Rick Hardin

Rick Hardin


Room by room, Rick Hardin leaves people seduced by the rich dynamic of a world-class voice and outstanding songs. With a solid rhythm section and guitar leads which have held their own next to Carlos Santana, Rick Hardin and his band will take you to a place in which you'll want to stay.


Comprized of players who have worked with members of Stroke 9, Vertical Horizon, Carlos Santana and many other projects. The Rick Hardin Band creates a mood that marries "Blue Eyed Soul" with acoustic pop/rock and stellar songwriting, presenting them in highly-crafted songs that Rick writes himself. His ability to set a mood with his rich vocals and convey complex emotions with just a heartbreaking falsetto set Rick Hardin and his 4-piece band apart from so many other acoustic pop/rock sets.


Currently recording debut album.