Rick Marks

Rick Marks


I love all types of music and try to look for the beauty in every song. I believe that there's something positive in all things. I traveled a lot as a kid and saw life through a lot of differentt views and I try to write songs about this trial and error apprenticeship called life. I play anythin


Ive been playin' since 1962. My dad was stationed in Germany and some of my older friends came home from high school on the weekends and told me about slippin' off campus at night and seein' a band called the Beatles. Not long til I heard 'em on the radio and man I just had to get me a guitar! I started pickin' an' done so ever since. I've been influenced by a lot of different music....Eric Clapton, George Harrison, Jimmy Paige, Credence, Skinyrd......I love to play anything everybody else is wantin' to play at the time. I feel that folks can relate well to my music 'cause I write about lifes eperiences, and I want to send a clear message in every song.


Well, so far I've recorded seven albums and sold or either gave away 2500 copies total. I have had lots of airplay in the south Georgia area and have played hundreds of gigs on my own and with some bands from south Georgia, Atlanta South, Boogie Whip, Rock Savage...etc.

Set List

Can play whatever type songs for the ocassion.