 260 rating in Reverbnations All-Genre International Chart (comprised of approx. 300,000 participants); and a Top Ten Ranking in all Three MySpace Genre Charts for 3 years running.
Rick Frost's next CD, "15 Souls In My Pocket", due out in Jan., 2010 - promises to be an absolute monster!!!
Meet Rick Frost
For over a decade Rick Frost and Jae Sherman stomped up and down the East Coast of the U.S., as much a force of political expression as they were a source of musical entertainment. The vast majority of tunes penned by Rick Frost were overtly political and the duo's agenda, with regard to appearances, was true to their expressed political ideology. Over 90% of the gigs, performed by Frost and Sherman, over a ten-year period, were benefits! The commitment to social justice being so overwhelmingly strong that the duo often turned down gigs-for-pay, in order to perform at benefits that they felt were a priority.

After ten years of playing together, Rick and Jae amicably split their act up. It was basically nothing more than life taking two individuals in opposite directions. Rick embarked on a four year hiatus during which very little was heard from him. In Jan. 2006, Rick ended his self-imposed exile and returned to the stage with the same determination and focus that he was known for previously. The Rick Frost/Jae Sherman Political Commentary Duo had become the Rick Frost Political Commentary Solo Act.
When questioned, as to his focus, Rick Frost retorted, nothing has changed. Polarization of wealth is more pronounced than ever before. Racism is now purely de facto. There are more people in poverty than ever before, the only thing that hasn't changed is the federally set minimum poverty level how's that for a laugh??

A review of Rick's new material seems to belie a kinder, less in-your-face indictment of the excesses of capitalism; however the indictment is still very much visible.When asked about the somewhat softer verbal approach, Rick said, " I'm not here to judge anybody. I'm not qualified in that respect. I am qualified to make general moral judgements and encourage change - as are we all.?

The music itself is