Rick Hager

Rick Hager


Hello, my name is Rick Hager. I'm a country music singer from Cambridge Ohio. I'm also a religious man so I believe in prayer and I know you will be hearing me on your radio real soon, how I know is because that was my prayer to God. Remeber my song title You and someone else This is the song thanks


We're promoting Rick Hager here but I do have a band. The Name of the band is Rick hgare and the Brothers Band. There's four members. I don't think were any better than anyone else but i can promise you a good show and sound.. I play what the audience is feeding off. I feel I have an incite to read the audience and we have a good relationship with them. Sounds like I'm talking alot about the audience but I know without them we're nothing. I'm a country music fan and have a bit of an Alabama group sound also. I try to play some of all fields that fit in the country clubs.


" You and someone else"

Set List

My set list ranges from Earl Thomas Conley to the Eagles. Normally 12 to 13 songs a set.