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"Sunshine & Universal"

Breaking News….For Immediate Release

Being Released in October 2005

Hollywood, FL - September 7, 2005 Local artist prepares for his close up debut with the release of his new single “Sunshine” from his latest album “BORN TO ROCK”.

“Sunshine” the hottest new single being released from the album “BORN TO ROCK” was written, produced and heartfully sang by Ricki Erik for a friend because he was so taken back by this humbling man and his effort to win back the love of his woman that he wrote a special song dedicated to the couple titled “Sunshine”. He then serenaded the couple with the song during a romantic night attempting to rekindle the love they once shared. Ricki watched how they danced, cried and held each other tight, Ricki was so touched that he had no choice but to record and release the song for others to enjoy. The message Ricki says is “ Don’t let go and give up what you have so easily because it might not come again”. The couple reportedly is working on rekindling their relationship. Way to go! We love a good love story with a happy ending. “Girl, You’re my sunshine, Girl, You’re my dream”.

Legendary Entertainment Lawyer & Record Executive, Allen Jacobi of Pyramid Records helped paved the way to a distribution deal with Fontana Distribution a Universal Music Group Company and claims this is some of Ricki Erik’s best work on the album titled “BORN TO ROCK”. Pyramid Records founded in 1991 has represented a stable of Gold & Platinum recording artists and has released dozens of albums by such legendary rock artists as Robert Palmer, Earth Wind & Fire, The Band, Stray Cats and the Doobie Brothers among many others. Look for this album to contain a controversial song or two, as Ricki Erik is known for writing and singing about matters of the heart.

“Sunshine” the hottest new single will be released to radio in late September while the much anticipated release of the album “BORN TO ROCK” hits stores last week of October.

Everyone is Invited to Ricki Erik’s “Rockin Record Release Party October 27, 2005 - 8:00 pm at South Florida's #1 NightClub and Concert Hall- The REVOLUTION at Downtown, Fort Lauderdale.

Stay tuned for more detail.

For more info call Realm Music Group LLC Publicity Dept. at (877) 515-1215.
- Realm Music Group

"RICKI ERIK & R. Kelly in SLOW WIND Video"

Breaking News….For Immediate Release

LOCAL ROCK ARTIST- RICKI ERIK- prepares for a video debut with
R & B singer R. KELLY in R. Kellys’ newest single release
“SLOW WIND” from the album “TP.3 RELOADED”

Hollywood, FL - September 7, 2005 Local Rock artist Ricki Erik prepares for his close up once again in R. Kelly’s latest video not yet released “Slow Wind” from the album “TP.3 RELOADED”.

Hollywood Rocker “Ricki Erik” has been hitting the scene hard with his latest album “BORN to ROCK” being released in October and his latest single “Sunshine” being released to radio at the end of September. Ricki has had a busy schedule but is loving every minute of it. The Rocker has been hitting the local downtown Hollywood Florida scene offering some club owners and sponsors a free concert to raise money to donate to the “Hurricane Relief Fund” to benefit the victims of Hurricane Katrina. This Rocker “RICKI ERIK” is being featured at the OCTOPUS Garden and SAUER APPLE SALOON in downtown Hollywood to promote his new record as well as raise money for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Ricki says “Everything is connected through music and it’s the only way he knows how to reach out to people no matter where, no matter how far, music can touch the lives of many and he is hoping to reach into peoples hearts and pockets to help the victims of this unfortunate catastrophe.

Look for Ricki Erik in the upcoming R.Kelly “ Slow Wind” video not yet released from R & B album “TP.3 Reloaded” Ricki Erik plays guitar and sings alongside the R & B artist in his latest single”SLOW WIND” before bumping and grinding on the dancefloor with the hottest moves and dancers around.

Since entering the R & B scene in 1992, the windy city native singer R. Kelly has had five # 1 albums and his 9th top 5 debut. R. Kelly’s latest album “ TP.3 Reloaded” which debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top 200 in its first week which features “Trapped in the Closet” Chapters 1-5 has critics hailing it as possibly the best album of the year. Details about the release are being kept hush…hush and tightly under wrap until the video and single is officially debuted so stay tuned.
- Realm Music Group

"Free Concert to Benefit Hurricane Victims"

free concert to benefit the victims of huricane katrina

Realm Music Group LLC
1600 NW 98th Terrace
Pembroke Pines, FL 33024
Tel: 877-515-1215
Ctc: Michelle DeFronzo

Public Service Announcement
For Immediate Release

Ricki Erik to Perform live at
OCTOPUSS & Sauer Apple Saloon
In Downtown Hollywood

Hollywood, FL - September 7, 2005

(30 seconds)

Ricki Erik has announced he will perform several free live concerts in downtown Hollywood to benefit the Hurrican Relief Fund for people who fell victim of Hurricane Katrina.

On Wednesday, September 14th, 2005, RICKI ERIK will perform live at SAUER APPLE SALOON in downtown Hollywood Florida. Performance will begin at 9:00 PM.

On Saturday, September 17th, 2005, RICKI ERIK will perform live at OCTOPUS Gardens in downtown Hollywood. Performance will begin at 8:30 PM.

Entry is FREE and guests are invited to join Ricki Erik to ”rock the house” as he performs his latest album “Born to Rock” live. Proceeds will be donated to the Hurricane Relief Fund to benefit the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

For more info call Realm Music Group LLC Publicity Dept.
at (877) 515-1215.

1814 Harrison St- Hollywood, FL

Octopus's Garden 1942 Hollywood Blvd- Hollywood, FL

- Realm Music Group

"IF I Was GOD- "Got Peace?" Radio Tour"

“Got peace?” Radio tour

With the recent debut of his third album titled, “ Born to Rock ”, Ricki Erik is once again preparing for his close-up by kicking off his “ Got Peace? ” Radio Tour with three urgent questions: “ Is America ready ?”, “ Is radio ready ?” and “ Got Peace? ” Signed to record label Realm Music Group LLC, Ricki Erik is scheduled to release his latest CD single titled “IF I WAS GOD” a controversial song to strike mainstream radio airwaves on August 15th.

“IF I WAS GOD” a song about world peace tells of the actions Ricki Erik would take if he where of the HIGHEST POWER. Written and heart fully sang by Ricki Erik he urges the message of world peace. With lyrics like If I was God, children would never die. The world would never end. If I was God, Muslims and Jews would be friends if I was God. Ricki Erik says through his lyrics, he hopes to help explore matters of the heart with greater significance he says he finds far more rewarding and memorable in this time of war and uncertainty.

Among the rising concerns of inflation, war, declining stocks, weak dollars and high gas prices and the latest violence and conflict to affect the Middle East, this commemorative effort marks the 5th anniversary for those who fell victim to the 9/11 terror attacks. “Our Americans soldiers are bravely defending the freedom of our country and defending the freedom of others”. “We need now more than ever to believe we can come together and spread the message of peace and resolution and have an end to this conflict for the good of all mankind.” Ricki says.

Back in April 2006, Ricki’s last hit single titled “All Nite Long” debuted to #47 on the Radio and Records CHR/POP Top 50 Indicator in the company of: Kelly Clarkson, Mary J. Blige, Kanye West, Black Eyed Peas and Hoobastank to name a few. “Not bad company to be named with musically” adds Ricki Erik.

Opening for Ricki Erik is the sultry, seductive and sexy “Sonia”, Realm Music Groups’ newest and hottest R & B Singer to hit the stage this year. Dancing and singing since she was just six years old, this level 5 personal trainor can kick it up a notch with her steamy good looks and rock hard abs. Watch as Sonia graces the stage, showcasing her vocal talent and stage presence with her “Hot” new tracks from her debut CD due out later this year. This is one hot babe with vocals to die for!

Scheduled to begin touring in August, Ricki Erik is planning to strike first along the East Coast all the way from Florida to New England with a focus on radio and college touring and promoting. Ricki says “Music is one of the very few outlets of outmost importance in bringing people together to a place of harmony” and so he is inviting all those who can or want to make a difference or wish they were of the highest power to come out and join us in support of this “ Got Peace?” radio tour campaign beginning with the release of his new single at radio on August 15th. Look for this album titled “Born to Rock” to contain a controversial song or two, as Ricki Erik is known for writing and singing about matters of the heart.

Sponsors are needed and donations are welcome to support Ricki Erik and his “ Got Peace ? ” Radio Tour Campaign. The goal of the “Got Peace” Radio Tour is to raise awareness, teach tolerance and acceptance to our children and this starts with parents and teachers . We plan to promote and spread the message for peace through this music series across the nation. This is how Ricki says he plans to give back to the community, children, students and teachers who help teach these skills in school. A portion of all proceeds from live performances & sponsorship to be donated to the “ Got Peace?” Radio Tour Campaign, Teachers Against Crime Association where he hopes to be able to give back to our children, students and teachers by providing funding and sources for more music classes and/or instruments in the classroom. If you are interested in more information or joining our cause as an independent artist for the Ricki Erik “ Got Peace ? ” Radio Campaign please call Realm Music Group LLC Publicity Department at (877) 515-1215 or log onto our website for more details on ways to help sponsor or donate to our campaign at: www.rickierik.com.

- Realm Music Group

"Ricki Erik's Rocking Record Release Party"

CONTACT: Woody Graber


Singer, songwriter, keyboardist, accomplished guitarist, recording artist and producer is a lot to put after a name. But for Ricki Erik it’s more just a way of life. This rising music star will release his third album Born To Rock, along with his single “All Nite Long,” in a special party and live performance Thursday, February 23rd, 9PM inside at Revolution, 200 West Broward Blvd. in Ft. Lauderdale. There is a $5.00 cover charge for men. Ladies are free.
Born To Rock is being released on the Pyramid Record Label and distributed through Fontana Distribution, a Universal Music Group company. Ricki has also appeared in R. Kelly’s recently released video “Slow Wind” from the album TP.3 Reloaded.
This party is the rescheduled performance that was postponed due to Hurricane Wilma.
Continued . . .

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Ricki Erik’s music is best described as inventive, passionate and overwhelming. His influences are reality, love, happiness, pain and the vulnerability of being human. His music and lyrics are filled with an authentic, gritty alternative sound. It will leave you hooked to the man and his live performances just take the experience to a whole new level.
Signed to Realm Music Group, Ricki Erik has toured extensively through the US, Canada and Europe. He feels touring gives him a sense of freedom to be at his creative best. He mingles with his audience, collects thoughts and ideas and gets his inspiration from stories and dreams of everyday people. His music tells tales of sex, struggle, hope and the daily quirks of life. The common threads that weave all our lives together. Fans relate to his music because it is real.
Pyramid Music was founded in 1991 by Legendary Entertainment Lawyer & Record Executive, Allen Jacobi. The Company has represented a stable of Gold & Platinum recording artists and has released dozens of albums by such legendary rock artists as Robert Palmer, Earth Wind & Fire, Joe Walsh, The Band, Stray Cats and the Doobie Brothers among many others. And Jacobi sees great things for Ricki’s latest release.
“If you’re a fan of Lenny Kravitz, Seal or Prince, then you are sure to feel the excitement of Ricki Erik,” states Jacobi. “He is definitely one of the freshest new faces in rock music today.”
Ricki Erik Born To Rock CD Release Party and live performance will be held Thursday, February 23rd, 9PM inside at Revolution, 200 West Broward Blvd in Ft. Lauderdale. Admission is $5.00 for men, ladies are free. For more information contact Revolution at (954) 757-0950 or check Ricki’s website: www.RICKIERIK.com. .

- Woody Graber @ Woody Graber & Assoc.


Ricki Erik's BORN TO ROCK Album

"IF I was God" radio single being released for Radio Tour on August 15, 2006



Ricki Erik is a recording artist, singer, songwriter as well as keyboardist and accomplished guitarist. I guess you can say he's passionate about music.

Ricki Erik's music is best described by music aficionados as "Uniquely crossed" Inventive, Passionate & Overwhelming" with musical influences that run from Beres Hammond, Led Zepplen, Bob Marley and Jimmy Hendrix. Rick's influences are of reality, love, happiness, pain, seduction, sex and sadness in this thing called "life".

If Ricki Eriks' music and lyrics have an authentic gritty sound its for good reason. This European born and raised rocker with a native Jamaican heritage offers an unsurprisingly different and emotionally compelling performance that comes from the heart and overall experiences of life.

Ricki Erik's music will appeal to fans of Tracey Chapman, Seal, Lenny Kravitz, Bryan Adams and Maroone 5. This authentic gritty, soulful flavor of music will also attract fans of Prince and Maxi Priest.

Formerly a member of LINEAR, a national freestyle boy group based out of Fort Lauderdale, Ricki Erik was originally scheduled to release a record with Linear in the 80's. Since then,Ricki Erik produced a Reggae album with HOT PRODUCTIONS. In 1990 he was a presenter at the REGGAE MUSIC AWARDS an extra in Random Hearts with Harrison Ford and featured in a PEPSI Commercial with Latin sensation, SHAKIRA. Years later, Ricki played alongside the likes of Stevie B. (Billboard #1 hit song "Because I love you" written by longtime friend Warren Allen Brooks, whose currently writing on the next upcoming album.

Colleagues have always expected great things to happen for Ricki. Years ago, in a heart to heart conversation between Ricki Erik and Stevie B. (Because I love you" LMR Records) Ricki asked the newly famous recording artist, how do I know when I've created a hit? Steve B answered, "You'll know when you hear it". Recently, Jimmy Starr, longtime friend and owner of Hideaway Recording Studios where Ricki Eriks' latest album "BORN TO ROCK" was produced and recorded, said he always knew Ricki had "it". In fact, more than 10 years ago he said to Ricki, "I don't know how or when but you will be a star." Well, his predictions became a reality, when recently in the recording studio with Ricki he said, "You've got a few hits here"....referring to the new album "BORN TO ROCK" due out fall 2005". "I knew you'd be back!"

Ricki has toured many European countries, Canada and the US, including venues in South Beach, FL, such as Promenade and Clevelander. On a month long promotion, Ricki performed at the famous O'Malleys on Hollywood Beach. He's a favorite at Jello Bar & Ballatou in Montreal and local fans have had a lifetime love affair with him at Roxi's in Toronto. Listening parties & tours are being setup in FL, MA, RI, CT, NH, CA, IL, NC, SC, NY,