Rick Hoeye

Rick Hoeye


Blending a fresh mix of rock, pop with a little soul injected, Rick Hoeye is a progressive vocal talent with strong writing and performance skills.


A native of the west coast and a professional vocalist for well over 20 years, Rick Hoeye is a progressive vocal talent who bears the influence of rock and soul in a voice that appeals to an array of listeners.

Rick began singing seriously when he was 15 years old in Anchorage, Alaska. His journey took him to Hollywood, CA at age 18 to attend the Vocal Institute of Technology (VIT) which gave him an insurmountable amount of experience as a vocalist and performer.

In the mid 90's, Rick moved to Seattle and joined forces with the group Gypsy Rose, and began getting recognition throughout the Seattle area. Through 2 name changes and various member changes, the dynamic group played an extensive amount of shows, recorded several demos and garnered national recognition as well as national radio airplay.

Under the tutealage of renowned vocal coach Jan Smith (Rob Thomas, Usher, TLC, Collective Soul), Rick has honed his skills as a vocalist, defining his vocal "thumb print" and broadening his musical horizons.

A lifetime of experience, along with his exceptional talents, has made Rick Hoeye a serious professional with a proven track record of success as a vocalist, songwriter and recording artist.


Demo - Releasing in 2006

Set List

Typical set would be 25-30 minutes. Would include such originals as My Fantasy, Everything, Live Again and an unique remake of the Eurythmics, "Here Comes the Rain Again". Other originals are available for longer set times.