Rick Frost

Rick Frost

 Guilford, Connecticut, USA

The media has described Rick Frost as a "brilliant lyricist and guitarist" who's as capable of delivering a ballad as a "knock you down, scorching socio-political anthem" Listener commentary"No special effects,no razzle dazzle, no theatrics or gimmics. Just damn good song writing.Take notes class!"


Coming Soon - a "BEHIND THE SCENES INTERVIEW" of Rick Frost on hardcoremix.com
This promises to be fascinating - 1/26/2910
"Rick Frost http:www.reverbnation.com/rickfrost A true American renegade, armed with powerful guitars and politically charged lyrics that will hit too close to home like the blues often do! Find a moment to give Rick a listen, a real underground legend of our time! "
- Matt, Free World Radio Telecasting (Sep 29, 2009)

"We've been joined by: RICK FROST "YOU'RE GONE" delivers super power chords, an insane lead guitar and powerful theme and groove! "
- Carlos Mongroove, CMongrooves (Sep 27, 2009)

* Update
Jan. 18, 2010 - Rick Frost selected as "Feature Artist" and "Curse" as "Feature Song" on JodiannsMusicPlace.com
Tues., Jan. 19, 2010 - Rick Frost has been selected as Reverbnation's "Featured Alternative Artist" for the week of 1/19/2010 -1/26/2010.
*UPDATE - July 27, 2009- "King George" Tops Hardcoremix.com Radio Top Songs Chart!
Frost retains #1 Chart position forNY/CT/EC Alt Chart.

JAN. - 2010 - Update:
The number of Rick Frost releases hitting #1 on a Chart has grown to 20 with 4 of those being multi-chart toppers. Also, Reverbnation announced this week that Rick will be RVN's Feature Artist for the week of Jan. 19, 2010 thru Jan. 26, 2010! Exciting news. Presently, Rick is still #1 on the RVN Alt. Chart for CT ( makes it a year straight); # 11 on the RVN Alt. National Chart (U.S.); #18 on the RVN Alt. Global Chart; and # 258 ( out of approx. 400,000 Artists/Bands) on the All-Genre Combined Global Chart!
BULLETIN !!! - Thank you to all my friends out there!
Reverbnation.com announced this morning that I had been selected as their "Featured Artist" for the Week of May12th through May 19th". This is a big "wow". I have been the #1 Artist on the NY/CT/Corridor Music Chart for 4 months in a row and bounced between 3rd and 15th on the National Chart for the past few months (currently 12th and #24 on the National and Global Charts respectively). But snagging "Featured Artist" is quite an honor and it is only because of all the friends out there that backed me that this happened.
Ironically, "Homeless Joe" clinched the #1 Spot on hardcoremix.com TOP SONGS CHART for the 5th Week IN a Row Yesterday morning (May 11, 2009).

1 Artist; 1 twenty year old acoust./elect. guitar w/ cracks in it; 1 mic; and a home recording unit.

RESULT: A CD w/ 10 #One releases; 3 multi-chart #1 releases; 3 "Featured Artist" of the Month Awards; 4"Featured Song" of the Month Awards; One "Battle of the Band's Sweep"; a current rating of #1 on Reverbnation's Local Alt. Chart; #10 on Reverbnation's National Alternative Chart ( made up of approx. 17,000 Artists/Bands; a #22 rating on the Reverbnation Alt. Global Chart; and a 260 rating in Reverbnations All-Genre International Chart (comprised of approx. 300,000 participants); and a Top Ten Ranking in all Three MySpace Genre Charts for 3 years running.
Rick Frost's next CD, "15 Souls In My Pocket", due out in Jan., 2010 - promises to be an absolute monster!!!
Meet Rick Frost
For over a decade Rick Frost and Jae Sherman stomped up and down the East Coast of the U.S., as much a force of political expression as they were a source of musical entertainment. The vast majority of tunes penned by Rick Frost were overtly political and the duo's agenda, with regard to appearances, was true to their expressed political ideology. Over 90% of the gigs, performed by Frost and Sherman, over a ten-year period, were benefits! The commitment to social justice being so overwhelmingly strong that the duo often turned down gigs-for-pay, in order to perform at benefits that they felt were a priority.

After ten years of playing together, Rick and Jae amicably split their act up. It was basically nothing more than life taking two individuals in opposite directions. Rick embarked on a four year hiatus during which very little was heard from him. In Jan. 2006, Rick ended his self-imposed exile and returned to the stage with the same determination and focus that he was known for previously. The Rick Frost/Jae Sherman Political Commentary Duo had become the Rick Frost Political Commentary Solo Act.
When questioned, as to his focus, Rick Frost retorted, nothing has changed. Polarization of wealth is more pronounced than ever before. Racism is now purely de facto. There are more people in poverty than ever before, the only thing that hasn't changed is the federally set minimum poverty level how's that for a laugh??

A review of Rick's new material seems to belie a kinder, less in-your-face indictment of the excesses of capitalism; however the indictment is still very much visible.When asked about the somewhat softer verbal approach, Rick said, " I'm not here to judge anybody. I'm not qualified in that respect. I am qualified to make general moral judgements and encourage change - as are we all.?

The music itself is


You're Gone

Written By: Rick Frost, c. 2006, BMI

You’re Gone
words and music, by Rick Frost, c. 2006, BMI

1. Glasses Clinking and the crowd is loud
And I’m sitting here alone
It’s not that I forgot how to speak
I’m just stuck in a frozen zone
Ladies walk-up, they smile at me
Say, how do ya do?
But I find, in my mind
That I can’t respond-Cause’ I’m always thinking of you

Chorus: But you’re gone-you’re changing
You’re gone-rearranging
You’re gone-You’ve changed
You’re gone-And I’m the same

2. Glasses clinking and they toast the host
And someone says “God Bless”
I stare at my beer, wonder why I’m here
And I can’t even venture a guess
People walk up and say “hello”
And I guess I know them all
But I can’t put a name to a face
Cause I feel like I’m part of the wall

(Chorus) - (Break)

3. Laughter rising, there’s a joke in the smoke
And I find, I have a bottle of wine
Hear a wisecrack, get a slap on the back
And, someone says, “You’ll be fine”
Someone shoves a joint in my face
Say’s hey man take a toke
But I already know-nothings gonna make me feel better
Noting that I drink, or smoke
(Repeat Chorus)

Dogs In The Moonlight

Written By: Rick Frost, c.1998, BMI

Dogs In The Moonlight

1.The dogs in the moonlight
Casting shadows on my lawn
I turn to you for comfort
Forgetting that you’re gone
Everything has turned to shadows
In this eerie yellow light
I sure could use some company
Wish you were here tonight
And I’m lonely and alone
Will this feeling ever end
Not only did I lose my lover
I also lost a friend

2.Sorry that I hurt you
And pushed you far away
But the circles had been broken
And you said you could not stay
And you walked into the darkness
And were swallowed by the light
Leaving me with questions of who was wrong or right
And its hours til the morning
When the light will reach my door
Caressing frozen memories
Don’t know what I was left here for

And (Repeat First Verse)
(Repeat First Four Lines – 3 Times)

Gone … Gone ….Gone (Fade)


Written By: Rick Frost, c. 2006, BMI

Words and Music by
Rick Frost
c. 2006, BMI


1.What use of a savior
If there’s no one left to save
History of human existence
A banquet in the grave
Do you feel more spiritual
Now that you’ve grown old
Who wants a freezing casket
When you dance on streets of gold

Chorus: Am I angry with God – No way
Am I angry with you I’m not sure
Am I angry with myself – you got it
I can’t find that cure

2.Have you measured the speed of darkness
Infinitely faster than light
Leave for a destination at sunrise
Never arrive before night
Broken children crying for solace
Winos in the street
Wanna make it all disappear
Could anything be that sweet

Chorus: Am I angry with God – I imagine
Am I angry with you – a good bet
Am I angry with myself – you got it
Most honest answer yet

3.Watch the direction of human progress
Cyclical road we pave
Always end up in the same location

Its’ our banquet in the grave
Children starving
Populations’ decimated by AIDS
We feel pity for a moment
But then that moment fades

Chorus: Am I angry with God – he’s ambivalent
Am I angry with you – you’re worse
Am I angry with myself – you got it
I’m just part of this curse

4. Ah!, The mystery of human history
Slaves to our own desires
It’s a banquet in the grave
The only light self-lit fires
It doesn’t matter what’s in my soul
I’m a recluse in my minds cave
I only emerge
When I hear the urge
When threes a banquet in the grave

Chorus: Am I angry with God – he’s invisible
Am I angry with you – you’re worse
Am I angry with myself – you got it
I’m just part of this curse
I’m just part of this curse
I’m just part of this curse – This curse (fade)

Something Special

Written By: words&music,c. 2006, Rick Frost, BMI

Something Special
Words and Music, by Rick Frost, c. 2006, BMI

1. Nine days up on crystal meth
can’t even catch my breath
It must be some weird kind of endurance test

Day ten my girlfriend wept
She said even Jesus Christ he slept
And on the seventh day even God he rested

Chorus: I told her I don’t want to hear no more
Not until I know what I’m here for
Don’t want to miss out on anything special
Even though I’m bored to tears
I’m prepared to stay awake for years
If it means I’ll catch a glimpse
Of something so special

2. Seven years on heroin
All my friends asking where you been
I tell them I’ve just been out there breezin’

And my lady she went away
People ask me what did she say
Tell the truth I can’t remember the reason-I tell them
(repeat chorus)

3. The days and weeks they fly past
Nothing here ever seems to last
Everything in this world it winds up broken

And my lady she went away
People ask me what did she say
To tell the truth I can’t remember the words that were spoken-I tell them
(repeat chorus)

4. The sun does set the moon does rise
I never even opened my eyes
It’s too much like the show from the night before

People say that it’s a crime
I’m wasting life, I’m wasting time
I say screw it and I just close my door
(repeat chorus) (break)

5. Now I look through a veil of tears
I’ve been awake for a billion years
There’s Dunkin donuts and a thousand Wal-Mart stores

And lots of famine and lots of disease
And a million yuppies in their SUVs
And no shortage of any hate fueled wars

2nd chorus; and I don’t want to hear no more
Not till I know what I’m hear for
Don’t want to miss out on anything special
And I’m looking through a veil of tears
Probably be another million years
Before I catch a glimpse
Of anything special
Something Special

Hey Allie

Written By: Rick Frost, c. 2006, BMI

Hey Allie
Words and Music, by Rick Frost, c.2006, BMI

1. Hey Allie – the air’s so clear
You can see Long Island from here
It’s only seventeen lousy miles away

You have no substance – you have no form
But you sure keep that water warm
And, I know somehow that you’re with me today

1st Chorus: When you were hurting-I heard your moans
The day you died – you crawled into my bones
It’s as if you never-ever really went away

But my God, it’s such a lonely place
Only because I can’t touch your face
But I know somehow-that you’re with me today

2. Hey Allie-the sun’s so bright
Is that the sun, or is that your light
It’s getting to the point where I
can no longer tell

You’re here-but you’re still missed
You can’t be seen, you can’t be kissed
It’s as if I’m the one that died-And I wound up in hell

2nd Chorus: From dust to dust – from dust to mud
You’re in my bones and you’re in my blood
You left this world, but you sure as hell left your mark

3. Hold on Allie-I’m comin’ with you
I think my days in this place are through
There’s earthquakes everywhere and the children are all starving to death

And looking at the restless sea
I realize this ain’t the place for me
Hold on honey I’m takin’ just one more breath

3rd Chorus: And I’ll be with you in a little while
We’ll hold hands and I know we’ll smile
We’ll reminisce about the way it was before

And I feel bad for those I left behind
I hope someday that they will find
The peace in their heart that they’re lookin’ for

4. Hey Allie I’m getting close
I just need one more dose
Hey Allie I’m walkin’ on through that door

(fade) Hey Allie, Hey Allie

Nothing We Can't Do

Written By: Rick Frost, C. 2006, BMI

Nothin’ We Can’t Do
words and music, by Rick Frost, c. 2005, BMI

I’m not omnipotent baby-I’m just a man
But I can walk on water I know that I can
All’s it takes is for me to believe it can be done

I’m not different babe-I’m the same as you
You say look at all those magical things that you do
Just takes some faith babe-then it starts getting’ fun

I transcend both time and space
Can be right here while in some other place
It ain’t voodoo child-I just believe that I can

There’s nothing I can’t do
You don’t believe it-it’s the same for you
I can move mountains-yet I’m merely a man


Religions and governments they rave and they rant
Caught in the chains of this thing called “I can’t”
So exalted and powerful yet to blind to see

There are no boundaries to what we create
Believe in love that’s how we end hate
Just know we can do it
Then will it to be

We’re all knocking on the next levels door
We don’t’ need poverty, we don’t need war
Truly believe it and they cease to exist

We’re not the God but we all are Gods
Metaphysical lightening rods if we embrace our goodness
There’s nothing we can’t resist

“Extended break”

We blame our woes on a creator’s wrath
In actuality our self-constructed path
In our wisdom we somehow left the road incomplete

But that was then, and that was then's mistake
Just like the movies we shoot a second take
Realize shared vision, there’s no need to compete

Visualize yourself as being fulfilled
War and hate gone because that’s what we’ve willed
And we’ve done it with the faith of a mere mustard seed

That’s when we realize our inherent worth
Understand the concept of heaven on earth
And this time neither God, Buddha, Christ or we had to bleed…..to bleed…..to bleed

“Extended Instrumental

I Threw My Cell Phone In The Ocean Today

Written By: Rick Frost, c.2006, BMI

I Threw My Cell Phone In The Ocean Today
Words and Music, by Rick Frost,
C. 2005, BMI

1. I threw my cell phone in the ocean today
Thing gave me the freakin’ blues
Always ringing all over the place-beep, beep, beep
Never ever good news
Stuff Like:

Chorus: Man, can you score me a quarter
Dude, can you find me a bag
Can you grab me some milk at the store
Or, I just called to nag

Do you have that money you owe
I’m sure you don’t remember
Twenty bucks you borrowed –ten years ago
I think it was in September

I threw my cell phone in the ocean today
Best thing that I ever did
Always ringing at inappropriate times
Had me flippin’ my lid

2nd Chorus: Would you like to make a donation
Man can you come play for free
Wanna subscribe to my religion
Or, wrong number-Oh, golly gee
Or, hon-I know we’ve no children
Send child support anyway
I like doin’ nothing in Europe babe
You send me some bucks, I can stay

3. I threw my cell-phone in the ocean today
Sure got some folks really pissed
They say, We can never reach you man”
I say, “I’m sorry you missed”

3rd Chorus: I look to the horizon
I know I’ll make it somehow
I stare at the stars up above
I scream, “Can you hear me now”

And I’m talking to angels
And a vampire or two
They can always reach me
No trouble getting through
None of this “can you reach me”
Can you reach me now
Can you reach me-Can you reach me now

4. I threw my cell phone in the ocean today
Watched the damn thing sink
I’m all alone on the beach now friend
Can finally hear myself think
None of this-
Can you hear me – Can you hear me now
Can you hear me – Can you hear me now
I threw my cell phone in the ocean today

King George

Written By: Rick Frost, C. 2006, BMI


words and music,by Rick Frost
c. 2006

It’s caviar and lobster for the wealthy
If there’s anything left for the poor
Its watered down porridge
It’s the US of A-2006
Under the tutelage of King George
Ya say this is America man-we’re a democracy
Read between the lines my friend
You’ll find that invisible royalty
And sadly enough an autocracy
It’s the reign of King George

Two white kids from Beverly Hills
Got caught last night with some coke
Expensive lawyers equal community service
The legal system is nothing but a joke
A brother in Compton got caught
With just a little bit of smoke
And he’s doin’ hard time-
Why? I don’t know-ask King George

Hey George how’d all that cocaine get here anyway
Wasn’t it first brought in by the good ole CIA
To fund Mr. Nixon’s and your Daddy’s
Dirty little fuckin’ war
And now it’s just evolved into a part of your own
War on the poor-on the poor
Way to go King George

George says its America we’re all about democracy
Tells black folks look at Condoleezza Rice
There’s a picture of equality
She worked hard, put her nose to the grindstone, paid the price
Hard work pays off for black folks here -Everybody ain’t that nice

Alls I can say America don’t you see
I’m lilly-white and I’m blacker than
That brown-nosin Republican bitch could ever be

King George invades Iraq-we don’t declare a war
Congressional approval-What’s that?
We don’t’ need those rubber stampers anymore
All’s it takes is for King George to see an opportunity
Who needs a declaration when you can issue a decree
Wake up America we might be brave
But we ain’t no longer free

At international relations George is just a blinding light
King George Jr. – My God-he’s just so damn bright
Tells Putin model your government like the one we just built in Iraq
I swear poor Vladimir’s examining Georgie’s head
Just tryin to find the crack
How’d he become King-is anybody’s guess
Only took six short years and he’s turned the world
Into quite a mess
We don’t have to worry about it-ah not anymore
In the land where one percent of us are rich
And the rest of us all are poor

And no more elections-thats a pretty good bet
Because we have a King now and he’s tellin us
He’s the best King we’re gonna ever get
Ah King George
God bless fuckin’ King George

State of Mind

Written By: Rick Frost

State of Mind

1. There’s a place where the children go
When they can’t find any loving
Free from sadness – free from woe
They’re able to smile at night

No divisive fence
No vengeful recompense
No lost innocence in their world
They want to take us there
Respond with a cold blank stare
It doesn’t exist for you or I
It’s a state of mind

2. There’s a place where your mother goes
When she’s tired of all those beatings
Free from anger and those stinging blows
She’s able to love again

No divisive fence
No vengeful recompense
No lost innocence in their world
She wants to take us there
Respond with a cold blank stare
It doesn’t exist for you or I
It’s a state of mind

3. There’s a place where the hungry go
When their insides get to screaming
Milk and honey continually flow
But they eat just enough

No divisive fence
No vengeful recompense
No lost innocence in their world
They want to take us there
Respond with a cold blank stare
It doesn’t exist for you or I
It’s a state of mind

4. There’s a place where the rich man goes
When he wants to trap your spirit
He’s looking for your state of mind
Ahh - honey – don’t you let him near it

He’ll dress up lies to tell
He’ll try to buy and sell
He’ll turn that place to hell to own it
Because he knows for sure
It’s your only cure
To have your minds’ – to own your soul
It’s his state of mind

Words and music by Rick Frost
©2000, BMI


*Mon. Jan. 18, 2010 - Rick Frost selected as "Feature Artist" and "Curse" as "Feature Song" on JodiannsMusicPlace.com
Tues., Jan. 19, 2010 - Rick Frost has been selected as Reverbnation's "Featured Alternative Artist" for the week of 1/19/2010 -1/26/2010.
*UPDATE - July 27, 2009- "King George" Tops Hardcoremix.com Radio Top Songs Chart!
Frost retains #1 Chart position forNY/CT/EC Alt Chart.
Moves to #7 on National Alt. Chart/ #18 Alt. Global Chart
July 26,2009 - Gains access to Jango regular programming.

**UPDATE _MARCH ,2009 - "HOMELESS JOE" by Rick Frost has shot to the top of the charts capturing the #1 Spot @ Hardcoremix.com
Also, Something Special was picked up for inclusion in rotation by HotMix106.com
And Amazon.com stated " In the 13,000 plays recorded by Something Special we have yet to encounter a negative remark!!!!!
Something Special - Live Recording, Released Jan, 2006.
Ten songs from this CD have been released as singles and wound up as Chart-Toppers (i.e., No.1 on a major chart - w/ some hitting #1 on multiple charts). This CD is diverse and exciting and the combination has pushed Rick to the forefront of the Alternative/Indie Pack.
As of this writing (Jan. 2009) Rick is ranked #1 Locally ( NY,CT,NJ,MA); #8 Nationally and #17 Globally on Reverbnation's Respective Alternative Charts ( Global Chart consisting of over 250,000 Artists and Bands). Rick has also been listed in the Top 10 in his 3 respective genres on CT MySpace Charts for 3 years running.2008/2009 has seen Rick land 10 songs in No.1 Slots on Internet Charts; win IndieMusic.com's Battle of the Bands in April 2008 and be picked as the Scotland-based AFCollective's, "Artist of the Month" in both March and April; and London-based Extraplay.com's Featured Artist.

Frost & Sherman - Live At The Puppet House
12 Songs recorded live; released July, 2000 - Out of Print - Digital Download available via Special Order directly from artist - rickfrost44@hotmail.com

Something Special - 12 Tune Solo CD by Rick Frost.
Released Jan. 21, 2006 - Available at http://www.CDbaby.com/rickfrost

Set List

All songs are original (i.e., no covers). Set typically consists of 8 to 10 songs; or, 40 to 50 minutes depending on venues needs.