Rick Krueger

Rick Krueger


I'm a multi-talented folk musician, specializing in Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, and Lap Slide. I write songs of love loss and lost childhood, paying homage to Woody Guthrie, Steve Earle, and the like. My songs are raw and honest, and very accessible to an audience of any age.


I grew up in suburban NJ, listening to jam bands like the Grateful Dead and Allman Brothers. After moving to Western Massachusetts in September 1999, I developed a love and borderline obsession with acoustic singer/songwriters like Slaid Cleaves, Steve Earle, and Woody Guthrie, as well as Americana acts like the Jayhawks, Whiskeytown, etc.

I transcend many styles, and incorporate my folk influences with blues masters like Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, and Albert King, creating a blues-folk style all my own.


Custer's Last Stand

Written By: Rick Krueger

My name is Colonel Custer
of the Seventh Calvary
I came out to the Black Hills
for certain victory
The Rosebud is in the distance, where the Sioux they lay their heads
I plan to take their village;
I am prepared to leave them dead.

My men are filled with courage,
fire in their eyes
The natives will not see us coming, we are the deadliest surprise
We are soldiers strong and fast, waiting for the break of day
At noon we strike,
we will take their lives
and send them to their graves

Another seven miles,
we begin our finest hour
We will take the village for our own, destroy them with our power
Terry said to wait for him,
to take the town by storm
But I know that it is destiny
I do this on my own

I never saw them coming
as they marched down from the hill
They killed my men,
they killed my horses,
but they cannot break my will
I had a dream about this last night, that something would go wrong
They are armed with spears
and battle cries,
and I am left here all alone.

My name is Colonel Custer,
we were the Seventh Calvary
My men are gone and
my name lives on in certain infamy
I thought I would take the village underneath the summer sky.
But they took my clothes,
they took my hair
and they have left me here to die

Today at Little Big Horn,
I made my final stand
Tonight I meet my maker
in heaven once again
I was a life-long soldier,
a legend as they say
My name is Colonel Custer,
this is my final day.


August 2005 - "Looking Back At Moving On"
December 2004 - "Just The Basics" - EP

My tracks are currently posted on my homepage, and get a good amount of play from there, otherwise I do not have any that are in circulation on radio/internet streaming.

Set List

My typical setlist length depends on the venue. For a 45 minute set, I would typically play:

This Time Tomorrow (3.5 mins) - original
She Needs Time (4 min) - original
Goodbye (3.5 min) - Steve Earle
Rachel's Song (4 min) - original
Had This Dream Before (4.5 min) - original
Honey Eyed Child (4 min) - original
The World I Knew (3 min) - original
When Doves Cry (4.5 min) - Prince
Nobody Cares Cafe (3.5 min) - original
The Hard Life (4.5 min) - original

My covers vary quite a bit. I play a lot of Steve Earle, Ryan Adams, I dabble in the world of Prince, and occaisionally play either the Allman Brothers or Grateful Dead.

For a typical coffehouse gig, I can cover up to about 3 hours of material. Most of my shows require between an hour and two hours of performance.